Midnight Rain

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    Just like the sun goes down at night, Just like the moon and stars come out to light up the sky, Just like every spring has gloomy days full of thunderous rain before new flowers bloom, Just like the river travels long rough miles through cities and towns just to flow into the sea for eternity, there will be a time for us – Unknown

    <>Bra<>ime Flashback

    <>♦ The Last of the Starks ♦ Original airdate: Sunday, May 5th, 2019

    Sometimes I just imagine Jaime being gravely injured during battle and falling in a long coma to wake up only after Daenerys got on the throne with Jon as his king consort. Then he goes back to King's Landing with Brienne, take back his position as Lord Commander of the King's Guard with her as his second.

    And I feel better.