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    Wild bananas contain large seeds. Our commercial bananas (which are, for the most part, the Cavendish variety) have been specially bred so that they are seedless triploids (with three sets of genes, instead of just two) that do not form mature seeds (genetic engineering). If you’ve noticed little black dots in the middle of the banana, you’ve discovered immature seeds that won’t develop, which happens with triploids.


    it’s sometimes hard to believe rasputin was real. like there’s no non-fucked up part of rasputin’s existence


    did he do something problematic i thought he was just russia’s greatest love machine


    basic (true) story: fanatical russian monk who has almost never shaved or washed and smells like goats shows up at the russian capital with a creepy look on his beardy face and everyone just assumes he’s a prophet or a saint because he’s got a cult following that believes he can cure illnesses. his stans are sexually obsessed with him and he gets just a fuckton of russian pussy wherever he goes cause apparently he can cure his true believers of illness with god-given dick magic. russia’s queen has him come stay at the palace and sets him up in luxury because she thinks he can cure her son’s haemophilia with the power of russian goat jesus, and they (allegedly) become lovers, probably, ‘cause she craves that unwashed goat-scented dick like the rest of his cult which she now  (allegedly) belongs to. 

    then the worst assassins in the history of assassinations try to assassinate him, because all of russia is slutshaming the queen he has too much power over the royal family and it’s helping revolutionaries turn people against the royals. so these idiots have him round for tea and cakes which are poisoned with cyanide, but he is magically unaffected by poison they get the dose wrong and he doesn’t die, and then he drinks three glasses of wine, which are also poisoned, and he doesn’t die, so they tell him to look at a crucifix and shoot him in the chest with a revolver when he isn’t looking, and he doesn’t die, but they think he’s dead so one of them dresses in his clothes and gets driven to his apartment to make it look like he’s gone home to hide the crime, and when they come back he gets up and attacks them, so they stab him in the side with a knife, and he doesn’t die, and then he frees himself and runs outside, so they shoot him a few times more, including in the forehead, and they wrap his body up and chuck him in the icy river, and he doesn’t go into the water, so his body is found on the ice the next day. and get this…. he died…. of hypothermia.


    additionally, everyone who wasnt in the party of getting rid of rasputin was pretty bummed out when they found him and his miracle dick dead the next day and there was a pretty bangin funeral of which the royal family themselves attended. however after the tsar was overthrown a few month later they exhumed his body and burned it because the new leadership was very adamant about making sure there were no ties left to honor the old monarchy. however this dudes body had never been properly prepped for a cremation which meant that under the extreme heat his tendons and ligaments began to retract and shrink causing his dead body to move and twitch around as if still animate. according to some testimony his body actually sat up straight on the pyre, and at least one spectator fired a gun at the body and another may have allegedly died of shock.


    Rasputin was an old god from times before humans


    He is like a cleric gone wild


    “did rasputin do something problematic” i am going to die


    Descendants of black slaves owned by Native Americans are being denied their rights...


    “It’s about color, and when it comes down to it, they don’t want the black people to have anything” - Opal Jackson, Freedmen descendant

    A little discussed past

    Every summer at Tahlequah, Oklahoma, the Cherokee Indians sponsor their Trail of Tears pageant. The story of how the US government robbed the five tribes of their homelands in the south and moved them by force to Oklaholma. They don’t tell of the thousands of black slaves the tribes brought with them.

    A history of slave ownership and African-Natives


    Most of the ‘Five Civilized Tribes’ were slave holding nations.

    Slavery was introduced by white slave owners into the upper echelons of Native nations. Most full-blooded Natives weren’t slave owners, rather the ‘mixed-bloods’, the people who lived like white planters, were. Masters frequently raped their female slaves. Those slaves had children who would go on to be known as the Freedmen.

    After the Civil War and the abolition of slavery, a treaty was signed with the federal government in 1866. In this agreement, four of five tribes guaranteed full tribal citizenship for former slaves.

    The treaty clearly says that former slaves ‘shall have all the rights of Natives’.

    Despite this, the Freedmen are still fighting for their rights to this day.

    Current struggles of the Freedmen

    “We are still being treated the way that they was treating us back then. This is something that needs to come to an end - Sylvia Davis, Seminole Freedmen.


    Sylvia is proud of her Native heritage and sits on the Seminole tribal council. Despite this, she has encountered constant racism and hostility.

    In tribal meeting, Sylvia says “I had a tribal member sit across from me using the word ‘nigger’ and then the Chief of the Seminole Nation, standing at the podium, with a smile on his face. I do have a name. My momma didn’t name me no ‘nigger’. My name is Sylvia and you can address me by that name”.


