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    Small Things To Love About Panic! At The Disco:

    Brendon’s sense of humor

    Ryan’s hair (now and then)

    Jon’s flip flops

    Spencer in general, he is really underrated 

    All of Pretty Odd because HOLY SHIT MY FEELS

    All The Boys, Can’t Fight Against the Youth, Stall Me, Oh Glory, Kaleidoscope Eyes

    Ryan’s incredible writing

    Dallon dealing with not getting the credit he deserved in a lot of instances

    How, even if you don’t ship Ryden, Brendon and Ryan were both in a great state of mind when they were in Panic! together

    The fan base is that aggressive

    Brendon and Sarah being all of our parents

    WELL I’M AFRAID THAT IIIIIIIII!!!!! WELL I’M AFRAID THAT IIIIIIII!!!!! being screamed at the top of your lungs

    How close they are with Fall Out Boy and Twenty One Pilots

    The incredible makeup done by George Ryan Ross III

    George Ryan Ross III in general

    Everyone being patient with Brendon when he is acting crazy

    The thought that gets put into their music

    Peterick Vs. RyDen: Horror Movies

    <>Patrick: Pete, I’m scared.

    <>Pete: Don’t worry I’m here.

    <>Patrick: May I hold your hand? *blushes*

    <>Pete: You don’t need my permission.

    <>Patrick: *holds Pete’s hand*

    <>Pete: *kisses Patrick’s hand*

    <>Brendon: Ry, I’m so fucking scared!! I should never’ve agreed to go with you!1!!

    <>Ryan: Quit being a whiny bitch and fuckng watch. You agreed.

    <>Brendon: Oh fuck you *holds Ryan’s hands*

    <>Ryan: What are you? 6?

    Pete: I wrote you a poem. Mikey: Fucking sap… Pete: I had some help with it. Wanna hear? Mikey: O.K… Pete: *clears throat* Les roses sont rouges, les violettes sont bleues. J'aime dick, et vous aussi. Mikey: What does it mean? Pete: I’m not too sure. But, it’s in French so it’s probably romantic. Patrick: *turns to Gerard* Should we say something? Gerard: No, this is just getting good…

    Love is

    Aries: Non existent in an ugly world

    Taurus: So close but so far

    Gemini: A constant in my life

    Cancer: Beautiful but has never been able to be obtained

    Leo: Me

    Virgo: Something I want to experience but have never had the time to

    Libra: Lust and hope and everything in between

    Scorpio: Sacred. Don’t hurt it.

    Sagittarius: Wild, but fragile

    Capricorn: Something I’m scared to touch in fear of getting hurt

    Aquarius: A fantasy in which I want it to be wholly tangible one day

    Pisces: In the air! But not with me

    Is Your Sign a Hoe?

    <>Aries: You can be, when you’re not obsessing over one person

    <>Taurus: Yes, Taurus is typically one of the most hedonistic signs

    <>Gemini: You were born to be a Hoe. Own it. But eventually you’ll get bored with that. And then five years later you’ll be ready to hoe again.

    <>Cancer: You’re a Hoe for love and validation , but generally? Nah, you’re not a Hoe.

    <>Leo: You’re so blatantly hoeish that I’m not sure we can still call you a Hoe or something more evolved

    <>Virgo: No, you like to have fun, but you’re too busy to be a Hoe

    <>Libra: You a Hoe with a heart of gold. You don’t even realize it, but that doesn’t make you not a Hoe, I’m sorry.

    <>Scorpio: The Original Hoe™️ all others are mere interpretations of what Scorpio has done before them.

    <>Sagittarius: It depends. Every Sag has a ‘thing’ they go wild for. If yours is hoeing, you’re a Hoe. If it’s say, stationary, nah you’re no Hoe.

    <>Capricorn: You’re the slyist Hoe. The one we never expect. But when everyone looks away, that Hoe comes out to play.

    <>Aquarius: You one wild ass Hoe! I love it! Go get your ass ate on that park bench! Get dem daddies lined up to bang you! The innovative Hoe.

    Pisces: You a Hoe, but only until you find a Hoe that changes you, then you all can Hoe together! Might I suggest a Scorpio?

    Tag yourself - Zodiac Sign edition


  • super loud
  • naive
  • gets excited easily
  • forgets to moisturize
  • accidentially punches ppl too hard
  • <>Taurus

  • sleeps a lot
  • loved by animals
  • edgy artist™️
  • likes rocks
  • forgets where left is
  • <>Gemini

  • too many unread books
  • judges a show after one episode
  • always rambling
  • can’t pick favourites
  • knows all the people
  • <>Cancer

  • blankets
  • always listening to music
  • low-key angry all the time
  • really nice to hug
  • kinda scary
  • <>Leo

  • knows all the drama
  • IS all the drama
  • has great hair
  • “okay but”
  • v nice
  • <>Virgo

  • too helpful
  • always judging
  • secretly high key freaks
  • everyone would be lost without them
  • lowkey a mess
  • <>Libra

  • flirt
  • has great style
  • too concerned about image
  • too many emojis
  • an angel
  • <>Scorpio

  • high key always angry
  • runs an edgy blog
  • only wears black
  • likes twenty one pilots
  • just wants a hug
  • <>Sagittarius

  • always preaching
  • uses exaggerations too much
  • nobody knows how they became friends with them
  • can’t cut themselves short
  • big dreams
  • <>Capricorn

  • doesn’t use emojis
  • secretly a goofball
  • probs gonna be successful
  • lives off of coffee
  • likes cats better
  • <>Aquarius

  • goes to bed at 3am
  • knows all the facts
  • kinda mean
  • watches documentaries
  • p cool
  • <>Pisces

  • listens to lana del rey
  • always spacing out
  • has crazy dreams
  • lowkey manipulative
  • a puppy