sometimes i think about the fact that Dreamworks was working on the Prince of Egypt and Shrek at the same time and would apparently send people to work on Shrek instead of the Prince of Egypt as a form of punishment 


    the night i posted this i couldn’t find a source and i’ve been wondering ever since if maybe it was just some kind of fucked up fever dream or something. but no, it’s real:

    I am reminded of a film about a young man who comes upon a rat in the streets of Paris. This rat is special; he has been gifted with a talent for the culinary arts. He transcends his station as vermin. Yet he is cursed to live a half life, his greatest talent confined to the kitchen in which he will never be welcome. Yet he strives to live; he conducts himself through the young man, concealed within the chef’s toque. The man becomes marionette to the rat - yet the rat himself is puppet to the whims of his own ability, unable to find significance in the simplicity of his species’ station. In the end, it is only the food which escapes the cruel influence of obligation. It is constituted not by what it must do, but only by what it has always been. Tell me, Will, are you the rat? The young man, controlled? Or are you, perhaps… the food?

    say my name and every color illuminates - chapter 1: mundane


    Beatrice has got too many problems to deal with: chaotic younger siblings, strict parents, failing English class, working two jobs to get by. The only silver lining is if she can escape the hellhole that is her small town life. Emphasis on IF, though...

    Wirt has got one major problem to deal with: his handful of a brother Greg. Oh, and then there's Sara, the love of his life. But all he can do is pine from far away, foolishly dreaming of a peaceful future with his true love...

    One day, Beatrice wakes up in the body of a sixteen-year-old boy. At the same time, Wirt wakes up in the body of a seventeen-year-old girl.

    Fate sure is a weird thing, huh?

    (infinite eyerolls kimi no na wa au)

    <>Rating: T+

    <>Relationship(s): Beatrice/Wirt (Infinite Eyerolls)

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