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    PSA: Corrupted Save Data & ACNH

    500+ hours. 2 islands gone. No explanation.

    The first time it happened, my husband and I tried literally everything. We called Nintendo three times. Reset the Nintendo Switch and initialized it. We even bought a digital copy in the hopes that there was just something wrong with the game card. After days of turmoil, and coming to terms that I lost 320+ hours of my life, I decided to start over and begin anew.

    Maybe it’s because I time travel, I thought. Maybe I didn’t close out the game completely before I turned the day over.

    I restarted. Built up a town I felt proud of, time traveling one day at a time until I reached the real date. This game has been my solace during this quarantine, pouring all of my heart into a franchise I cherish.

    And then, lo and behold, it did happen. It happened AGAIN. I opened the game, just as normal. I didn’t time travel or anything, and I received that ridiculous error message that gives you no choice but to start over. I’ve seen some say this error screen isn’t real, so I’ve attached proof. Yes, it is indeed, real.

    I do not hack or mod. Save for time traveling, (which plenty of other people do) I play completely vanilla. Nobody has any answers and I’m not the only person this happened to. I’m writing this to spread the message that Animal Crossing: New Horizons is broken, and I refuse to play a broken game until they either fix it or add cloud saving, which should have been included from the beginning. I would hate to see this happen to even more people. I want people to understand that every time you open this game you have a chance of losing your entire island, neighbors, designs, and so much more.

    Sure, some people can say I’m being dramatic. It’s just a video game. But I’m sure I’m not the only one who sees this game as an escape. Going to other people’s islands has done wonders for my loneliness, and building Lilac Bay up from the ground up has given me a reason to look forward.

    Thanks for reading this.

    - Wanda of Lilac Bay

    Not sure if you’ve tried this but some people have said this works. It works for some, and not others. I heard it happens mostly when you get a villagers in boxes from a friend, whether you cheat it in or not. I haven’t had to do this, so I can’t say if it truly does or not work.

    I’m sorry this happened TWO times to you. If it happened to me and I couldn’t get it back, I would probably quit for a while and go back to New Leaf for a bit. I hope if you’re playing again and rebuilding it never happens again. If you need any help starting again, definitely join some FB groups! The major one I’m apart of is called Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Everyone is extremely nice and willing to always help!

    Good luck honey! Wish you the absolute best !

    (I also blocked out the name and my friends faces for privacy reasons!)

    All k9 dogs are abused hands down if you post any pro k9 stuff on my dash you’re unfollowed I don’t care if we’ve been mutuals for years, you can claim to be anti-cop or a leftist or whatever but if you post k9 dogs with like “a good doggo! A good boy!” fuck off, if I lose followers over this then good riddance

    It’s ALSO worth saying that police dogs serve a significant role in worsening police brutality. A dog trained to attack a human will maim them. A cop looses a police dog on someone, and that person is expected to peacefully cooperate while a dog is trying to tear their limbs off. It is very easy for those massive wounds to get infected. It is an absurd amount of violence. And beyond the initial attack, the fact that a “poor sweet innocent doggo” did this is used to excuse that brutality in court. Especially if the victim, panicking in the moment, lashed out at the dog. As this website has demonstrated many times, majority-white juries have more sympathies for injured dogs than the people of color who are most often victims of police brutality. So they’re not just systemic animal abuse, they’re also a tool for increased police brutality and to excuse

    This blogs stands the fuck against k9 enslavement

    Defund the police:

    Call for action/defunding scripts, which include contact lists (boosting from IG):

    <>Vancouver:2020 Vancouver Police Department Budget - Call for Action - DEFUND NOW

  • The original script - adapt it to your city! 
  • <>Toronto:2020 Toronto Police Budget - Call For Action - DEFUND NOW

    <>Montreal:2020 SPVM Budget - Call For Action - DEFUND NOW 

  • Bilingual - send both. 
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    a black woman named zoe amira posted a video on youtube. this video is an hour long and filled with art and music from black creators. it has a ton of ads, and in result will rack up a ton of revenue. 100% of the ad revenue from the video will be dispersed between various blm organizations, including bail-out funds for protesters. it will be split between the following, dependent on necessity

    • brooklyn bail fund
    • minnesota freedom fund
    • atlanta action network
    • columbus freedom fund
    • louisville community bail fund
    • chicago bond
    • black visions collective
    • richmond community bail fund
    • the bail project inc
    • nw com bail fund
    • philadelphia bail fund
    • the korchhinski-parquet family gofundme
    • george floyd’s family gofundme
    • blacklivesmatter.com
    • reclaim the block
    • aclu

    turn off your adblocker and put the video on repeat. do not skip ads. let it play on loop whether you’re listening or not. mute the tab if you need to focus elsewhere. but let. it. play.

    <>youtube will donate to blm for you.

    please, please reblog. for people who don’t have money to spare, this is incredibly important information to have.

    @poguesgold Thank you for bringing attention to this. I checked the comments there and some Kpop fans who have experience with this say to not watch on repeat, and keep the volume at least 50% (but you can still mute the tab or plug headphones in)

    I have no experience with this strategy, but as I’ve seen more than one comment there with the same advice I’d assume this is true about YouTube’s algorithm