I think it's safe to say, about 95% of the ladies out there would love to have a flat tummy as if we were Kendall Jenner or one of those girls on the Instagram fitness accounts. The greatest thing about it though, is you can! With patience and persistence you could accomplish basically anything. I am going to show you a few tricks to the trade to helping you accomplish this no tummy look!

1. Flat Tummy Drink

Infuse your WATER with these things over night to have a great drunk throughout your next day! Cucumber slices, lemons slices, mint leaves & ginger. BUT realistically any fruits will be beneficial in infused water. 


 2. Flat Tummy Workouts


3. Flat Tummy Foods


AND stay away from sodium!

4. Put the Wine Bottle Down

Say no to all alcohol! Ever seen a beer belly? that should be convincing enough.