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    That last post got me thinking about animal agricultural propaganda and brainwashing

    Because, as someone who did animal husbrandry as a college degree for several years I can say with certainty that you are repeadedly taught to stop viewing animals as living beings

    Much of the lanauge you are taught to use and how you should view animals is drilled into you.

    I did animal husbrandry because i wanted to care for animals but as part of the course we were required to learn different ways of addressing, interacting with and handling animals used by humans which also included farm animals and lab animals

    I may write something about this because it was almost startling the way lanauge would change based on weather we were talking about pet animals or lab/farm animals


    Wait, there’s physical copies of Fallout Equestria? That’d have to be massive.

    The first run was five hardbacks of progressively increasing girth. The stack is hefty, but the books are comfortable. Each chapter has chapter art too, which I consider a plus in all fantasy books.

    Later runs were single-book softcover monstrosities. I think I saw another five-volume hardback run recently, but I’m not deeply involved in the fandom anymore.

    The second print run was two volumes, hardback, with jackets.  Dunno about any subsequent runs.

    I still think the 5-volume split was the best option.  It’s a big damn story.

    (For anyone who hasn’t read it: yes, that’s a functional replica of the main character’s go-to weapon.  No, I didn’t customize it like that; I bought it from the person who did.)

    anon PLEASE tell me your teacher is the author of this

    Ok, I Kind of hate that I know this, but I’m pretty sure that anon’s teacher did NOT write the books the others are showing off. He wrote the darker, edgier and somehow even longer fanfic OF that fanfic called Project Horizons.

    Original Fallout Equestria was written by someone known as Kkat who I’m 90% sure is a woman and the story only has some PG-13ish scenes at worst (you know, aside from the violence and gore that comes with a Fallout setting.) Project Horizons was written by a guy known as Somber, who I remember him mentioning in the post-chapter notes that he got fired for failing the wrong student once and the fic itself includes multiple explicit sex scenes.

    it’s important to me u know what the 3rd printing looks like<>. please note the gilded pages

    one of tumblr’s secret trump cards is its ability to deliver absolutely OBLITERATING gut punches like this post without any context or warning whatsoever