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    Okay fuck so for like the entire first part I thought this person was like... Using one of those 3d pens to replace lace in this curtain somehow

    Then the next couple I was like "wait are they just like painting the curtains a different color? Were the lace threads just black or something on that other one?"

    Then finally it clicked and I freaked the fuck out




    Love how ADHD, autism and schizophrenia objectively have the same amount of traits and experiences in common, but schizophrenics aren't welcome in the metaphorical club house because they're bad for the image the neurodivergency movement is currently trying to capitalize on and with "love" I mean fuck y'all


    Schizophrenics are neurodivergent, too.

    Once more, for the people in the back:

    Schizophrenics are neurodivergent, too!

    And being neurodivergent doesn't make you immune to being ableist. If you're all for disability rights until someone is schizophrenic, then stop saying you're for disability rights. Because you're not.


    A person I know decided to push really hard for “no hitting the kids, at all”, and his wife agreed, although she’d been raised with Some Hitting and thought it was normal. And then she discovered that her child wasn’t afraid of her at all, and she could pull a hand back and the child would just giggle because that wasn’t a threat, and she suddenly realized that actually it had fucked her up so deeply that she couldn’t even see it.

    Anyway, good job parenting.


    Guys, if you read on AO3 please try to create an account. So many of us writers are going to be forced to lock down our fics to registered users out of necessity to help keep AI away, and it kills us because we don’t want to stop any of you from reading.

    AO3 is invite only. So if you know an AO3 user, ask if they have an invitation to give you (we’re given invite codes to share with others who want to join) because that’s an easy way to get in. If you don’t know someone you can ask, this is AO3’s instructions for requesting one from them…

    I know this seems like an extra step and maybe you don’t think you need it and can just read from people who haven’t locked their fics. But this isn’t just about you as the reader. If you enjoy fics and you want to keep them coming, this is how you support your favorite writers! If our stats and comments plummet, I guarantee writing is going to start going down as well. Nobody wants that! So please consider making an account and signal boosting this as well! 🙏🏻

    **NOTE: AO3 indicates (as of today) there’s 48k some people in the queue for invites and they’re sending out about 5k per day. That’s not a bad wait at all!!**


    I don’t think this can be stressed enough. This really feels like a “we stand together or we fall together” situation. For readers and writers alike. Fanfiction is already under appreciated and looked down upon. If we do nothing, then we’re accepting that we have no rights, that our content isn’t worth protecting. The corporations that are stealing our content to capitalize on it have won. AI writing will flood sites because it can churn out content faster than we can. It will steal attention away from real writers. Real people need that interaction to fuel their creativity. Without that motivation, new content from real writers will dwindle. Writers will lose out sharing their wonderful worlds, and readers will lose all those wonderful worlds to enjoy.

    But if we take a stand together, we can help protect each other. We make it clear this is *not okay.* We make a fuss, lock our fics, create accounts. Maybe it’s pointless. Maybe it won’t matter. Or maybe we’ll make a difference. Maybe we’ll raise awareness and precautions/laws will be made to protect our works and rights.

    *Maybe* we’ll achieve nothing. But if we *do* nothing, we’ve already lost everything.

    Fanfiction is a two way street. Writers and readers need each other. Writers are already giving you so much of their time and effort, making themselves vulnerable by sharing their stuff. If you love Fanfiction and the writers who work so hard to provide it, the least you can do is make a simple account. Don’t make them suffer for trying to protect their hard work. A lot of interaction comes from guests. So locking our fics can seriously cut down the interaction we get from them. Help us protect our work and help ensure that you will always have fresh, genuine Fanfiction to read.

    In the end, no one can force you to lock your fics or create an account. That is your decision. But we’ll make a bigger difference if we work together.

    But that’s just how I feel about it! It makes me so sad to think writers are so afraid of protecting themselves because they’re afraid they will lose so much feedback on their fics. It’s really not fair to them. Their works are valuable pieces of art. They deserve to be protected.

    at my job we have to go through a training program that teaches us the library of congress classification system, and when i was first being trained my boss started to boot it up and she gave me a really anxious and guilty look and said “listen, i’m really sorry in advance, there’s nothing i can do about this, just…. just try to get through it” and i was like lol what’s she talking about and then the program loaded and i was greeted with a deliriously funny-looking photoshopped wizard with glowing eyes pointing at some intro message like “AH YES, JUST AS THE PROPHECY FORETOLD… APPRENTICE, YOU COME AT A TIME OF MOST DIRE NEED… YOU MUST LEARN OUR WAYS” and my boss just looked at me helplessly and was like “i’m so sorry. it’s like two hours long.”

    thankfully it wasn’t an elaborate fever dream and i have found screenshots


    judy hopps is a cop who leverages a strangers felony tax evasion to get him to put his life in danger and work around the clock so that she can keep her job

    she then presumably helps him cover up his crime to get him a job on the same police force


    judy hopps has some very nice feet but we need to remember that she’s still a cop


    just fyi for everyone out there using tumblr on this day that you can reblog a post without the extra commentary by clicking the OP’s URL on the original post


    She is a cop and all cops are already unsexy


    I’m sorrynotsorry to everyone in the notes just learning that Tumblr is a place for horny furries to blog about acab.


    Unfortunately, Judy Hopps is very sexy AND ALSO a cop and therefore a bastard, and insisting that all cops are automatically unsexy is still attaching appearances to morality. Remembering that things can be sexy and evil, or ugly and good is imperative! Forgetting this derails and disrupts the conversation.

