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2020-06-15 06:55:48

    I JUST GOT INTO A HACKED MAX RAID!? I literally just clicked on it for the lulz but I managed to actually get in!? It was for a shiny Zamazenta which is just lolol. It didn't let me catch it ofc because I didn't have a Master ball or anything but then they also HACKED THE ITEM PRIZES AND NOW I HAVE 999 MASTER BALLS!?

    I will never worry about losing a shiny Pokémon again I guess 🤣


    I want to put the entirety of Daughter’s Smother in these comments but i’ll just put SOME and give you the link to listen (and then cry. a lot.)


    I’m wasted, losing time
    I’m a foolish, fragile spine
    I want all that is not mine
    I want him but we’re not right

    In the darkness I will meet my creators
    And they will all agree, that I’m a suffocator

    I should go now quietly
    For my bones have found a place
    To lie down and sleep
    Where all my layers can become reeds
    All my limbs can become trees
    All my children can become me
    What a’ mess I leave
    To follow


    thank u 😭💖

    i love angry characters 

    i love characters who are open and vocal about their anger– whether it is directed at a toxic system, person, or at an event or circumstance unique to them 

    i love angry characters because i am sick of anger being seen as something that is uncouth and something that should be restrained, kept quiet, never acted upon 

    i love angry characters because i am angry, and anger isn’t always rational, but it is real and deserves to be acknowledged –people and characters should have the right to be loud and angry and for it to not constantly be shown in a negative light 

    This is 100% why Yurio is awesome. His anger becomes power and it's so validating!

    I am still here! I haven't ditched again. Just been on Twitter a shitton the past week or so.

    Also been playing a ton of Pokémon Shield because of the G-max raid event. FINALLY managed to score Pokémon I've been on the look-out for:

    - HA Butterfree

    - HA Drednaw


    Bonus: Shiny Drednaw!

    And just keeping on keeping on!

    I miss figure skating so much that I might start writing a Promare figure skating AU fic...! It's been on my mind...!

    I should really just write the Lio POV short that I have started, but it's hard to be motivated for that one when FIGURE SKATING IS EATING MY BRAIN!!!

    It's not like I need an excuse to watch figure skating vids, but it sure is nice to be able to use them for something constructive too.

    Revolutionary Girl Utena had a more nuanced feminist critique of compulsory heterosexuality in Society™ than…any other work of fiction I’ve ever encountered, and it ran from 1996-1998. It had a unique visual style, a cast of deeply complicated characters, the kind of nuanced symbolism that would drive a literature professor to insanity, a truly expansive soundtrack, literary references, everything…the greatest work of art the human race will ever produce already happened and it’s called Revolutionary Girl Utena

    @earthtotoddlerbitch I know I praise your mind constantly, but god what’s it like being so eloquent and Right

    I fucking bought tickets for Stars On Ice.

    Guys I think I’ve finally crossed over from occasionally interested fan of figure skating to actual fan of figure skating.


    WHATEVS I get to see Nathan Chen and Karen Chen and Adam Rippon and everyone else SO I’M PRETTY PSYCHED!

    LIKE SERIOUSLY THIS IS ABOUT SOI 2017 I can't believe how long it's been and how crazy a journey.