    Theola Jones is a “proud member of the Seminole Nation”. Her two sons were recruited and accepted by the Haskell Indian Nations University because of their talents in football and basketball and their Seminole heritage but were denied access to the library and infirmary because they have black ancestry.

    Despite being awarded “all the rights of Natives” in 1866, Freedmen continue to struggle for their rights and recognition.

    Many are now being denied tribal citizenship, especially by the Cherokee Nation, and are purposefully excluded from any of the benefits, opportunities and revenue that are extended to all other recognised tribal citizens.

    There are roughly 30,000 Cherokee Freedmen descendants today.

    “When you know what you really are and you haven’t been embraced or acknowledged, it’s horrible’ - Kenneth Payton, Freedmen descendent

    The removal of rights after 117 years of citizenship


    From 1866 Freedmen were generally considered to be full tribal citizens. In the late 1970s federal services and benefits such as free health care were awarded to federally recognized tribes.

    As members of the Cherokee Nation, federal benefits and services were also provided to the Cherokee Freedmen.

    Efforts to block the Freedmen descendants from the tribe began in 1983, after over a century of recognition. The Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation issued an executive order stating that all Cherokee Nation citizens must have a “Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood” card in order to vote and be recognised.

    The One-Drop Rule

    The CDIB cards were made to be based on a specific federal census taken between 1902 and 1906. The problem is, this census was conducted under the ‘one drop rule.

    They would simply look at the people being registered, and if they seemed like they had any black blood whatsoever they were classified as being strictly of African descent, even though they were socially, culturally and genetically Native.

    Everyone else was put on a ‘blood roll’ where their quantum, or amount of native blood compared to white blood, was recorded.

    It should be noted that like many people, the Cherokee Chief at the time was one-eight native and seven-eights white, yet on this treaty he would be regarded as a full Native with all the rights that the status brings with it.

    This meant that no Freedman could possibly be allowed citizenship, even if they could document their heritage, and led to the completed the disfranchisement of the Cherokee Freedmen descendants, which was the intention.

    Despite numerous court cases and appeals, this remains the case to this day.


    This is all lies. Native americans saved the black slaves, especially the Seminole tribe. Afterwards they helped fight against europeans.


    It’s not lies. Please watch this documentary when it comes around. It’s one of the few on this little discussed topic. All of the interviews and quotes are from there. Yes the Seminole tribe absorbed escaped slaves. But all of the other tribes held slaves.

    “From the late 1700s to the 1860s, the Five Civilized Tribes were involved in the institution of African slavery as planters and several tribal members began acquiring African-American slaves for field work, domestic work, and various trades

    Please do read up about the Freedmen and their struggles today before you accuse me of lying. All the info is online.


    Okay. Stay uninformed then.


    ignorance is bliss. when it comes to slavery and mistreatment of african american, no one is innocent. not even natives.


    So Native Americans was with the shit too, I just…


    This is actually disheartening. I did not know this.


    5,000 notes on this. I guess some folks ain’t ready to hear their people were as bad as the white people that fucked them over.


    I thought tumblr had a much bigger Native American population. Surely they aren’t ignoring this?


    I’m just mad she saw the information and straight up said no to it, smh


    Damn I never knew about this


    Damn good read.


    Shout out to the people who feel like them being fully black isn’t good enough so they start claiming things like having Native blood in them


    Shout out to the black decendants of Native Americans who don’t claim thier native ancestory Cuz they was with the shits too.


    If anyone is interested, there is an update to Cherokee Nation freedman enrollment:http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/08/31/547705829/judge-rules-that-cherokee-freedmen-have-right-to-tribal-citizenship

    anti-blackness is something we as a people need to stop in our native communities and I know we can do better. to acknowledge the truth of slavery in the tribes that had it (mine included) is the first step, so please fellow ndns, do not lie just to make yourself feel better. 


    I’ve known this for the longest, since I’ve been told theres blood on both sides but I haven’t really investigated it because…well thats because lol. The Five Civilized Tribes:  Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole . There’s also a whole ass documentary on this from 1990 called Black Slaves, Red Masters


    *looks at my Blackfoot native ancestry sideways*

    So everyone was with the shits hmm. Disgusting.


    Knew this but reblogging for those who dont know


    My grandmother’s grandmother was a Freedman. She married a white French man who gave up his lineage to marry her and claimed he was Mulatto so he could be treated as she was. Because of the one drop rule and no one to dispute it. I traced them back to when the “X” came onto our family name.

    In case you didn’t know in Louisiana a lot of French/Cajun names have a version with an X and without. (Boudreau/Boudreaux) because slaves couldn’t write and were given their master’s last name. When they signed the census, their names would be written in and their signature was a “X” next to it. So the X came post slavery and due to illiteracy.


