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    j.k.r. needs like one close friend to sit her down and go: “okay, but, go over this with me again. you decided the evil snake your dark wizard kept as a pet and vessel of his fragmented horrific soul - the one that has to be murdered in order to defeat the evil wizard - is in fact….an asian woman who was cursed to eventually become a beast and monster in her own body. am i getting this right? the asian woman turns into a snake because her bloodline is cursed and then she becomes the pet of a white supremacist with magic. you invented a body curse specifically for turning women into monsters and your first thought was not like, subversion of fairy tale misogyny but….to add a layer of racism? just trying to understand here.” 


    What in the ever loving fuck.


    I honestly.


    The Snotgirl Mini-Tour 2018

    SNOTGIRL VOLUME 2: CALIFORNIA SCREAMING is in stores later this month and to celebrate we’re doing some store appearances! Please come and show your support and meet fellow fans.

    Wednesday, May 30th New York, NY 6:00 PM Barnes & Noble Discussion & Signing 97 Warren St NOTE: Emily Yoshida from New York Magazine/ Vulture will moderate a q and a with the co-creators.

    Friday, June 8th Huntington Beach, CA 7:00 PM Barnes & Noble Discussion & Signing 7881 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

    Sunday, June 10th San Diego/ Mira Mesa, CA 2:00 PM Barnes & Noble Discussion & Signing 10775 Westview Pkwy, CA 92126

    Friday, June 22 Los Angeles, CA 7:30 PM Skylight Books Discussion & Signing 1818 N Vermont Ave

    Every ninety years twelve gods return as young people. They are loved. They are hated. They are retweeted.

    The year is 2013. It’s happening again. It’s happening now.

    Have you ever wanted to see Cass’s pantheon criticism? Catch that high off of Baal and Sakhmet’s first performances? Watch Woden get shut down on twitter? Or read Cameron’s oddly specific warhammer blog?

    Iconic is a fanzine based on @kierongillen, @mckelvie and Matt Wilson’s The Wicked + The Divine. It focuses on the pantheon fandom, through the lens of social media. Running in the months before, and then concurrently to The Faust Act and Fandemonium, it will examine the wicdiv cast and their social media presence before their ascension and after.

    This is a call for the artists, writers, cosplayers, musicians, and crafters of the wicdiv fandom (and anyone else who wants to help). @gen-is-gone and @ferronickel have a full outline of the story we want to tell with this zine, but we want your help. If you have any interest in contributing to this zine, please contact one of the two of us! We’re super excited to tell this story, and we want to work with everyone in the fandom to make it happen.

    I had a #bgsdlist request this morning: 

    If you’ve got anything in the BGSD arsenal about working when your heart is broken, I could totally stand to see that text today… 

    I’m afraid there’s nothing pithy I can say that will heal your broken heart, nor make it easier for you to focus on the tasks at hand.  

    The closest I’ve got in the arsenal of my own making is “the hummingbird just works order in the rain.”   Pain and loss are inescapable parts of life and you may find some comfort in the simple acceptance that sometimes shit just happens and things are hard. You’re not being punished by the universe, you’re not being singled out for an exceptional burden. You are experiencing a pain. It’s awful. It is difficult. You will need to flap your wings even harder and faster to stay afloat, and that will make you tired. But you will stay afloat and the sun will come out again. 

    Rest. Drink lots of water. Understand that you pay a physical price for emotional pain and your body will need extra love and care to get you through. 

    Lean on your friends. Don’t isolate. 

    You won’t want to hear right now that pain makes you stronger and that’s fair. But it does. Like a muscle broken down by overwork, you can rebuild and come back stronger and smarter. I say “can” because there are choices to be made as you rebuild and it’s important to take the right lessons. Do no employ magical thinking. Do not give in to the temptation to believe that this pain means something about your identity. If only you had a time machine to go back and be someone else, or whatever. No. That is time and energy you need to move forward now, not back. 

