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    I cant emotionally get over the fact that in CoS Al becomes a version of Ed and Ed becomes a version of their mom.


    I never considered how similar Ed is to his mom in CoS and now I cannot stop thinking about it. That quiet melancholy, the halfhearted smiles, those wistful expressions.

    Trisha encouraged Ed and Al to pursue alchemy even though they were like 5 years old, just because it reminded her of their dad. Ed sticks with Alfons because he reminds him of his brother, but it gets to the point where, in a deleted scene, he asks Alfons to call him big brother.

    Trisha didn’t give up hope of seeing her husband again, the way Ed doesn’t give up getting back home again, but these aren’t exactly healthy ways of dealing with grief. Mother and son are reluctant to move on and accept their losses. They’re projecting their losses on to other people, and it’s a little messed up.

    Trisha’s attention was often on the horizon, on the husband she may never see again. She was thinking about something else, somewhere else, instead of really being there, and it’s a lot like how Ed behaves in CoS, daydreaming about home and the family he may never see again.

    I don’t think little Ed and Al understood 100%, but their mom was pretty depressed. Ed and Al performed alchemy so much because it was one of the only things that made Trisha happy, that made her genuinely smile.

    In Cos, Ed’s at his happiest when he’s retelling adventures, taking out bad guys, hunting down dragons, and drawing transmutation circles; things that remind him of home and his years traveling with Al. I think he’s actually kinda disappointed when it turns out alter!Bradley’s not a homunculus.

    That said, despite some of their unhealthy behaviors Trisha and Ed manage their depression well enough, but the second they’re reminded of their circumstances they grow sad again.

    For instance, Trisha was excited to see what her sons had transmuted until she was reminded that Hoho might not come home. Then she has to force a smile and offer false assurances to her son.

    Ed was the most excited to test the rocket until he was reminded that he doesn’t have a home. Then he has to go and lay down, lying about his neck hurting and forcing a smile. He doesn’t even want to watch the rocket launch anymore.

    Later in the movie, Ed also comforts Al similar to a parent, like Trisha, crouching down and touching Al’s shoulder as he offers Al reassurances and wisdom…Ed’s maturity really showed in this movie, especially compared to Al who’s only 12.

    I really can’t stop thinking about Ed becoming like his mom now I’m ruined op thanks


    It ruined mine too op

    Anthy is THE character of all time. She's the ultimate incarnation of the victimization of women. Back in the nameless past she was valued by her brother just for existing, but after his power alone was not enough, he grew into a person who needed to exploit her power to manufacture his own greatness-- a tiny history of patriarchy carved into a ring's inset gem.

    Yet she can also, easily, become a man, as for someone like Mikage, seeking to gain power over the system while using a man rather than a woman, all that is needed is to change the form of the victim, not the nature of their victimization. Mamiya had already burned, just as Anthy was stabbed. In their mutual role as sacrifice, they were indistinguishable. Anthy could wear Mamiya like a dress.

    She is beautiful, mysterious. She is afraid of crowds (she knows their power is greater even than her own). She is vengeful, when she can be; she is secretive even in this. She loves deeply, would rather kill than betray her monstrous brother, but would rather die than betray the earnest (if clumsy) Utena. She bears slaps with equanimity, because there are always swords in her back. She's ancient, but she's just fourteen.

    The power of Dios sleeps within her. The real magic, the sword that doesn't hate, is Anthy's love of her brother, which he can no longer truly feel for her. Without the bond of love that once made them like gods, Dios is nothing but a shell trying to act as the prince he feels entitled to be. By continuing to love, Anthy both binds herself to the system of her destruction and represents the last seed of possibility for change. She bears the sword to a worthy wielder, even if Akio thinks it's just for him. She waits for someone who is willing to make the choice her brother couldn't-- to withstand the world's judgment that they brought on themselves, rather than choose her or another victim as their proxy. And what reason would anyone have, except love?

    With love, she finds a way to a new choice: she leaves. There's no place for her love on this model stage. She takes off her dress and school uniform and puts on a skirt suit. She lets her hair down and becomes someone we've never seen. She goes to find her love in the real world, because even if Ohtori collapses, that won't be the end. Someday, together...


    Full Video: Riekko mukana hiihtoreissulla, Tolkuton
    Willow ptarmigan included in ski trip


    For the love of god, PLEASE UNMUTE!!!


    ptarmigan: [in a deep, croaking voice] awow awow awow awow awow awow awow. awow. awow. awow… awow… bup bup bup bup bup bup. pow. pow. pow.




    This . . . actually looks like a doable workout routine.


    ...in fact a bunch of these have been done in my cerebral palsy therapies, at least with help. And my upper abs are hardcore, particularly on the left which is my spastic hemiplegia side, because spastic CP means microspasms and chronic contracting of muscles. Like, you can't see my six pack anymore, but I have done most of these workouts in some form for my disability for a couple of decades.


    I needs this. I used to have very strong core, and it was such a good thing for life in general. Then I did the pregnancy. And yo... pregnancy does quite a thing to your abdomen. I had no idea what that would actually be like IRL.

    Now... my muscles are very floppy, and not much good at things like lifting, carrying, getting off the couch, keeping my back from hurting, etc. 

    I would have no idea where to start though, because most of what this lovely person demonstrated would just look like me laying on the floor like a fish out of water.

    Is there a beginner version???


    @stevishabitat Look up physical therapy exercises for core strength! We do a lot of thrusts, bridges, bicycles, planks, Pilates style movements where you lay on your back and lift your legs up, lots of propping up the legs on a large ball, etc. Roll up a towel or use a resistance band and use it across your feet as you stretch your legs. I've never had pregnancies but I'd imagine it's like a lot of core injuries that need gentle encouraging to get the muscles and tendons to snap back. Even lying in bed lifting my upper body so I "crunch" my abs is very helpful.

    I suggest physical therapy and Pilates and tai chi over yoga poses, because I personally cannot do yoga unless it is specific restorative style for disabilities like what my mom teaches.

    Also, I hate Western Yoga Culture to the point where it's an anxiety trigger, so if I do a move that someone insists is yoga and I politely with bared teeth say it's physical therapy, I'm just trying not to snap. Long story, many arguments with yoga instructors who didn't understand CPTSD. Also, it's contradicted in EDS and spasticity, and even some folks in my cerebral palsy groups have turned into "yoga heals everything" cultists and they're hard to ignore.

    Anyway. Physical therapy and orthopedic exercises to train the abs, lower back, and hips. *finger guns, double thumbs*

    ("don't let them get to you, just ignore them, just be you tee hee" is much easier said than done when you're not being actively targeted by people who really do think they know you better than you know you)


    @stevishabitat I believe that @hawthorn-and-ivy had a similar problem after giving birth to her twins. She might have some good advice. :)


    using a pumice stone isn't very butch of you

    i need you to know that this is already a top contender for funniest anon message of the year for me


    deeply resent that i've literally not been able to take a shower since i got this message without thinking "pumice stone butch" to myself the moment the water comes on. i hope you're all happy.