    When Tina Turner left her first husband - who was also her boss, captor, and brutal tormentor - she snuck out of their Dallas hotel room with a single thought in her mind: "The way out is through the door." From there she fled across the midnight freeway, semi-trucks careening past her, with 36 cents and a Mobil gas card in her pocket. As soon as she decided to walk out that door, she owned nothing else. When she filed for divorce, she made an unusual request. She didn't want anything: not the song rights, not the cars, not the houses, not the money. All she wanted was the stage name he gave her - Tina - and her married name - Turner. This was the name by which the world had come to know her, and keeping it was her only chance to salvage her career. Things could have gone a lot of ways from there. She could have labored in obscurity for decades, maybe making records on small labels to be prized by vinyl connoisseurs in Portland. She could have stayed in Vegas, where she first went to get her chops back up, and worked as a nostalgia act. And, of course, given what she had been through, she might have … not made it. What happened instead is that Tina Turner became the biggest global rock star of the 80s. I'm old enough to barely remember this, but if you aren't, it was like this: The Rolling Stones would headline a stadium one day, and the next day it would be Tina Turner. A middle-aged Black woman - she became a rock star at 42! - sitting atop the 1980s like it was her throne. She managed this because of whatever rare stuff she was made of (this is a woman whose label gave her two weeks to record her solo debut, Private Dancer, which went five times platinum); because she decided to speak publicly about her abusive marriage and forge her own identity, and in doing so give hope and courage to countless women; and also because - in a perhaps unlikely twist for a girl from Nutbush, Tennessee - she had her practice of Soka Gakkai Nichiren Buddhism, to which she credited her survival. She remained devout until the end. Tina's second marriage - to her, her only marriage - was to Edwin Bach, a Swiss music executive 16 years her junior. Of him, she said, "Erwin, who is a force of nature in his own right, has never been the least bit intimidated by my career, my talents, or my fame." In 2016, after a barrage of health problems, Tina's kidneys began to fail. A Swiss citizen by then, she had started preparing for assisted suicide when her husband stepped in. According to Tina, he said, "He didn't want another woman, or another life." He gave her one of his kidneys, buying her the remainder of her time on this earth and perhaps closing a cycle which took her from a man who inflicted injury upon her to a man willing to inflict injury upon himself to save her from harm. Born into a share-cropping family as Anna Mae Bullock in 1939, she died Tina Turner in a palatial Swiss estate: the queen of rock 'n roll; a storm of a performer with a wildcat-fierce voice; a dancer of visceral, spine-tingling potency and ability; a beauty for the ages; a survivor of terrible abuse and an advocate for others in similar situations; an author and actress; a devout Buddhist; a wife and mother; a human being of rare talent and perseverance who, through her transcendent brilliance, became a legend.

    Credit: Will Stenberg

    New Things to Beware on the Internet

    On May 3rd, Google released 8 new top-level domains (TLDs) -- these are new values like .com, .org, .biz, domain names. These new TLDs were made available for public registration via any domain registrar on May 10th.

    Usually, this should be a cool info, move on with your life and largely ignore it moment.

    Except a couple of these new domain names are common file type extensions: ".zip" and ".mov".

    May is also the month of Google I/O, our annual developer conference. Whether you’re learning to code, deploying a helpful tool, building your portfolio, or starting a new community, .foo, .zip, .mov and .nexus have you covered. 

Here are some examples from our developer community:

gamers . nexus: Use gamers . nexus to review computer hardware and plan your next gaming PC.

helloworld . foo: Learn how to code “hello world” in each programming language.

url . zip: Create short, powerful and trackable links with url . zip

david . mov: Watch videos by David Imel in this liminal space.

Starting today, you can register all of these new extensions as part of our Early Access Program for an additional one-time fee. This fee decreases according to a daily schedule through the end of May 10. On May 10 at 16:00 UTC, all of these domains will be publicly available at a base annual price through your registrar of choice. To make it super easy for anyone to get their website live, we’ve worked with Google Sites to launch new templates for graduates, professors and parents.

    This means typing out a file name could resolve into a link that takes you to one of these new URLs, whether it's in an email, on your tumblr blog post, a tweet, or in file explorer on your desktop.

    What was previously plain text could now resolve as link and go to a malicious website where people are expecting to go to a file and therefore download malware without realizing it.

    Folk monitoring these new domain registrations are already seeing some clearly malicious actors registering and setting this up. Some are squatting the domain names trying to point out what a bad idea this was. Some already trying to steal your login in credentials and personal info.

    Screenshot of a tweet showing several newly registered .zip domains including:
    Screenshot of a tweet showing several newly registered .zip domains including:
    Screenshot of a tweet showing the newly registered latestupdate DOT zip.
The new .zip website is  gradient purple background with large white text reading,
    Screenshot of a tweet reading
    Screenshot of a tweet showing the newly register microsoft-office DOT zip.
The new .zip website has a spoof of a Microsoift login page page asking for your usermname and password.

    This is what we're seeing only 12 days into the domains being available. Only 5 days being publicly available.

    What can you do? For now, be very careful where you type in .zip or .mov, watch what website URLs you're on, don't enable automatic downloads, be very careful when visiting any site on these new domains, and do not type in file names without spaces or other interrupters.

    I'm seeing security officers for companies talking about wholesale blocking .zip and .mov domains from within the company's internet, and that's probably wise.

    Be cautious out there.

    Precious man (not in black!) sighted ❤ (x,x)

    Neil Gaiman: Hi, I'm Neil Gaiman. I'm wearing the first red T-shirt I've worn since 1987. Because I'm a member of the WGA. I'm on strike. I care so much for the things that I've written but I'm out here right now not working and here until we get a good contract because I care about the future of the WGA, the future of young writers. I want a world in which no AI writes scripts or attempts to. I want a world in which young writers get to learn how to make television. And I want a world in which we are fairly compensated for the things that we put up on streaming.