    Understand that heartbreak is a kind of grief. You’re grieving for a vision of the future you had become attached to and that now you must let go of. It will take you some time to rebuild a different vision of your future. The one you rebuild will likely be dismantled eventually, but each time you improve upon the design, and when the rain comes again, you’ll find it takes less effort to stay afloat.  

    As for the work? Do your best. If you are an artist, remember that the purpose of art is to connect us to ourselves and one another and heartbreak is universal. You have an opportunity here, if you’re up to it, to put what you’re feeling in your work. You may help someone else down the line, and that, we know, is the true source of happiness. 

    You are loved. You are not alone. You will get through this. 

    They’re HERE, they’re HERE!!! PRESALE begins meow! Get your hands on these nostalgic Cartridge Compacts by Espionage Cosmetics! These convenient Cartridges hold our exclusive pressed eyeshadows and can be interchanged to hold whatever shade you’re rocking for the day!  Get your pre-order in: espionagecosmetics.com/compact Enter our celebratory giveaway: espionagecosmetics.com/compactcelebration


    My ideal beginning to a Batman movie:

    We start with a slow pan down to Gotham as Oracle narrates

    “Ask your average person who Gotham’s most famous citizen is, and you’ll get the same response every time: Bruce Wayne. Everybody’s heard of Bruce Wayne. You’ve probably heard his name a million times before. But there are some things that the average citizen doesn’t know about him. See, to the people of Gotham, Bruce Wayne is a rich kid who never grew up. They think he’s a buffoon, an airhead, a moron. But the truth is…”

    *Batman bursts out of a window, screaming, on fire*

    *record scratch, freeze frame*

    “…they aren’t entirely wrong about that.”


    This is then followed by a series of clips from interviews with various Gotham citizens, all of whom give humorously ironic descriptions of Bruce Wayne’s idiocy:

    “Bruce Wayne? I hear the guy gets through a super-car every month! Replaces every one, just like that!”

    *Cut to shot of the Batmobile flipping end-over-end after slamming into one of Bane’s APCs*


    “Wayne? Please! The guy would probably have accidentally killed himself years ago if he didn’t have that butler to babysit him!” *Cut to Alfred physically restraining Bruce from going out to fight Scarecrow while having a broken arm, a concussion, and the flu,*

    “I bet he throws away cash like it grows on trees!”

    *Cut to Batman shouting “Hey, Lucius! Ask R&D to make some kryptonite/Nth metal alloy baterangs! Y’know, just in case!”

    “I’m almost jealous. Super rich and he gets to hang out with gorgeous women across the world? Sign me up!”

    *Cut to Bruce being slammed face first into a wall repeatedly by Lady Shiva.*


    @smut-smut-in-the-butt this seems like something you’d be interested in


    This is the Batman I long for.




    You know those “who wore it better” things for celebrities? I want one of those for Chris Pine, Chris Evans, and Chris Pratt riding motorcycles in Wonder Woman, Captain America, and Jurassic World, respectively. 



    As you wiiiiiiiiiiiish

    Chirs Pine as Steve Trevor in Wonder  Woman. 

    Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger

    Bonus: Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in The Avengers. 

    Chris Pratt as Owen Grady in Jurassic World.


    Hmmm. Decisions, decisions …


    Double bonus: Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in Captain America: TWS.

    And how could you forget Chris Hemsworth in Ghostbusters.


    This chris likes to throw motorcycles


    My favourite Chris is Sebastian Stan.


    The damned motorcycle flip changed my life


    Reblogging for my favorite chris is sebastian stan 😂😂😂


    “my favorite Chris is Sebastian Stan” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    Solar Eclipse Glasses Notice

    I know a lot of people in the US are super excited for the eclipse on August 21st. I’m in that group. But if you’re going to look at the eclipse, you need solar eclipse glasses. No sunglasses. And don’t even think about going with no eye protection at all.  You can go blind if you look at the eclipse. Going without solar eclipse glasses is NOT optional.

