Legendary actress Sophia Loren, posing in her 1955 Mercedes 500SL Gull Wing!


    The above photo is a fake. I’ve commented on this photo several times, but I thought I should offer some proof...

    Here are two of the photos used in this Photoshop composite:

    In the fake, her head is from the top photo (it’s been flipped horizontally) and it’s not to scale with her body; her body is from the lower photo.

    Also, look at her position in the car; in the Mercedes (and it’s a 300SL not a 500SL; there wasn’t a 500SL until 1980) the sills are not that wide, so she’s basically floating in midair. And the steering wheel would have to be merged with her glorious bottom for her to be in that position. Also, the scale is wrong; in the fake, she’s too small - the 300SL was not that big of a car. Here’s an actual photo of Sophia in her car:

    And, yes, I am aware that I’m a pedantic know-it-all... :)