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    Tokyo Storefronts Illustrated As Fond Monuments To The Metropolis

    Polish illustrator and graphic designer Mateusz Urbanowicz in his series titles Tokyo Storefront illustrates the rise of iconic compact stores that are the heart of small retailers in Japan. Find the artist’s print in his Society6 shop. Keep reading


    The three types of signs

    Aries 1: The stereotypical one. Loud and quick to anger, always getting into some shit.

    Aries 2: The common one. Extremely emotional and is always going through extreme highs and lows.

    Aries 3: The rare one. Super fun to be around and incredibly fun-loving and memorable.

    Taurus 1: The stereotypical one. Rigid and materialistic. Super responsible and loves food.

    Taurus 2: The common one. Is secure and easygoing. Can get easily offended, and obsesses over the rules.

    Taurus 3: The rare one. Very very kind hearted and funny. Enjoys the company of others and makes people feel safe.

    Gemini 1: The stereotypical one. Two-faced and talks too much sometimes. Can be a bit flighty.

    Gemini 2: The common one. Communicates well and tells a lot of jokes. Sometimes lies a lot.

    Gemini 3: The rare one. Is extremely funny and is fun to talk to. They're very very smart.

    Cancer 1: The stereotypical one. Is nurturing and family-oriented and loves animals.

    Cancer 2: The common one. Kind of annoying, but sweet. Means well, but sometimes comes on too strong.

    Cancer 3: The rare one. Manipulative and the biggest liars. Really selfish.

    Leo 1: The stereotypical one. Outgoing and popular. Is really loud and a leader, yet selfish.

    Leo 2: The common one. Fun-loving, but sometimes aloof. Loves to chat, but can be dramatic at times.

    Leo 3: The rare one. Is super shy, but will not stop talking once you get to know them. Genius. Has a big personality.

    Virgo 1: The stereotypical one. Neat freak. Cares A LOT about school work.

    Virgo 2: The common one. Has a dark sense of humor. Wears their heart on their sleeve. Gets easily offended.

    Virgo 3: The rare one. Is very lazy and makes up stories for the fuck of it. Tells really corny jokes.

    Libra 1: The stereotypical one. A popular airhead. Dresses beautifully and has a wicked sense of fashion.

    Libra 2: The common one. Takes good care of themselves. Like to make others feel good about themselves.

    Libra 3: The rare one. Gets angry over small things and is super opinionated. Starts a lot of drama.

    Scorpio 1: The stereotypical one. Is usually goth, and starts a lot of problems with people.

    Scorpio 2: The common one. Has an asshole sense of humor. Loves to have fun and raise hell and impress people.

    Scorpio 3: The rare one. Is very dark and mysterious. Keeps to themselves, and is often very intimidating.

    Sagittarius 1: The stereotypical one. Is cute and loves everyone. A very pure person, who does no harm.

    Sagittarius 2: The common one. Has a lot of friends, but tends to be nosy and butts into other situations. TALKATIVE.

    Sagittarius 3: The rare one. Does a lot of drugs and goes on all kinds of adventures. Always a mystery.

    Capricorn 1: The stereotypical one. Rigid and conservative. Puts a lot of effort into their work.

    Capricorn 2: The common one. Very sarcastic and funny. Uses their intelligence to their advantage, but shy.

    Capricorn 3: The rare one. Has dark views on life, but has an intriguing personality, nonetheless.

    Aquarius 1: The stereotypical one. Probably from another planet, doesn't make sense ever.

    Aquarius 2: The common one. Pretty insensitive to emotions, and has trouble understanding people, but is unique as hell.

    Aquarius 3: The rare one. Super hilarious and amazing people. Are incredibly artistic.

    Pisces 1: The stereotypical one. A crying fish who is innocent and emotional and pure.

    Pisces 2: The common one. Is kinda lazy, but has an adorable sense of humor and is laid back and easy going as hell.

    Pisces 3: The rare one. Is probably a drug addict who never takes a shower, but is an artistic genius.