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once I was so salty at someone I considered infiltrating their Eurovision party just to piss in their smoke machine

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2022-09-25 08:23:41

    This is actually something I was thinking about is that rent can not exceed 1/3 of monthly minimum wage income.

    So let's say state is on federal Minimum wage which is about 1100 a month so in that state no matter what rent on any place could not exceed 370 dollars.

    Even if minimum wage was 15 dollars (about 2400 a month) max rent could be 800

    So if landlord want more money they would have to fight bosses and state legislature to get it.

    Like average Pennsylvania rent is 1400 and in this world if landlord wanted to charge that the would have to get minimum wage raised to 26 dollars an hour.


    To bosses and landlords: