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    Dec. 13, 2020

    Racial terrorists known as “Proud Boys” steal BLM banners from D.C churches and burn the banners. Police presence amounted to protecting the terrorists, facing counter-protestors instead. Police allegedly blamed BLM for the domestic terror and assaults carried out by Trump’s base.

    Michigan’s legislature’s office buildings will be closed on Monday because of “credible threats of violence” but details of the threats were not released. Michigan’s capital was stormed earlier this year by armed white nationalists, who also threatened to kidnap the state’s governor.


    things i am learning now that i’m finally actually watching avatar the last air bender part one:

    1) not everyone is a bender
    2) it does appear to be inherent to some extent, because katara seems to be partially self-taught
    3) however, there is a learning element, because you can improve on your skills and the avatar has to learn how to master all four elements where i thought aang just had inherent skill
    4) the element of the bender seems to always match the element of the tribe they’re in, which makes sense if they are taught by their tribe but raises some questions if it’s inherent. is bending ability passed genetically? what happens if two benders of different elements have a kid? i can’t google this because i don’t want anymore spoilers than i already have
    5) uncle iroh is prince zuko’s uncle?????????? i thought he was like an earth bender who owned a tea shop this entire fucking time how did i go into this series knowing almost everythin
    g but THAT


    i honestly thought it was an honorary title like he’s a nice old man who helps out all the kids so he just has them call him uncle


    OP is a citizen of Ba Sing Se


    obsessed with the idea that like a third of dean and cas’s profound bond is just dean Thinking Really Hard about cas at all times with such intensity and yearning that it turns into a half-prayer, which cas isn’t even consciously aware of but picks up on like a subliminal message without realizing it. cas’s lack of awareness about personal space as a manifestation of dean just wanting him that close but not knowing why. cas only comes when dean calls because he’s already so tuned into dean like a hypersensitive nerve firing. always always always 


    i was kindly reminded that this is actually literally canon so


    i can’t believe that we could have had Dean confess to Cas first, all heartfelt, saying “I love you Cas” and Castiel fucking Han Solo-ing it and going “I know” and immediately getting sucked up by the black death because his true moment of happiness was not only being gay, but beating Dean at a pop culture reference for once in his fucking life

    we may not have been able to save brandon. but the fight is far from over.

    this is dustin john higgs.

    in 1996, he was convicted of kidnapping and murdering three women and was sentenced to death.

    this conviction is entirely false. he didn’t murder anybody.

    he has been found not guilty of the crime. at this point, the only reason he remains in jail is because he was at the scene of the crime. the court also claims that he bullied willis hayes, the man who actually did murder the three women, into killing them. however, willis hayes has come forward and has admitted that dustin DID NOT commit the crime, and he’s also even confessed that dustin never bullied him into murdering the trio of women. but the court won’t accept it.


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    call me ignorant but i genuinely don’t understand why sports have to be split up by gender.


    @ everyone in the notes talking about physical performance: if that were the case, then sports would be divided by physical performance. that’s a thing you can measure. that’s a thing that varies by individual. a weak man and a strong man would be an unfair fight in boxing/wrestling/MMA, which is why they divide those sports up into weight groups based on physical performance. but they also further segregate them based on gender. chess is segregated by gender for no reason but sexism. if it’s actually about skill and physical ability, then measure those and separate people by those metrics. don’t do some bullshit gender segregation and pretend like men and women are inherently on different levels no matter their individual abilities.


    Remember that time a teenage girl struck out Babe Ruth? That’s fucking why. Men are afraid of being beaten by women.


    Remember that time male swimmers were pulled out of training because Kate Ledecky was leaving them ‘broken’ by swimming better than them? Remember how she didn’t even notice, because she was busy actually training?


    Shooting is a sport that has no reliance on strength and so any allowance for gender variation is irrelevant. The last time there was a mixed competition (1992) a chinese woman named Zhang Shan won it.


    It’s often presented as for the benefit of women. After all, they’ll be heartbroken when they‘re hurt or bested by men.

    Projection is a hell of a drug. 


    this is why they drug test Serena like crazy. the believe no woman should be that good. let alone a black woman. and black women have always been considered “manly” and less feminine.


    also can we talk about how surfing is segregated as well? like how the dude who won this years international surfing cup or whatever was given $30,000 worth of prize money, while the woman who won the women’s comp was only awarded like $16,000 of prize money???? or whatever it was. but I know it was either half or less than half of what the man won. like why can’t they get the same prize money and when they’re competing internationally in the same competition? they surely have the same level of skill and talent.


    the pay gap in sports between men and women is fucking insane.


    The pay gaps, not to mention lack of sponsorships for women athletes who don’t look like models is insane. If you weigh over 250 pounds, no one will sponsor you. It’s why most female Olympic-class weightlifters live in poverty/out of their cars.


    Reminder that in international (and usually national too) womens athletics anybody with 5m/mol of natural testosterone or higher is disqualified. (See legal case of Dutee Chand vs IAAF.)

    Do you or somebody you know have PCOS? You are banned from international womens athletics because you are supposedly in posession of an unreasonable advantage in sports.

    Folks disqualified for hyper-androgenism in womens athletics.

    Francine Niyonsaba

    Caster Semenya

    Dutee Chand

    Margaret Wambui

    And more


    Why are those disqualified overwhelmingly black and brown? Because testing is case by case when an athletes performance “raises suspicions”. They overwhelmingly test athletes of colour, for being too fast and not meeting white expectations of femininity.

    Racism and intersexism(discrimination against intersex people) in sports is abject evil. Desegregate sports.


    the opening scene to the spn movie/miniseries WILL be dean and cas sharing a cold one in HeavenHarvelle’s and then the door opens and all of a sudden cas is like. sitting up straight and debby ryan tucking his hair behind his ear and dean’s like ? babe? and cas is on his feet like “j-jesus? very nice to see you again and i must say you’re looking quite well :)” and camera pans over to dean suddenly realizing that he was NOT the first person that cas raised from perdition and fell in love with and that cas’s ex is THEEEEE biblical jesus. anyway dean and judas both get so jealous they end up fucking. jackles wins an oscar for best director


    This is more of my artistic interpretation of your work but


    Hello, Emily. This is Adam Driver. I came across your blog in my free time today and it pained me greatly to find a post you made recently calling me ugly and, I quote, “garbage”. I began to cry, because I have anxiety about my appearance. You have truly hurt an innocent 30 or 40 year old man who wants nothing more than to act and be happy. I hope you consider your actions in the future, as I am still crying because of you. Thank you, and goodbye.



    dude so distraught he forgot his age