with love; sarah
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2022-11-09 20:19:46

    If I’m passionate about any interests, I always dive deeply into them. I’ve never been much of a dreamer nor would I say I’m particular ambitious but I really do hope that I can pursue my dream of going back to esthetician school and doing that as a professional career in the future. I know I’ll do well in any career I choose to pursue but that’s probably the only career I think I could do passionately.

    Not that I have an issue working as a manager or leader at any capacity or in any industry. I do love these types of roles because they allow me to make decisions aligned with what [I think] is fair or right for the best interest of my colleagues. It’s not what I’m most interested in but I’m sure most people feel somewhat fulfilled if they’re able to personally and professionally develop others.

    But imagine me managing a self-owned esthetics business with my own integrity in all business practices. That sounds so much better since I have held so much interest in the skincare and beauty industry since I was in high school.

    I don’t think I’m too old to pursue this even if I have to do the transition in my 30′s.