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2022-09-17 16:34:17

    so mad that our takeaway from the mask thing hasn’t been “wait, so we could have been getting like 80% fewer colds and viruses this entire time?”


    We really just accepted that “yeah, every several months we just feel like shit and do nothing but lay in bed for a week while so much snot pours out of our face holes that we have to keep 27 wads of tissue within arm’s reach” even though the solution was not only simple and easy but also offered infinite possibilities for fashionable accessorizing. I hate it here


    i’m never going to stop wearing a mask in the winter time because 1) colds and flu, obviously 2) my lips don’t get chapped and bleed in the winter anymore. This is revolutionary. 3) it’s actually just common sense to wear a badass goth wolf skull mask in your day to day life??

    now I can wear whatever clothes I want and people will still know I’m cool and goth


    “oh no everyone not getting the flu for two years is going to make people’s immune systems weak and flu season will be worse!”

    1) that’s not how the immune system works. 2) masking killed some strains of the flu because there was no one to pass it on to. we have the ability to MAKE VIRUSES EXTINCT with masks but oh noooo we have to worry about a piece of fabric on our faces. spare me.


    Museum and gallery staff - and visitors, if you’ve ever witnessed a weird one - what are some of the bizarre responses you’ve had from a guest after you’ve asked/reminded/told them not to touch the exhibits?

    I’ve had:

  • I can’t help it, I’m male.
  • God, I only touched it lightly!
  • Aren’t these for sale??
  • I just wanted to see how heavy it was.
  • This is why you shouldn’t give small people power.
  • saintartemis
  • I have one at home.
  • My grandma had something like this so its okay.
  • It’s just a table/frame/chair.
  • It should be in a museum.(Sir we are a museum).
  • Literally just stormed out after politely being asked not to lean on the furniture.