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    not to feel positively about tumblr in 2020 but the tag function really is like. the thing they got right, huh? i love reading ppl’s little notes and organizational systems and i particularly like it when ppl speak to me directly in the tags to be like. “raquel you complete asshole i love this thing you’ve done i’m crying and i hate you.” i thrive on the quiet validation it fuels me


    Protesting is a FELONY in Tennessee now…Facism at it’s finest (x)


    I’m sorry, but people need to know this. This is LITERALLY the most blatant telltale sign of totalitarianism and this needs to be spread like wildfire. DO NOT LOOK AWAY.


    Here’s an actual link, since the one above seems to just go to Reddit:


    It’s important to point out that protesting generally hasn’t been made a felony, but rather the camping that the protestors are doing (and the legislation also includes other things to discourage protesting).

    This is still really bad though, because the right to peaceful protest is protected in the Constitution, and even if protesting isn’t outlawed outright the government is still criminalizing an act of peaceful protest just because it’s a protest.


    According to tn.gov felons in Tennessee lose their right to vote. This is called Felony Disenfranchisement

    So this means that the Tennessee government just passed legislation that would render the protestors unable to vote.

    I’m sorry lemme repeat that again

    the Tennessee government just passed legislation thar would render the protestors unable to vote


    “We can’t make this character (aro)ace. If we strip them of their sexual attraction and love interest, what else would be left that motivates them?”

    Oh geez, you are right. What other motivation could this person possibly have other than eventually getting laid.

    You fool. You absolute buffoon.

  • (in)justice
  • Revenge
  • Fear of losing loved ones
  • Family/friends
  • Thirst for knowledge/curiosity
  • Call from a higher power
  • Boredom
  • “It’s a job, I’m getting paid for it.”
  • Spite
  • Guilt
  • Duty
  • A bet
  • “Maybe I want to save the planet BECAUSE I LIVE ON IT???”
  • Simply being a decent human being
  • misunderstandings
  • Fun
  • No one else is fucking qualified to get shit done
  • Pizza
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    Why would you hide this in the tags?


    In my linguistics class we had a Chinese girl who had adopted a European name. We all didn't speak Cantonese and understood her wish to not have her name butchered all the time, except for one of us, a guy who thought he knew to differentiate between tones perfectly because he was learning Vietnamese. He saw himself as super woke and he thought it was wrong for her to adopt a European name when we should just try harder to pronounce her Chinese name (which honestly is just really difficult if you don't speak the language at all, even for linguists). So he would constantly call her by her Chinese name which she initially didn't even want to share, but he kept asking her for it, and from the look on her face I could tell that he did not get it right, and that she didn't like it at all. The first time he did it she even told him it wasn't correct, but he kept going, so sure he knew how to pronounce it. So like I 100% agree that we should put in effort to pronounce names from foreign languages and not give up on the first try if we get it wrong, but we should also respect people's wishes when they know we can't do it/they know it takes too much effort for them to teach us how to pronounce it. In that case, we should just use the name we're being told to use. It's that simple.


    Fellow linguists, don't be that guy


    I am turning 24 soon and I can't help but freak out. I know what I am about to say next is going to sound very trivial compared to what is happening around the world now but I can't stop thinking that there will come a time when I would be considered too old to be in a fandom. Like what would happen when I turn 35/45/55?? Won't it be awkward? Would it be creepy if I still read ao3 fics in my 60s? I don't want to go away from the fandom space. It helps me so much to cope in this world.

    my advice is to block and mute anyone who makes you feel that way and enjoy posting about batman with the other well-adjusted adults who like to enjoy things on the internet


    most of the best fanfic is produced by women who are over thirty. older women aren’t just ‘still’ on AO3, they’re producing the highest-rated content. older women are the backbone of fandom and always have been: they are archivists, skilled costumers and writers, professional artists and editors and videographers and organizers. they run the fests, they code the archive itself, they volunteer, they watch out for people. they invented zines and webrings and conventions and cosplay and so many things kids just take for granted as natural parts of fandom.

    mature, experienced women are hands down the most valuable resource any sphere of human activity can accrue. becoming one of them isn’t a tragedy, it’s an honor. 


    Every so often I post a fic and someone will comment on it asking, basically, “how do you do that?”

    And the answer is, from the bottom of my heart: I’ve been practicing for longer than some of you have been alive. I posted my first fic online in October of 2002, when I was just about to turn 21, and I have continued writing and posting fic for going on eighteen years now, which means I am not far off from turning forty. I hope to keep it up for eighteen (and thirty-six, and fifty-four) more—and I’m guessing plenty of my readers hope the same.

    If you want really good content for your fandom, you cannot chase away or shame the people who stick around long enough to get really good at producing it.


    Anna Karenina & Alexei Vronsky in Anna Karenina. Vronsky story (tv mini-series, Russia, 2017)


    On of the things that I learned in high school, which was just one of those facts that was just kind of like, “Yeah?” but is also one of those facts that you rarely see represented, that it does sort of startle into this idea of “wait, is that right.” Men absolutely helped their wives and lovers dress, especially in times when dress had become complicated enough that women could not get dressed alone (ties and buttons that had to fasten in the back for one reason or another, for example). If a woman didn’t have a servant to help her dress, and most women did not, it was the job of her husband once she was married.


    This leads to the interesting trope of a husband discovering his wife’s lover’s handiwork, for example in this 1840 illustration from Paris le Soir. The caption reads: “That’s funny! This morning I made a knot in this lace, and tonight there’s a bow!“