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    Here’s to the best character development in Naruto. Happy Birthday Gaara


    I totally agree with this, but GOOD GOD WHY THE FUCK DID THEY MAKE HIM SUCH A NERRRRRRRD in Boruto!?!?!? Not literally of course, I mean in his character design xD


    no he is absolutely a nerd and his true nature was always a nerd he just wasn’t able to manifest it bc of his life circumstance but now he can achieve his true final nerd form



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  • Stop Apple, Samsung, and China from Exploiting Children to Mine Cobalt in Congo!
  • End Slavery in Libya!
  • PLEASE. Don’t let this flop! I KNOW you all care!


    [video ID:

    a tiktok of a black person with the user @/allqueer recording themself. in red, the words, “trigger warning: slavery and abuse,” are in front of their face before the video starts. what they say reads as so,

    “Hi, please stop scrolling if you’re tired of Africa being ignored.

    In Libya, thousands of migrants are being captured and sold into slavery for as little as $150 USD.

    In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), children are being forced to work in cobalt mines. And some are being paid as little as $1.50 USD a DAY. Some of these children have actually died, or have been horribly injured, including paralyzed. Cobalt is essential to make rechargeable lithium batteries and half of the world’s cobalt is produced in the DRC.

    In Ghana, children are being trafficked into the fishing industry at Lake Volta. Children as young as six are working seventeen-hour days, and are being abused, beaten, and starved.

    And around 1.56 million children are being forced to work on cocoa plantations in West Africa. Which produces 70% of the world’s cocoa. Most of these children are abducted from their homes and sold to traffickers and farm owners.

    Please, raise your voice on your own platform, and check out my linktree for ways you can help.”

    then the video ends.

    end ID]

    and almost forgot:

    [gif ID

    a gif of a white cat holding their paws together as if they were praying or pleading, the word “please” with extras E’s in white below the cat.

    end ID]



    Libyan Slave Trade (2020)


    Libyan people pay human traffickers for passage to Europe but end up being essentially kidnapped into modern slavery because of the massive rates of interest that the traffickers claim they owe

    Child Slavery In Lake Volta (2019)


    Documentary by CNN claimed child slavery but that is disputed by academics, saying that it isn’t as simple as ‘children forced to do unpaid labour’

    Congo Cobalt Mines (2019)


    There was a massive legal case against tech companies from buying cobalt from mines dug by hand by underage teens and children. Most cobalt comes from machine-dug mines but there are inhumane and deadly hand-dug mines that supply electric car companies.

    West Africa Cocoa Plantations 2020)

    TRUE (but complex)

    US department of Labour reported that there is a growing number of cocoa plantations using child labour because of the increased demand for cocoa (meaning that plantations are appearing in places with less strict child labour laws)


    oh, thank you for the sources!

    good night to people who write extremely rare-pair fanfiction, enthusiasts of the college au, people who hate canon with a passion, people old enough to have been squicked, gen z wattpad users, forgotten OCs from 13 years ago, the kudos button on ao3, people who write one-shots exclusively, the first kisses that happen on chapter 42 at the Earliest, enemies to friends to enemies again to lovers, and lastly… people who comment on fanfiction regardless of when it was posted


    At the annual Houston RenFest we’d always get one or two furries that walk around and every time the general reaction from the medieval roleplayers is akin to  “BEASTS? BEASTS THAT WALK LIKE MAN? FOUL!” 

    Last time I went a furry volunteered for an impromptu conversion/exorcism and a guy dressed as a monk gathered a bunch of people and using a Gatorade bottle performed an entire catholic christening while reading off the instructions on his Ipad. When the furry was fully “converted” he removed the head of his costume and everyone in the crowd pretended to freak out and say shit like “GlORY BE HE IS SAVED” “CHRIST HAS BROKEN HIS CURSE”


    That’s the best crap i’ve heard in months