    That said, there are people cashing in on the solar eclipse craze. They’re making fake eclipse glasses. The Seattle Times reported on the fakes on August 8th and spoke with a spokesperson for the American Astronomical Society (AAS) about it. Even if the fake glasses seem safe, they’re not. Richard Tresch Fienbern from the AAS explained:

    “The problem with fakes is that you can’t know if they’re letting unsafe levels of solar ultraviolet and/or infrared radiation into your eyes. You’d never know until it’s too late because our retinas don’t have pain receptors.”

    The AAS has a page devoted entirely to what real ISO-compliant solar eclipse glasses look like.

    This includes showing the correct text on the inside of the glasses. Click on this link to see the text.

    According to the USA Today, there are only five companies that make eclipse glasses that are certified by the AAS and NASA: American Paper Optics, Baader Planetarium, Rainbow Symphony, Thousand Oaks Optical, and TSE 17. If you’re going to buy eclipse glasses used on eBay or another website, make sure that they come from one of these five manufacturers or have the correct text written inside.

    Fake eclipse glasses can look incredibly convincing. Here is a pair that my mom purchased on eBay.

    If you have some solar eclipse glasses already, look for this code:

    ISO 12312-2

    If that code is not on your solar eclipse glasses do not wear them. Even if they are safe, it is not worth the risk. You can do irreversible damage to your eyes if you look at an eclipse without the right eye wear. This includes blindness. Again, you can go blind if you look at an eclipse with improper eye wear.

    Be safe. Get the real deal. The links have been provided to you above.

    Please spread this post so more people can see it.

    Thank you.


    As an eye health professional who has several patients with solar retinopathy? DON’T SCREW AROUND WITH YOUR EYEBALLS AND THE SUN.

    Everyone talks about how scary macular degeneration is, well, guess what: solar retinopathy causes the EXACT SAME TYPE OF PERMANENT VISION LOSS as dry macular degeneration. Do not, PLEASE do not fuck around with this eclipse.

    Also, to preempt any stupid questions: 1) No, your regular sunglasses aren’t good enough. No, I don’t care what kind of sunglasses they are, they’re not good enough. 2) No, you cannot smoke your own glass to make solar viewers. 3) No, I don’t care what quack-tastic website you were reading, solar/sun gazing is VERY VERY BAD for your eyes and will cause permanent retinal scarring in your central vision. This will result in either a blurry spot in your central vision or a straight up blind spot in your central vision. 4) No, there is no way to correct or heal retinal scarring and/or atrophy.

    So don’t fuck around, kids. I’m really sick and sad over the amount of people I see with irreversible visual damage because of stupid shit.


    A reminder that I need to get us a couple pairs of glasses.

    When Ralph Chou was about 12 years old, he took all the right precautions to watch his first solar eclipse.

    “I did other stupid things, but when it came to looking at that eclipse, I was being very careful,” says Chou, a professor emeritus of optometry and vision science at the University of Waterloo, who’s a leading authority on eye damage from eclipse viewing.

    The upcoming total solar eclipse will be the 19th one he has seen after a lifetime of eclipse chasing. And Chou is worried about first-timers and other folks who might look up at the spectacle without much forethought.

    Planning To Watch The Eclipse? Here’s What You Need To Protect Your Eyes

    Photo: Joseph Okpako/Getty Images

    Disneyland Piano Lullaby // Arranged by ear by onefine_morning

    Songs in order: When You Wish Upon a Star, Pirates of the Caribbean (Yo Ho Yo Ho), Peter Pan’s Flight (You Can Fly!), Main Street USA (Married Life from “Up”), Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Mad Tea Party, Tower of Terror (Twilight Zone Theme), Fantasmic!, Soarin’ Over California), It’s a Small World, When You Wish Upon a Star.

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