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    I love Hideo Kojima he makes multiple games where characters give long winded monologues (that he personally wrote) about how US entertainment media is designed to manufacture consent for the military, and then he’ll spend 3 days gushing about Top Gun


    Kojima is very anti war, but also he has like a little kid brain where he just loves military hardware and spies and soldiers and he especially loves big machines that go really fast and make huge kabooms, and I think it’s the tension between these two parts of him that makes his art so deliciously insane


    Oo, I get to talk about an absolute CLASSIC marine ecology story!

    This is not a story about AI being trained to pick plastic out of the ocean, but picking out something else that's harmful to the ocean: The Crown of Thorns Starfish. (Also yes, that name DOES go incredibly hard.)

    The COTS is a species of venomous starfish found on the barrier reef, and they feed on corals. They aren't invasive, but they don't have many natural predators either, so large outbreaks in their population can descercate huge portions of the reef at a time. That's where this guy comes in:

    This is Rangerbot. It's a "cots bot" equipped with trained AI to recognize inditidual COTS. It then injects the COTS with bile, which is toxic to the COTS but harmless for the environment. This was effectively used to keep the COTS population in check, so the coral of the barrier reef had time to grow.

    There's an episode of Bizarre Beasts about the COTS (hosted by Hank Green himself) which I think is pretty cool and explains the whole situation in a fun way.

    So, yeah! If an AI can be trained to recognize a species of starfish with %99 accuracy and effectively get rid of them, I think it is PERFECTLY reasonable to train AI to recognize trash in the oceans, at least in areas close to the shore, and have them clean it up.


    people on tiktok don't even KNOW the addams family .. they're not murderous evil violent hateful people they are a loving and caring and goofy family who love humanity they just happen to be goth and can't die and have a pet lion. you will never be them.


    wednesday straps her brother into an electric chair


    they’re literally just having fun and playing


    Yeah it’s a real mystery who might have dumped and set alight a bunch of documents in the dumpster behind the offices of the indicted Attorney General who was just served a subpoena by the legislature. Hope we can solve this one folks!


    Too bad they bought the kind of security cameras that only turn on when there's a fire instead of running all the time or they might have seen the person who did this