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    my favourite adhd / general executive dysfunction feeling is when you become very consciously aware that you are bored and there is nothing interesting left on the 5 social media apps you’ve been cycling around for the past hour and finally a small logical part of your brain goes “hey! perhaps at this point it might actually be more fun to do one of the productive things you’ve been putting off!” and you’re this close to going oh huh yeah maybe that's true! and getting up to do some housework or read a book or something when a far louder part of your brain goes “NO WAIT!!!! maybe THIS time when we refresh tumblr.... it will be interesting again” and you’re like "ohhhh right sorry for doubting you boss" & promptly get right back to doing fuck all


    Listen. Do it for the aesthetic. If you want to fill an entire 20 dollar sketchbook with anatomy drawings fucling do it. If you wanna get lost in the woods and come stumbling home with a bag of dried mushrooms and bones you go goblin dude. You aren't alive to go to work and hurt!! You're alive because bumblebees bump into little flowers and dandelions only open up in the sun! You're alive because cats purr when you pet them and coffee keeps you up all night!! Do everything for the aesthetic!!


    this is it

    thats the goal


    girl help i’m having creation ideas above my skill level


    girl help i'm having creation ideas above my motivation level


    girl help I’m having creation ideas above my free time level


    girl help I’m being called out by these 3 statements




    Girl help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up


    okay maybe this is common knowledge but not to me


    twitter source:https://twitter.com/Al_Naffy40/status/1361419318206947328

    THEY REALLY FUCKING STOLE THE REAL GATE OF ISHTAR AND LOOTED IT ALL THE WAY TO BERLIN GERMANY? Truly no words for the level of theivery and evil. and Iraq now has a ~recreation~ while the real thing is in germany

    source to back it uphttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ishtar_Gat

    litearlly no words this is so evil and vile


    This ones in Germany but u got the right energy


    Just gonna cover all our bases here


    If I were rich here’s what I’d do with my free time okay Mermaid pranks Let me explain. So, I’d get one of those super fancy mermaid tails, like those sick as hell silicone ones that has the super long thick tail that uses like, toe pullies and stuff to make the fins move in cool and impossible ways. like this


    And I would go all fucking out on this fit okay. We’re talking diving lessons until I can hold my breath for 7 minutes and go deep as fuck. Long hair, starfish, scales up to my tits, those funky contacts that make it so you can see under water, all of it- everything I could to make myself look as “thing of the deep but hot” as possible.  Then, I’d go get some shiny valuable rocks. Pearls, Uncut gems, like super fuck’n nice ones like diamonds and shit, and ofc some gold coins. Then I’d dawn my mermaid fit and hit public waterways. Rivers, beys, lakes, places where people are around and might be swimming, but where I’m not gonna die via boat propeller, and not super crowded areas where a lot of people are swimming.  Then I just prank people by poking my head out of the water and surprising them, then I motion them closer and reach into my hair or satchel or something and give them a fucking emerald, smiling all big the whole time then I just- swim the fuck away.  What the fuck they  gonna do now!? Keep it as a fun memory of that time a fuck’n mermaid larper gave them a shiny rock? Never know it’s actually valuable? Or do they take it to a jeweler and find out it’s real? How the fuck are they gonna explain that. They gonna tell the jeweler a fuck’n mermaid gave it to them?! I think the fuck not.  Gonna pop up at the peir and smile at people and give gold coins to whoever stops. Kids are gonna freak. Put a little wonder back in the world. Flirt with pretty girls. Swim down rivers, pop up and surprise some old lady sitting by the water and give her an uncut diamond then swim away without a word. 

    Get a reputation as the weird lesbian mermaid who gives out precious gems and never speaks then suddenly stop without warning for like three years to give people time to forget me then do it all again. 


    If it’s a kid, and only the kid has seen you, act horrified that you’ve been found.

    Beg them to keep you a secret, and give them the jewel/coin in exchange.


    i swear to god ultra rich people are so fucking boring with their mansions and yachts. ThiS is what i wanna see in the world. Where are the superheroes? The masquerade balls? WHO is gonna invent real farie wings that let you fly??

    So, India is dying.

    Look, I know a good number of you are from the US and things aren't amazing there either, but my country is literally on the brink of collapse. So I'd love it if we could talk about that for a minute.

    If you can't do anything else, please just read and reblog.

    A second COVID wave has taken out the healthcare system. There are no more hospital beds. There's an oxygen shortage. There's a critical vaccine shortage. The Central Government has thrown its hands up and is passing the baton to the State Governments to do what they can.

