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    “im getting old” starter pack

  • “this is way too sweet”
  • “they’re remaking that movie already????”
  • “my back hurts”
  • “wait, people get mad about that now?”
  • “I can’t eat that, its gone fuck my stomach up”
  • “hold on let me check my calendar first”
  • **turns on the radio** [groans]
  • thuggums

    How dare you EXPOSE me at 5:18 am on this good Monday


    The accuracy of this post tho.


    cheat code


    This will work, I used to be a recruiter. Recruiters don’t got time to read every single resume they see, they look for keywords, find what they want, Call and do a preliminary interview. That’s it lol


    This is amazing



    I will remember this tip!


    I have no idea if this works at all, but I don’t see how it could hurt. I’m all about resume cheat codes. Here’s some more advice:

    How to Write a Resume so You Actually Have a Prayer of Getting Hired

    How to Write a Cover Letter like You Actually Want the Job 


    This hack actually can hurt when it backfires.Recruiters and hiring companies are on to it. Many application systems convert resumes to plaintext and they are almost guaranteed to throw your application out when they see the whole description pasted in there. Converting to PDF won’t necessarily stop this, and submitting a PDF to an application system is a good way for the format to come out looking ugly and confusing, which will be perceived as unprofessional.

    It’s a risk you could choose to take, but keep in mind it’s not really the foolproof method described here and can backfire badly.

    Lower-risk (though it takes more work until you’ve got some tweakable templates ready) is reading the job description closely and using key words in your cover letter. Ideally you’d then explain how your skills fit those specific asks.

    Those links are good, though! I also love Ask A Managers resume guides.



    Hey, are you an artist or writer with WIPs?

    Come here... I got a secret for you pssst come ‘ere


    waiting in deep suspense


    Psst you ready here comes the secret

    Here it comes


    I am also very curious about this secret


    Your time spent enjoying the creative process is infinitely more valuable that any final project you create. So stop putting yourself down for never finishing or posting those WIPs because every moment you spent creating something you loved is a moment not wasted. Your progress and talent is measured by your passion not your number of posts.


    This post went from 3k to 7k overnight and that just goes to show how many of you need to hear this so make sure you don’t ever forget it


    Fun fact about me

    I had HORRIBLE handwriting my entire childhood. Consistently got failing grades on homework and tests because no one could read my writing.

    And then I hit middle school. I saw the "popular girls" getting praised for their stupid cutesy heart over the I writing. I saw people I could run mental circles around without breaking a sweat getting good grades, because the teacher could read their writing easier.

    So I started copying it.

    And wouldn't you know, my grades improved!

    But of course, if you know me, you already know....there's no WAY I was gonna stop there. Oh no.

    As a ADHD/Autistic, I did what any self respecting nerd introvert would do- I hit the library. And I researched. The evolution of the written language, the evolution of alphabets and writing styles from Ancient Greece all the way through the Spencerian movement.

    And I fell into calligraphy. I hyperfocused.

    And over the course of a year, developed my own cursive hand (going from never writing in cursive) that was a loose blend of Palmer, Spencerian, Chaucurian and 16th century Italian italics, with a lot of acender and defender flourishes.

    I handed in homework in 15th century German High Gothic blackletter.

    I did reports in 17th century italics.

    And my teachers went from hating me for my horrible, illegible handwriting, to loving the sudden shift to legible bubble letters, to hating me again because they couldn't read my writing again, but for a different reason.

    Only now, they didn't really have a good reason to be mad, because if they admitted to not being able to read Chaucerian font, they'd be admitting that they couldn't comprehend someone performing at a level of education and familiarity with the written language far above their own skill set (yes I had one teacher actually admit that to me in 8th grade. I genuinely respected her for it and picked a font that was easier to read than blackletter for her class).

    And so began my descent into the rabbit hole of medieval illumination and calligraphy.

    And so now, 25 years later, I do stuff like this:

    (The bottom image has my celtic art business logo for Art of the Ancients; im on Instagram, but haven't updated in a long while because I've been busy with other projects and there wasn't a heck of a lot of interest. I still do commissions though)

    Bob Ross once said, "A talent is just a skill you're willing to practice." I heard that, ran with it, and never looked back.


    That’s so fucking dope


    Job posts be like, we’re looking for someone to manage our social media, do web development, design marketing material, do copywriting, tutor the CEO’s daughter in math, and train the office dog for the circus.


    Master’s degree preferred. Five years experience in a program that only existed for three years. Should be fluent in three different languages.


    Look, I know facile trope inversion is for weenies, but I still really want to see a JRPG-style game where the shouty teenage boy who gives long speeches about the power of friendship is the fragile healer and the girl with the gentle piano-and-strings theme song and self-sacrificing “must save everyone” attitude is the melee tank. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable here.


    I’m not even being ironic – I honestly think it would work better that way. Like, let’s put power-of-friendship boy in a position where he actually needs to rely on his friends to get anything done, rather than just talking about how they’ve inspired him while he solos the final boss. And as for Little Miss Messiah Complex, well, tell me you can’t perfectly picture how the standard tank protagonist move where you intercept a blow meant for a critically wounded party member, facetank a fucktillion points of damage, then get back up again with one hit point and a voice quip about how the baddies will have to do better than that would play out under her idiom. You can see it, right?


    People in the notes are looking at the second one saying “that’s just She-Ra, that’s just–” no, it isn’t. Gentle piano-and-strings theme song, remember? It’s essential that each archetype’s stock personality remain intact, and only the role changes.

    She’s sweet. She’s humble. She wears homespun dresses and grows pretty flowers in her free time. She has that vibe that says “I’m going to die halfway through the game to make my boyfriend sad”, except that doesn’t happen, because the baddies don’t have a big enough gun.

    I want to see the obligatory scene where the bad guy’s army is burning down her Beloved Peasant Village™, and she’s standing between the evil commander and a group of soulful orphans, begging with tears in her eyes for him to see that there’s already been enough death – except when he callously rejects her entreaties and moves to backhand her out of the way, she catches his armoured fist mid-swing, without even the faintest tremor of effort, and in a tone of infinite patience informs him: “You misunderstand, sir: it’s not our lives I’m pleading for.”

    And then she punches people until all the soldiers run away and feels conflicted about it afterwards.

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