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once I was so salty at someone I considered infiltrating their Eurovision party just to piss in their smoke machine

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2020-06-14 11:53:52

    Dolly’s absolute amazingness aside… She is who she wants to be, and shows herself as she wants to. Anyone who sees her as a joke is in fact the joke themselves and I’m quite happy to laugh at them.

    The real joke is that she’s the one finding it, not the government.

    She purposely does this, y’all. I have been fascinated by her for years and she has purposely crafted this and people reacting like this is her intention. She is a master. Like, how many country artists can get away with openly being a queer ally and funding AIDS research and COVID research and all this other stuff and yet still I defy you to find a person–no matter how conservative–who will say anything worse than ‘she’s trashy’ to you–but it can’t even insult her because she says she’s trashy!! She is so good at this y’all. A master at the whole concept of reclaiming and owning one’s image. All hail Dolly.

    An American icon. A hero.