    There are over 16 million covid cases. A record 330,000 new cases reported yesterday - comparable to the US at its peak. 187,000 dead as of today.

    There is no plan.

    Mass cremations are taking place. The cremation grounds are running day and night and they are short on wood. People are watching their loved ones die while waiting for a hospital bed, and then they're unable to give them the proper burial rights.

    Hospitals are overwhelmed. Patients are being confined, two to a bed. They're the lucky ones.

    We are on the verge of people dying in the streets.

    This is the second-most populous country in the world. The largest democracy. A country that encapsulates over 15,000 years of recorded human history and has endured everything from famine to invasion to colonisation.

    We might be at the end. This might be the thing that does us in.

    People are dying.

    People are dying.

    People are dying and there is no plan.

    More good news? Variants are popping up. A double mutation strain has shown up. It is resistant to current vaccines. This will not go away. This is the devastation they warned of when the anti-maskers were out protesting the minor inconvenience of covering their face in public.

    My country is on the verge of an emergency state. Our government has failed us. This is as dire a situation as it ever could be.

    Look. I don't do much with my life. I write fics, some of you have read them and that's pretty much it. I spend my days with my head in the clouds because that's where I like to be.

    But two days ago, my grandmother tested positive, had to be taken to hospital and the ambulance caught fire.

    She barely made it to the urgent care she needs.

    So, here I am, using whatever meager platform I have to cobble this request together. Because I have to do something.

    If you can, donate.

    Or spread the word.

    Help. Please.

    So I went to the Josh Fight

    a summary:

    - Two Josh Swains were in attendance. OG Josh, hailing from Arizona

    - And Nebraska's own Josh Swain, from Omaha.

    (feat. An Audio Engineer doing THE MOST for that sound quality)

    -All the local news stations were there

    - The majority of attendees were from out of state

    - The two Josh Swains battled for supremacy by Rock Paper Scissors duel.

    - The victor? Josh Swain, from Arizona. A crushing defeat for Josh Swain, who despite having none of Josh Swain's newfound Twitter Clout, DID have the home team advantage, as well as a Great Look.

    - Following the Josh Swain Duel and coronation of the One True Josh Swain, there was an All-Josh pool noodle battle royale

    - A brief list of notable Josh Variants I saw in this battle:

  • Josh Swain (Prime)
  • Josh Swain (Secondary)
  • Medieval Josh (full chain mail armor)
  • Spider Josh (x2)
  • "Josh Wick" (had pool noodles mounted to two electric drills for spin-attack capabilities)
  • Furry Josh (A Josh in a fursuit)
  • Big Josh (A large man with the words "Big Josh" painted on his bare torso, and "Dad Bod" painted on his back. Armed with pool noodle wolverine claws)
  • Little Josh (A small boy of about 5 years old)
  • Luchador Josh
  • Roman Centurion Josh
  • The rules were simple. Enter the ring and fight honorably (no headshots, no hits below the belt.) If you are hit with a pool noodle, you are dead, having fallen in glorious battle. The last Josh standing would be the winner.

    The battle lasted a little over sixty seconds in total. The final victor was....


    The crowd was going wild. The chanting for Little Josh was deafening. Truly there could have been no better outcome.

    pool noodle combat was then opened to the general public, for fun rather than glory.

    As for Josh Prime, he seemed like a very cool dude! As of last reporting, he raised $6600 dollars for the Children's Hospital and a truckload of nonperishables for the local food bank alongside the other Josh Fight attendees! He offered masks to any maskless people he met, and did his best to keep things as safe and socially distanced as he could, despite the ungodly amount of people who showed up to this random fucking field outside of Lincoln, Nebraska.

    (Also for the Nebraskans: Yes he tried a Runza, and yes he says he enjoyed it.)

    So anyway. Shoutout to the one and only Josh Swain.



    Hi, this is how I wrap presents for people with lower fine motor control; it could be older people, younger people, people with disabilities.

    You can use ribbon you already have for wrapping present, and I measured around the item I am about to wrap leaving a little bit of room for the handle.

    I taped the beginning end of the ribbon to the box and then loop back the extra ribbon to make a handle, and it should look something like this

    You can wrap pretty much like you normally do as long as you make sure that the handle is exposed .

    You could even tie something onto the handle for extra support

    All done!

    End Transcript]

    Punctuation and spacing was added for readability but all the text is verbatim.