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    but it only works if 4 people are having sex lol


    how many hands you got


    two? don’t see how that’s relevant


    allow me illustrate you


    that’s still four people


    i truly can’t make this any clearer


    will smith isn’t gay. he has a wife and three beautiful, talented children


    don’t know what you’re on about. will smith and slightly wider blue will smith have been married for years. they’re a hollywood love story


    What A Great Idea!

    This billboard is made of 2,000 cheeseburgers that anyone can take for free.

    This bag of chips has two perforations so you can open it more the further down you eat.

    This pill bottle lid tells you when you last opened it.

    This is a phone charging station where you can pedal to get power.

    Trash bins in Copenhagen are angled so cyclists can toss their trash while biking.

    This dressing room has labeled hooks to help you separate your clothes.

    Choose a cup and let everyone know about your current status.

    Doghouses near a supermarket in Copenhagen.

    There’s a special place for your pet in this supermarket cart.

    A cafe in Poland provides its guests with water for their pets. 

     These bananas are sorted by how ripe they are at the moment.

    This pharmacy has a magnifying glass so people can read medicine labels more easily.

    This pizza place has a display with all their pizza sizes and how large they are compared to each other.


    Big Dave


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