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    Boomers are like you couldn’t make Seinfeld today bc the woke mob would cancel it meanwhile every five seconds I see a tumblr post that’s like here’s my idea for an episode of Seinfeld where Jerry starts going by They/He. Idk what point there is to be made here but it does suggest something


    It suggests that whilst Seinfeld was never exactly going out of its way to be outwardly progressive, it was a reflection of the values of the society it was born out of. The characters, whilst brilliant, were purely comedic with very little emotional depth or backstory given to them and therefore existed purely as vessels for comedy and thus they translate very easily to the modern day. George would absolutely get himself cancelled online but not because he’s a bigot, but because he’s an idiot who would think it was OK to make a bad taste joke. Elaine would go out of her way to be overly accepting of everyone’s identities and sexualities, not because she’s a good person but because she’s obsessed with everyone else’s image of her as a good person. Those archetypes can be taken very easily from the society of the early 1990s and the values there to the society and values of the 2020s without losing any sense of their core. 


    The mark of a good sitcom cast is that you can drop them into pretty much any situation and they'll all react to it in ways that are both different and funny


    there's a twitter account called "Modern Day Seinfeld" and when I tell you they are so spot on I mean I forget they're not real episodes because they are THAT on point.


    Help! I swallowed a fly accidentally! and it was buzzing around so I swallowed a spider to eat the fly and then I swallowed a bird to eat the spider that ate the fly and oh I don’t know what to do! Help me!

    alright, alright, alright. calm down. this sounds like it’s getting away from you and you’re fucking freaking out and just doing random shit that doesn’t make any sense. here’s what you do: go find a cat


    i literally think of that "polynesians first to discover antarctica, not news to maori" headline so much it's so fucking funny


    highly skilled ocean voyagers living close to antarctica who have oral history of heading south and discovering a land full of ice sheets and mountains of ice and snow were first to discover antarctica, not news to said group of people

    listen I was never super invested in 11 or river song or most of those plotlines but ...... thematically they kinda went off with the whole "two timelines moving in opposite directions" thing like. she's been dead since the beginning. every moment I have with you is stolen. the pain of falling in love with someone, and knowing that every time you see them, they know you a little less. the clock is ticking and you know how it ends. she has been haunting this narrative since season 4. the first time is the last time. time moves in a circle but can only be experienced in a straight line. all tragedies are familiar.


    you know what’s a trope that never gets tired is when theyre bouncing around in the plot and suddenly an important name crops up- its blorbo bleebus. and some dude is like who the hell is blorbo bleebus. and we immediately cut to our new friend blorbo bleebus pulling the most absolutely buckwild shit you’ve ever seen


    enhanced edition of this trope is when they cut to blorbo bleebus doing something entirely contradictory to how they were just introduced, like "i know a professional, someone discreet who can handle things quietly" cut to blorbo bleebus in the wildest fucking bar brawl you've ever seen, screaming their own name and stopping to down shots while still holding some dude in a headlock