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2021-01-14 22:31:21

    What’s in the booooooox?!?!

    Anonymous submitted:

    I’ve been at my current registrar job for about two years.  My predecessor had held the position for 45+ years, and during that time had set aside a number of boxes that they deigned not ready for cataloging for one reason or another. Some had been sitting there for more than 15 years. Like, these boxes came in when flip-phones were advanced technology and jorts were haute couture. 

    Anyway, I am working my way through these boxes, and most of them are filled with nondescript items that are just happy someone is finally paying them some long overdue love and respect.

    Cut to yesterday, where I open a box after carefully reviewing the accession documentation and find a human phalange.

    Yup, just a finger bone, hanging out with a pile of modern tourist trade baskets and knick knacks from all across the world!  The files do not reference this item in any way, shape, or form so I am left with a random finger bone with no associated culture, provenance, or identifiable data that could lead to repatriation, and the donor is deceased with no heirs to contact. 

    The proper immediate reaction is this: 

    And this is why you process collections in a timely manner, people!