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2021-08-23 05:18:23

    using a pumice stone isn't very butch of you

    i need you to know that this is already a top contender for funniest anon message of the year for me


    deeply resent that i've literally not been able to take a shower since i got this message without thinking "pumice stone butch" to myself the moment the water comes on. i hope you're all happy.

    Tonight, I give you:

    JOE and Cherry being absolute dicks to each other about the sorts of souvenirs they bring back for the other if they have to go somewhere separately on business.

    They pick the ugliest, most fucking cursed things for each other. Mispainted statues that stare into your soul. Uncomfortable gaudy sandals. Unidentifiable key chain charms. Some dried out thing that may have once been alive that's nailed to a piece of wood.

    Do they keep these things? Maybe. But really, it's the REACTION to them that counts! :D


    y’all ever see a piece of fan content about your favorite character that is so horrifically different from what you personally believe and you just


    My top 5 for this are:

    5. Edward Elric

    4. Raikou Shimizu

    3. Fay Fluorite

    2. Anthy Himemiya

    1. Haruka Nanase