    Big dick niggas are the devil

    Ok so why is it these half man/half horse niggas be acting so damn modest when they show us their dick?

    These niggas dick be like a YARD long, talmbout “oh my dick is not that big, you can take it”

    Ummm NO…. Like I want your dick to reach the end of my cervix & there only. I’m really not tryna feel your big ass dick ALL THE WAY in my esophagus and trachea when you just hitting it from the back



    I was a wild card in 2015


    Okay but this is Gospel. I used to fuck with this guy from the Caribbean (God knows where in) and he used to complain that he wished his dick was bigger, meanwhile he was going all Wreck-It Ralph on my insides with that Devil’s Yardstick. 


    ^^^^ I fucked with someone not even 6 months ago and I could remember him saying “My dick small, you should be able to take it.” We end up fucking and by the time he’s at half pipe he’s already deep in my guts. So I end up running while he’s trying to hit it from the back, which makes him put me on my back and pound me in missionary. His dick was so big, everytime I coughed, I felt my prostate. I genuinely thought I was gonna die that night cause he wasn’t letting up AT ALL.


    This columbian older guy decided to act like a good preachers son for six months then pull out his sinners covck and make me beg for him not to hit my cervix. Tried clamping down but he pushed through and made me take it all while wishing he was as big as his brother. Like the whole fam got monster cocks and I was not scared but scurred 😂

    not a dream, Thai cave rescue

    So many people were/are still attacking the young Thai coach trapped inside of a cave with 12 members of the soccer team he helps run, people assumed that he took the boys there for a trip and passed all blame onto him and called for his punishment/jail time when all of this ends. Turns out, the initial reports were not 100% correct. The details are not completely clear, but it seems the boys went to the cave to celebrate the birthday of one of them, and when they failed to return home later that day, their parents got worried and the coach, Ekapol Chanthawong went to search for them. Finding their things at the entrance of the cave, he went in after them to get them out and bring them home. Apparently, the boys wandered deep inside and when he found them, they became trapped by a sudden monsoon and flooding of the cave that came with it, hence why they had to retreat even farther inside. They barely managed to make it there in time, that’s how fast it all happened. He risked his own life trying to save them. The boys had some snacks that they bought for the birthday celebration, and he rationed all of that for the upcoming days, giving the kids his portions. He also taught them meditation to calm them down and help them preserve energy and told them to only drink the water dripping down from the walls of the cave and not the water that flooded in. If it wasn’t for him, this situation could have ended with the worst possible outcome, so please think before you scrutinize him. He already blames himself. Just consider how huge of a psychological trauma this is going to be for all of them.

    source: Perth Now


    Yesterday my dad told me something that I think maybe more people need to hear.

    You’re allowed to just do things for fun.

    He told me that in this modern society, especially the United States, we seem to have this attitude that we shouldn’t do something unless we’re aiming to be the best at it. If we can’t sing like Beyonce or Frank Sinatra or something there’s no point to singing. If we can’t make the next big breakthrough there’s no point in looking into mechanics and engineering.

    But, he tells me, it took him a long time to figure out that life doesn’t have to be a race. If you want to take up the piano when you’re a teenager or later you’re not going to master it. You’re not going to be able to play to huge concert halls, but that also shouldn’t stop you. You can study a language out of curiosity and then drop the ball if you want. You can just get okay at something or even be terrible at it. You can drop it for days or years and then pick it up again and it doesn’t have to be a shameful thing.

    I’m really glad he told me that because today I opened my sketchpad for the first time in months and just started drawing. And it looks terrible. But I don’t care. I don’t have the talent or patience or spacial awareness to get anywhere near good at drawing, but it’s fun. It helps me focus my mind and nobody has to see it.

    And because of what he told me, I’m thinking maybe someday soon I will take up the bass guitar. And I won’t worry about how well I do, or how fast I learn, or that I haven’t played an instrument since sixth grade, or that I don’t have that much time to practice. I’m just gonna enjoy the experience. Maybe I’ll try swing dancing again and take a class because I’m not the best dancer but damn if it isn’t fun.

    Yeah, you don’t have to be good at things. It’s not a requirement. Maybe that seems obvious but it had never occurred to me before. You’re allowed to just enjoy what you’re doing. For me, that feels like a life changing revelation. I don’t have to be good at something to like it. I don’t have to put 100% effort into everything I do. It’s kind of amazing.


    i love this post and i love you


    usa gets silver:


    russia gets silver:


    chinese get silver:


    british get bronze:


    actually, it’s been psychologically proven that bronze winners are happier than silver winners! silver winners see themselves as being “so close” to gold, while bronze winners are just happy they won a medal. so any silver medalist isn’t as happy as a bronze medalist!


    Canada gets silver:


    ok but it’s canada