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2020-06-27 05:02:14

    Make Her Proud ✊🏽


    Many white lgbtq folks have spoken out about their distaste for the current riots and protests that are happening across the US right now, but still want to celebrate pride. 

    So in honor of pride month, here’s a quick history lesson. 

    This is Marsha P. Johnson, a black trans woman, and the reason we can celebrate pride today. 

    In the year 1969, the police were raiding gay bars and nightclubs and arresting people by the dozens. This had been going on for several months when one night, the police showed up at the Stonewall Club, and began their usual arrests.

     One of the cops pushed a woman against a cop car, hurting her head and causing her to cry out in pain, and that was when Marsha decided enough was enough. She grabbed her shot glass and threw it at the wall, and so began the Stonewall riots, which went on for several days. 

    Starting to sound familiar? 

    Marsha took a stand for the community and she started the long tradition that lead to the Pride we know today. So not only was pride a riot, it was started by a woman of color. So now, it’s time to pay it back. Stand up for your black and brown brothers and sisters as we fight oppression, just as we fought for you.

     Fuck Shit Up. 

    Give Them Hell. 

    Make Her Proud.