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2020-09-14 19:16:10

    How the fuck has this site become so bearable. This place was a shit show a few years ago but now it's actually good and not full of instant discourse the way Facebook and Twitter are


    everyone is just tired


    The site hasnt improved the rest of the world just crash and burned so hard that this palce looks like a haven in comparison


    If anyone had told me tumblr would be the most tolerable social media site in 2020 I would've called them crazy, yet here we are

    nothing in any fandom will ever replicate the pure chaos of the night that the midnight memories album leaked in its entirety and all of us panic downloaded everything before it was taken down, and it all happened the night before 1D day where fans got an “exclusive listen” to the album but 1d knew they’d already listened to it, the fans knew, everyone watching at home knew, but we all pretended that tension wasn’t happening


    When you hit your elbow against something, but that specific point of your elbow


    it’s…called your funny bone…


    It’s not a bone actually- it’s a nerve that is exposed, specifically the ulnar nerve. The reason it feels so weird to hit it is that it’s not designed to deliver pain signals, so when you hit it it just wiggs out and sends Garbage signals to the brain, and the brain is just like “uh, dude- Ulnar, what the hell is this garbage?? You’re supposed to curl a finger and a half, and move some muscles in the forearm, why are you sending me this crap? How am I supposed to make this into sensory output?” And the Ulnar nerve is just like “dude dude dude, brain- what the hell is going on?!?” And the brain goes- “idiot. Fine. You’re on fire, freezing and being electrocuted. Happy?” And the Ulnar goes “holy crap brain!! I’m on fire, freezing and being electrocuted! What am I going to do!!??!” And the brain says “you’re an idiot ulnar. A damn idiot.”


    This is how human anatomy should be taught


    Toddlers are so pure. She doesn’t understand that we help her with certain things because she’s little. She thinks that everyone just helps each other like that. So she tries to blow on my food and cut it up for me and tries to help me put on my shoes.


    i was giving little wagon rides to a baby around the backyard one day and all of a sudden she hops off and slaps the seat of the wagon telling me to get on because it was my turn and i was like no it’s ok im too heavy and she was like NO ITS UR TURN and kept tugging on my hand so i would sit down. eventually i got on and it was just a little 2 year old trying so hard to push me around on a wagon not understanding why it wouldn’t budge but still so determined to let me have my turn lol


    If various companies think that pulling their content from Netflix so they can host their own streaming service will make them sign up to theirs then they are wrong. It will just make me pirate their content again.


    The whole point of paying for a streaming was getting all the stuff you like on one place. If I have to pay for multiple streaming services I might as well buy cable.


    It’s like they don’t realize that I only stopped stealing as a courtesy to the creators. Make it remotely inconvenient and I’ll go right back to piracy