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2021-07-03 20:30:22

    I've been playing around with these designs in my freetime since a while and now they're finally done! Essek and his mother Deirta and brother Verin, as I imagine them ✨

    That last Essek is a Post-Aeor Ex-Shadowhand version, who has learned to let loose and just enjoy life. His outfit is just a random mix of things the Mighty Nein have gifted him plus a bit remembrance from his past ❤️

    Courtesans of Essos

    It must also be said that the courtesans of Braavos are renowned throughout the world, yet are all free women, unlike the more famous beauties of the pleasure gardens of Lys or the brothels of Volantis. Their art is not only for the bedchamber; their wit and their bearing make them much sought after by the richest merchants, the boldest captains, the most distinguished visitors. Keyholders, lords, and princes seek their favors. The most famous courtesans take poetic names that add to their allure and mystery. Singers vie for their patronage, whilst the bravos with their slender swords oft duel to the death in the name of a courtesan.


    Whenever I do worldbuilding I try to keep this image in mind


    i hate this fucking site so much *clicks reblog*


    Funniest shit I’ve ever seen.


    Ah, the Mary Suez.


    hundreds of years of language evolution and innumerable events had to line up in the exact right order for that pun to make sense.