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    Honestly, in my work as a therapist, I’m seeing this A Lot, and tbh I still don’t have a satisfactory approach to it. A heavy dose of Existentialist “create your own Purpose” tempered with “when the plane’s going down, put your own oxygen mask on first”, but… yeah, there is no ethical way to work on individual emotional distress without acknowledging the systemic socioeconomic, geopolitical fuckery going on at the moment, and the sheer grief that comes with it.


    I’m a guidance counselor/psychologist for teenagers and it’s getting really hard to motivate young people to work for a future they don’t believe in. 

     They look at ther future and see global warming, wwIII, unemployement, political unstability, poison in everything  they eat, the earth and animals dying all around them. 

    I saw this video where someone was asking french teens in the 50s how they imagine the future would be. The war hadn’t been over for long and yet it was all positive with like peace and flying cars and such. Then they went and ask the same questions to nowadays teens and hell that was depressing. Some still had hope, but it was just that “well I hope I’ll have a nice house and maybe some kid” but there was such a hesitancy to it, like they didn’t dare to hope too much. 

    People mock Greta Thunberg but what they don’t get is that when she said “you stole my dreams”, it was the truth. 

    Young people don’t get to dream like they used to. They don’t dream anymore, they grief all that won’t be anymore and that’s just so fucking sad. 


    Oo! I’ve found an approach for this that often works!!! I’ve talked about it here before, but it’s been a minute, so here y'all go! I use it for clients as a mental health counselor, but you can also just use it on yourself!

    1. Validate. Right now, you’re feeling like your life is pointless because there’s so much that’s out of your control and that includes stuff that’ll determine the background of your life and the opportunities you’ll have and whether you even have the possibility of being alive. Your feelings are real and they have value and you are allowed to have any and all feelings that you’re having. ALWAYS start by validating. That doesn’t mean agreeing or approving. Validating is saying that you’ve received the other person’s message and that you’ve found something of value in it. Find what’s true. There’s always something true. You can validate “Satan has put maggots in my bloodstream and they’re eating me alive and I can’t stop them” with “you’re terrified and you feel like you don’t have control over your body” and thus you’re telling the person that you see and hear them and what they’re telling you has value, while neither strengthening a delusion nor telling someone that you reject their reality.

    2. Fact check. “With the pandemic I can’t see my friends and haven’t seen them in months and there’s no end in sight” Is it a fact that there is currently a pandemic and if you live in the US you’re likely being told to not spend time with others in person unless it’s necessary? Yes. Is it a fact that you haven’t spent time in person with your friends in months? Probably, although take a minute to be certain. Is it a fact that you can’t see your friends? Well, do you have access to Zoom or Skype or Facebook video chat? If you do, then change it to “with the pandemic I can’t see my friends in person. With technology, I can interact with my friends in a way that is different.” if you hate videochat, you can put that in there too! Just make sure you’re saying “I hate using videochat” not “videochat is bad.” It is a fact that you hate videochat. It is an opinion that videochat is bad. Keep it to the facts. You can work with facts.

    3. Consider: if you had the choice, would you prefer to continue feeling the way you’re currently feeling, or would you prefer to feel happier, more in control, less hopeless? Note that I’m not saying happy, in control, and hopeful. Just more happy, more in control, less hopeless. Don’t consider logistics right now, just your preference for how you’d like to feel. Don’t confuse comfort or ease with preference. Sometimes when you’re sad, you feel like it’s more comfortable and easier to be sad than to be happy. That’s different from preferring to be sad. Keep asking yourself about preference, validating and setting aside ease and comfort for the moment. If you’re at a point where you’d prefer to be sad or angry, that’s a different post entirely, but know that those feelings have value too and can tell you things about what you need. There are no bad feelings or good feelings. Feelings do not have badness or goodness.

    4. Given the facts, and given a preference of feeling happier, more in control, and less hopeless–what can you do to get there? Unless you’re a world leader, you probably can’t stop climate change or fascism. What can you do to feel less hopeless and more in control? You could protest, although for some people that increases hopelessness. Try it and find out! If you’re part of a marginalized group, it’s likely that fascists want you to feel sad and hopeless and frankly, want you dead. Fuck them! If fascists want you to starve and you have food, eat regular meals! Fuck fascists! If they want you isolated and you have friends, call them! Fuck fascists! If they want to take away your health care and you currently have health care, use it! Fuck them! Take care of your body! Take your meds! Fuck them! Do things that make you happy. Spend time with your pets. Read a book. Watch a happy movie.

    You probably don’t have control over fascism, climate change, the pandemic, etc. You probably do have control over your daily routine, your activities, and the way you take care of yourself. Not complete control, but some control. Hell, even putting on your favorite shirt can help you feel a little better. Wouldn’t you rather feel a little better than not better at all? It may not affect the world at large, but it’ll affect you, and THAT’S where your control is.

    this pandemic will end and you’ll claim the window seat in your favorite cafe, stand in a crowd at a concert, visit a museum and make crappy art in the park. sometimes things feel like they’ll go on forever, sometimes bad things feel heavier than good things, sometimes life feels like it’s slowing down and all you’re doing is waiting for the full stop— but just because this hopelessness is all that you’re feeling right now, doesn’t mean that it’s all there is. there’s always more and you will experience that, and you will feel alive again.

    never underestimate the power of:

    • eating fruits and veggies

    • going outside

    • opening your windows and letting the fresh air in

    • cuddling with your pet

    • catching up with your sibling or parent

    • complimenting someone you don’t know

    • exercising

    • journaling

    • cleaning out your fridge and cabinets

    • listening to happy music

    • putting yourself first

    • making and eating a home cooked meal

    • washing the dishes/putting the dishes away

    • washing/brushing your hair

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