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    I see a lot of talk and relief about how good it was that Jonny didn’t pursue the original betrayal arc with Web!Martin, considering his place in the story as a gay man that Jon falls in love with, and what that would reflect as the nature of that love

    But may I also say:

    I am JUST as relieved that they didn’t pursue the original idea of the asexual protagonist continuing through the story in amoral selfishess, being unlikeable and increasingly corrupt, with no intention to make him sympathetic.


    Both of these things hit that note of “sexy as hell in fanworks and explorations, but as part of the Actual Representation in the text would fall into some really painful and ugly tropes,” and I’m very very glad those were examined and reconsidered along the way.


    i’m gonna write down a thing about eugenics abortion later bc the way ableds on this site misconstrue it pisses me off


    okay i am back let’s get into this.

    when disabled people talk about combatting eugenics abortion we’re very markedly not talking about putting restrictions on abortion. because, as many people seem to at least comprehend, eugenics is a systemic process and not defined by one’s individual choice.

    when we talk about eugenics abortion, we’re talking about doctors coercing pregnant people to abort disabled fetuses even if they do want the child. we’re talking about disabled and psychiatrised people being forcibly sterilised, overprescribed birth control, and coerced into abortion if they do manage to get pregnant. we’re talking about parents of disabled children being aggressively discouraged from having any further biological children, even if their child’s disability is not genetic. we’re talking about people having to choose to abort very wanted children because socioeconomic conditions would make it nigh impossible to properly raise a disabled child.

    and it doesn’t stop at disability. black, indigenous and immigrant people are also forcibly sterilised, overprescribed birth control, disproportionately coerced into abortion, and given subpar and often outright negligent care during and after pregnancy and birth when they do manage to avoid all those prior complications. 

    when we talk about combatting eugenics abortion, we’re talking about guaranteeing people’s reproductive rights, not taking them away. because reproductive rights are not just about choosing not to have children, they’re also about no longer being forced not to have them because society considers you and/or your child undesirable.

    it was never about individual choice. it’s about systemic genocide.


    This! It’s helpful for us as humans to have a way to predict the birth of a disabled child so the parents can either better prepare to care for the child when it’s born, or choose to say “this is too much, I don’t think I’m ready”. They should be given facts and only facts about the quality of life and chances for complications. And then the decision should be 100% up to the pregnant person, as always.

    Encouraging or coercing a person who wants a child to abort a disabled fetus is eugenics. Treating existing disabled people as a burden on the system is eugenics. Having “understanding” for and “forgiving” caregivers who commit filicide is eugenics. Choosing to have an abortion is not.


    u know that thing where an animals grow in a far off place and some idiot introduces him to a new habitat and it turns out its characteristics that help them in their own sometimes are too helpful in the new one and they become like an invasive species yeah thats the word i was missing anyway back to my point i think i saw a human version of that just now i was driving in tonights snow storm and i saw a man wearing a big ass cowboy hat to keep the snow off him and a bandit red bandana to keep it off his face and a big ass pancho to keep him warm and nice ass cowboy boots to keep his calves dry and he was prancing along while everyone on the road looked miserable and frozen solid and idk i guess the point im trying to make here is i feel like cowboys would have taken over russia if given the chance or something


    As an Evolutionary Biologist, this is a roller-coaster from start to finish.