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    i really like your work!! 😭🤧 it is so good! i binged your comic recently on CF and i cant wait to read more, keep doing your best!! i will support you as i can!!

    thank you for your kind words, im really happy that you like my works!! 🥹💖 huffs things are a bit hectic on my end but im doing my best to keep chipping away at the comic bit by bit! ><)9

    JAJAAAAAAAN~~ here’s my full painting for the Battle Damage zine I participated in last October! ^^)9 

    I’m so extremely proud of how this came out, painting so many injuries was a ton of fun + I got to play around with lots of new techniques!! sorry to my cutie pie son for beating the snot outta ya but it was for the greater good!! (my own personal satisfaction aHAHAHA) 

    if you wanna see more of this loser brave hero you can check out my webcomic here! :9

    Dominion launches today, which means CHAPTER ONE IS NOW LIVE! In page or scroll format! SO HERE’S LINKS WHERE YOU CAN READ IT!

    WEBTOON Canvas (Scroll Format)

    Tapas (Scroll Format)

    Dillyhub (Page Format)

    GlobalComix (Page Format)

    I’m so excited to finally share my series with you all - please let me know what you think! 🥰

    A chunk of pages from the 5th chapter of Fairmeadow - If you love intense and uncomfortable character dynamics be prepared for uhhh A LOT OF THAT later on in this chapter.

    If you're new to the story, now's a great time to jump in!! Less than 200 pages in (perfectly bingable length? u decide) and lots of idiot characters I will make you love so help me god

    Fairmeadow is a post-epic fantasy webcomic inspired by radical communes and the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. Living In the shadow of a century-long war, a remote pacifist commune takes in a wounded Orcish soldier and falls into turmoil as their utopian vision is tested in the face of massive change.

    Read it here / Start from beginning

    HAPPY WEBCOMIC DAY!!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° 

    Cadere ad Astra is a fantasy romance about lost princes, damaged pirates and spicy magicians tearing their way through a brutal, magical world in a chase to the stars and beyond!! Join Prince Naledi as he learns more about himself and the world beyond his castle in the sky in his quest to return home~ 

    You can read it here or on tapas! ^^)/ 

    (Please note this comic is intended for mature readers!)


    on a serious note regarding the wga strike and (as of 1:50 AM PST 7/13) upcoming sag-aftra strike, dsa-la has a fundraiser called The Snacklist which provides snacks and water on the picket lines here in LA. right now the funds they have will not last through the end of the summer, especially given the current and upcoming heatwaves necessitating more supplies. if you have a couple of dollars to spare it's a great way to directly support the writers (and potentially the actors) during this difficult time!


    happy first sag-aftra strike in 60 years to all who celebrate.

    if you are an enjoyer of media (which i will guess based on your presence on tumblr that you are) please consider donating to the snacklist (linked above) or to any of the following mutual aid funds that directly support striking actors/writers, IATSE and teamster union members who are also out of work and by and large refusing to cross the picket lines, and nonunion PAs and assistants (like yours truly) who are directly impacted by the work stoppage. everyone in this industry works unbelievably hard to bring you the shows, movies, webseries, and variety programs that you enjoy and every worker deserves a fair contract. any support you can give is extremely meaningful.

    The Entertainment Community Fund provides emergency financial assistance to anyone in the entertainment industry who is unable to pay their immediate basic living expenses such as housing, food, bills, and healthcare.

    The Union Solidarity Coalition has been formed by members of the wga, sag, and the dga to help cover the cost of healthcare for IATSE and teamsters who will not get enough work hours to qualify for their coverage this year due to their refusal to cross a picket line.

    The Hollywood Support Staff Relief Fund (also run by the Entertainment Community Fund but separate from the above link which supports all film and tv workers) offers assistance to tv and film support staff and assistants who are not protected by a union and have been displaced from low or entry level positions.

    Drive 4 Solidarity is an IATSE organized event in August raising funds for all union and guild members. Tickets are available for those in socal but donations are being taken as well.

    Humanitas Groceries for Writers fund provides WGA members with grocery gift cards.

    Green Envelope Grocery is a grocery fund for all workers in the entertainment industry regardless of union status.

    It's my birthday, so you'll be getting an extra update this week as a treat!

    The only thing I wish for is, that you maybe check out my comic!

    My comic Heirs of the Veil revolves around a young witch, trying to resolve the mystery of her mother's disappearance in a town called Port Arbores and a pair of friends who are tragically bound to serve said town by an ancient fate.

    Their stories intertwine, as it grows clearer that all of their struggles seem to stem from a conflict, started long before they were born.

    CN for the current update: Blood, implied dismemberment

    Read the current update here!

    Read from the beginning here!

    Read on tapas here!