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    Don’t do drugs, ladies and gents. 😂😭😂😭😂😭


    “Whats your safe word?”


    That part had me weak😂😂😭😂😭 


    “You think I’m in pilates?”😭


    “watch ya fingers bootyhole man!!” Lmfaooaoaoaoooo


    Lol i need to be his friend


    “Every strong man got a sensitive side”




    “Ooo that’s cute”


    Bruh I love this dude! Why is he getting arrested and is there a link for us to send money to bail him out?


    ice cream asks

    chocolate: when was your first kiss?

    french vanilla: how old are you?

    cotton candy: three places you want to travel to?

    strawberry: a language you wish you could speak?

    coffee: favorite cosmetic brands?

    mint chocolate chip: indoors or outdoors?

    cookie dough: do you play any instruments?

    rocky road: favorite songs at the moment?

    butter pecan: favorite songs for life?

    cheesecake: what’s your zodiac sign?

    toasted coconut: the beach or the pool?

    chocolate chip: what’s your most popular post?

    bubblegum: books or movies?

    pistachio: manga or anime?

    salted caramel: favorite movies?

    birthday cake: favorite books?

    moose tracks: favorites for manga?

    orange sherbet: favorites for anime?

    peanut butter: favorite academic subject?

    black raspberry: do you have any pets?

    mango: when and why did you start your blog?

    mocha: ideal weather conditions?

    black cherry: four words that describe you?

    neapolitan: things that stress you out?

    raspberry truffle: favorite kind of music?

    chocolate marshmallow: favorite brands of candy?

    toffee: a card game that you’re good at?

    lemon custard: do you eat breakfast?

    dark chocolate: turn ons?

    fudge: turn offs?

    peach: how do you relax?

    praline: a popular book you haven’t read yet?

    superman: do you like sweaters?

    cherry: do you drink tea or coffee?

    dulce de leche: an instrument you wish you could play?

    blackberry: have you ever laughed so hard you cried?

    ginger: a new feature you wish tumblr could have?

    blueberry lemon: favorite blogs?

    almond: favorite mean girls quote?

    butterscotch: what color are your nails right now?

    cinnamon: have you ever been confessed to?

    blue moon: have you ever had a crush on someone?

    cappuccino crunch: do you take naps?

    mint: the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

    brownie batter: do you like sushi?

    key lime: where do you want to be right now?

    red velvet: do you wear prescription glasses?

    green tea: favorite flavors of ice cream?

    I heard goodbye lands softly between the footsteps we’ve taken, and the sunrises that have paused before your name. Sometimes the idea of another day is too much for a smile, sometimes the smell of rain doesn’t mix with the midnight of your eyes. tomorrow will be the softer part of the ache, the skin that only graphs these memories when your complexion fades, but maybe I have touched you too often. Maybe we aren’t meant to find answers, for as long as I breathe, you’re never alone. The world is mostly quiet when we’re alone, faced with certain thoughts I don’t know how to react. the tenderness that once rushed through my face when i first heard your words come to life, i knew that i will love you indefinitely. like the bruises of the night sky when the sun isn’t around, i coat you inside of every metaphor because in some way it means that you’re still here and it saddens me to say that i’ll always keep a photo of you close by even when you were to shy to take them yourself. The world is mostly quiet when we’re alone, faced with certain thoughts I don’t know how to react quick enough. the joy that once bled through your veins and showed me that love doesn’t have to mean sex, it can mean a conversation that’s held in high regards. i’ve learned that people who really give a fuck about you, they carry a certain vibe and you can feel it. The world is mostly quiet when we’re alone, faced with the reality that you never made it home– I wonder about the blues that played inside of your head that night I left you alone. how terrible to be surrounded by your own guilts and flaws, you danced to the whims of maybe, just maybe this time– things will work out. I don’t know how I’ll make it through this without you. The world is mostly quiet now. Home is mostly quiet now. You are still loud enough for me to hear through all of this silence that they have whispered into my ears– I’m afraid to leave you alone even when I’ve yet to make it home myself. I wonder if you stopped by our favorite spot or listened to hours upon hours of your favorite songs before you wrote those letters. The world is mostly quiet now and I don’t know if I want to sleep on my bed tonight. The stars have kept us company for many moons– tonight is not any different. The only thing that is missing is… you.