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    people like you. you have many secret admirers, trust me. people who think you’re pretty and that you have nice features. people who admire your sense of style. people who like your smile, your laugh. people who admire all your good traits. they may not say it, but they do admire you, they do see the good things about you. think about how many people you think of in this way, the strangers you see and think are good-looking, the acquaintances and friends whose personalities you admire. plenty of people feel the same about you, i promise.

    Exhibit A why parents should have as little input in their children’s education as possible


    you know what’s a trope that never gets tired is when theyre bouncing around in the plot and suddenly an important name crops up- its blorbo bleebus. and some dude is like who the hell is blorbo bleebus. and we immediately cut to our new friend blorbo bleebus pulling the most absolutely buckwild shit you’ve ever seen


    enhanced edition of this trope is when they cut to blorbo bleebus doing something entirely contradictory to how they were just introduced, like "i know a professional, someone discreet who can handle things quietly" cut to blorbo bleebus in the wildest fucking bar brawl you've ever seen, screaming their own name and stopping to down shots while still holding some dude in a headlock