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2021-01-26 12:32:11

    I actually have nightmares about the very real possibility that, due to Imperialism, the virus will stay alive in some parts of the world long enough to mutate into something that the vaccine wont work against. It really is insane how capitalism is so bad at dealing with a crisis like this. How is possible that no worldwide plan for handing out the vaccine was developed? How is it possible that a few countries were able to hoard most doses, forcing the rest of the world to wait for charity. How is it possible that the patents for these vaccines haven't been opened, so that anyone with the manufacturing capacity can make them? Factories that could be producing vaccines are lying still while the third world is left to wait, because Pfizer's profits are more important. How is this dogshit system so obviously bad at providing for people's real needs and failing at every step of the way?

    The system failed at taking adequate preparations when we knew the virus was dangerous and China had to build makeshift hospitals out of nothing within a week! Because there was no profit to be made there, and the markets calculated (wrongly) that the minor risk of a pandemic was not worth losing profits!

    The system failed at dealing with the virus when it was already here, because the capitalists wanted to have their cake and eat it too, they wanted to make the virus go away without closing the market and even temporarily upsetting that god, they did not want to help people pay their rent, they wanted people to keep working, keep generating profit! They kept going from half-measure to half-measure, torturing us, giving billions in welfare to big corporations but forcing the rest of us to keep going to work, keep getting infected and spreading the virus, all at the altar of profits!

    And now this disastrous outroll of the vaccine. Wherever the vaccine exists, the centralized organization in health care required for a proper speedy rollout has been snipped up into individual little companies, again so that capitalists can make a profit off your health!

    What a garbage fucking system holy shit.