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2018-03-22 01:32:32

    something i drew for the #美少女描いてみよう tag meme on twitter!

    rough translation from left -> right:

     innocent type (hikari) > cute type (kotone) > cool (leaf) > energetic (haruka) > ambiguous (kris)

    sexy (serena) > shy/introvert (i think it refers to being shy/timid in general. but I used the rbg girl because she was unused ingame, hence the most mysterious) > silly child (mizuki) > beauty (touko) > favourite girl (??????)


    Fitspo is fake.

    You cannot attain these bodies, because even the woman in the photo couldn’t attain that body.

    Much of fitspo is manipulated in order to pull you in. You see those flat abs and you’ll buy the blogger’s diet plan. You see that round butt and you’ll spend money on that trainer’s workout regime. And because the real thing will never end up looking as good as the photoshopped pictures you see online, you’ll forever be chasing the next solution that they’re all clamoring to sell.

    Bodies should not have to be manipulated in order to have value within our culture. We shouldn’t feel the need to smooth and thin and brighten images just so that these bodies can be seen as beautiful and worthwhile. Because when we encounter so many of these edited bodies that they become the norm in our media, it becomes even harder for us to summon up appreciation and respect for the real thing. Over time, what we see in our mirror is not only worthless: it also stands no chance of ever becoming good enough. How could it?

    These edits are nothing short of ridiculous.


    false my gf looks like this