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2020-07-14 20:35:02

    okay guys, there’s something we need to talk about more.. 

    netflix just released the film ‘ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga’ which is an indian movie about a girl who’s into girls and how she gets the courage to come out and face her family and be with the woman she loves. sound familiar? yeah, i know it’s the basic plot of most hollywood lgbtq movies but that’s not the point. 

    this is literally the first indian movie i’ve seen on a famous platform, accessible by anyone, that actually represents the lgbtq community in all its beauty and love and affection, rather that scorning or mocking it. 

    the movie is beautiful and the scenes and the fluff and the cute couple and the emotions just make it so worth watching, and that’s not all.

    i’m an indian bisexual teenager and i would’ve been so happy to have been exposed to a movie like this when i was younger. if i had seen this kind of portrayal in the film industry, i doubt that i would’ve been the afraid young girl i was and i would’ve had the courage to do what the main characters did and just BE MYSELF. 

    all i hope is that someone sees this movie, some little girl out there sees it and knows that she is not alone, that she is not abnormal. with a topic such as this, which has been treated as taboo for decades now in my country (still is kinda), when it is actually being represented and being represented well, i can’t help but wanna scream about it from the rooftops. 

    also just look at this adorableness:


    I need to watch this soon as I need to watch more LGBTQ movies with settings in more traditional societies / non Occidental societies because that's what I would relate more with

    If I were author of a popular book with a huge fandom, I’d make a secret AO3 account and write fanfiction for my own story. Idk why but in my opinion that’s the funniest fucking thing you can do as a well-known author.

    Imagine telling your fans you have a fanfiction account but not telling them how it’s named so they start making theories. Imagine not telling anyone and people in reviews will tell you your writing style reminds them of the original author. Or imagine being told that you write your own OCs out of character. That concept is so funny to me, I’m-

    Chaotic evil

    I miss the era when:

    -Kpop groups do parodies of kdramas🎥

    -Girl and boy groups collaborating(snsd’s and 2pm’s cabi song,beast’s and apink’s skinny baby,big bang’s and 2ne1’s lollipop) 💝

    -Idols from groups on We Got Married💑

    -Idols on Hello Baby👶

    -Fans are absolutely fine with their fav idols dating☕

    -Fans are not possessive☕

    -Fans do not cause fanwars☕

    -Fans do not bash others for their opinions☕

    And Idol Army !!!