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2019-01-23 15:38:29

    No looking back this time.
    One of so many attempts. All failed.
    You got it right that day, long past
    It had to be me, not the world
    Willing to change
    I listened to so many voices
    Struggled to recognize my own
    Have been lost-
    Hoping, waiting, forgiving
    Wound after wound
    Lie after lie-
    Not any more
    I may be older
    Yet I feel beautiful and powerful inside
    I close my eyes-
    Not to look back this time.
    Step by step. Moving on.
    No more tears
    I leave them behind.
    That is the only thing you can get
    And –
    You told me once I am too dumb to learn
    So I took all jewels
    In hope you would appreciate that.
    I still love you,
    My stupid heart won’t change
    Now, farewell. — @z.maselko
    #day307 #365squares2 https://www.instagram.com/p/Bf2zBsmAnc4/