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    We have varying quantities of each item with adjusted prices that take into account any damages they may have. You can buy bundles OR individual zines/merch items. Everything will be sold on a <>FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVE basis so don’t miss out!

    For information on product conditions, please refer to <>this post<>.

    Many thanks to our lovely artist Cori (@25coriandah​) for contributing to make our graphic! 

    <> SALES BEGIN ON APRIL 7 @ 12:00PM EST!

    <>✿ Lilies Volume Eight: Nodding Lily is Now Live! ✿

    Lilies Volume Eight: Nodding Lily is a compilation of <>dream-themed lesbian romance comics created by artists from around the world to celebrate all queer and nonbinary women who love women.

    <>✿ Read Our WLW Stories! ✿

    Read Lilies Volume 8 and support our creators and editors by buying the book!

  • <>$5+ PDF on Gumroad (partial color, 2 PDFs zipped)
  • <>$10 Kindle copy on Amazon (partial color)
  • <>$25 Print copy on Lulu (black and white)
  • <>$45 Print copy on Amazon (partial color)
  • Volumes 1 & 2 are also available free free or for an optional donation.<> <>Download volumes 1 & 2<> to see what we’re all about!


    <>✿ 220+ Pages, 40 Amazing Creators ✿

  • <>alice m<>: A Dream Girl
  • <>Alice Mao<>: Changing Seasons
  • <>Andrea Lhotsk<>: Dream a Little Dream // [instagram]
  • <>Bread Lee<>: Sweet Dreams // [twitter]
  • <>Caitlin Whelchel<>: Lullaby
  • <>Chiara Farah @cherrychisoup<>: The Dreams We Share
  • <>Dominique Duong<>: Sea of  Dreams
  • <>Dos Doodles<>: See You in my Dreams // [twitter]
  • <>Elle Skinner<>: Dream Date
  • <>Emily Cooper<>: Our Memories Are Their Playground // [instagram]
  • <>Emma<>: Tranquility
  • <>FallingMist & Mythee: Cambrian Dreamscape
  • <>glithch<>: Not Just Another Kiss
  • <>Graphrodite<>: Lucid Dreaming // [instagram]
  • <>Izzy “Strontium” <>Hall: Merry Christmas Hannah!
  • <>Jaime Dear<>: REM RAM // [itch.io, twitter]
  • <>jamie<>: Daydream // [twitter, instagram]
  • <>Johanna Hagströ<>m: Dream-you
  • <>Kelsey Leigh<>: Lucid
  • <>Kevin Mahadeo (Writer), <>Hailey Renee Brown<> (Artist), & <>Micah Myers (Letterer): A Life Less Super
  • <>Kielamel Sibal<>: Charm
  • <>leyen<>: radio waves
  • <>likrot<>: Space Bae: Dream Bae // [instagram, twitter, tumblr]
  • <>Madeline Dye<>: Mattress
  • <>Maeve MacLysaght<>: To catch a falling star
  • <>michi<>: poppy dreams
  • <>mh.nova<>: Wishful Thinking
  • <>Pluto Rose<>: Sleep Tight Little Lesbian
  • <>Reinelaren<>: Sowing Seeds // [instagram, twitter]
  • <>Robin Gee<>: A Long Time Growing
  • <>Savannah Garcia<>: Summer Nap
  • <>Yépi<>z: It’s only OUR love
  • <>Zimtdraws<>: Sun & Moon // [twitter]
  • We’ll be sending out a special announcement email to all participating artists. Contact us if you don’t receive it today! Thank you to everyone for all your hard work in creating these amazing stories, and a huge thank you to all our readers - your support means the world to us!

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