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    So I went on my business trip and thought "I'll just eat whatever I want. I mean, how much weight can a person really gain in a week?" Apparently the answer is "a lot." And I should have remembered that quote from Jurassic Park " Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should."

    January 15, 2017: Down 21 lbs since January 1, 2017. It's pretty good progress for 2 weeks of no fast food and tracking calories! I've gone from the 380's to the 350's. I'd love to be in the 340's or even 330's by the end of the month! But I'm also trying to keep a realistic perspective. I know my weight loss is going to slow down and become more typical (1-2 lbs a week) because I'm still eating 2000 calories a day. This isn't about starving myself for Biggest Loser-esque results. It's about eating real food and giving my body the fuel it needs while cutting out the fast food and junk that was slowly killing me. I've posted Jan 1 (pink top) vs Jan 8 (grey top) vs today (blue top). It's 21 lbs and I still don't see or feel a difference. But I know that will come.

    I've made it one full week without fast food or restaurant food! That is HUGE for me. In the past decade, I don't think I've made it longer than 2 days. I always broke by day 3. I've been exhausted because of this sinus infection. So I haven't been able to work out. But just eating real food and tracking my calories via Myfitnesspal has been successful. I've lost 16.2lbs since last week!!!! Woot! I've included last week's and this week's shots of my scale and last week's pictures (pink top) vs this week's pictures (grey top). I don't see any difference yet. But that will come in time.

    I stole an apple some time after I was born. Do you think of me when you eat crumble? I think God probably does. It’s quite funny, really. He had the perfect world and he let me and a snake and an apple uproot it in a single day.

    I opened a box they’d told me not to. To be fair to myself, they gave me to a man I’d never met. I’d never really met myself. (My lungs and blood and hair were clay, once.) That box was the only sort of history I had. Wouldn’t you want to know your own story?

    I abandoned a daughter and a kingdom and ran away with a Trojan man.  It has been decided that I wanted to go. Even I’m not sure if I did anymore. They sent a thousand ships and said they were for me. (Secret: Troy was the only woman they wanted.)

    The moral they intend us to take away is that women are responsible for all the evils in the world. I’d suggest you make your own moral instead.

    Mine is that a single woman can uproot an entire world of men with the simple act of eating an apple, opening a box, loving a prince. 

    No wonder they use everything they’ve got to keep us soft and pliant. 

    elisabeth hewer


    Best part of Agent Carter

    Realizing this guy


    is going to help raise this guy


    Alright, assholes.

    I don’t usually defend Tony Stark. But this “Something went wrong” bullshit really rubbed me the wrong way. Wanna know why? Because the “Something that went wrong” was Howard Stark. The man that Tony idolised, and the man that abused him. And don’t give me that crap that in the MCU universe, Howard didn’t neglect or hurt Tony — he did. It’s very evident in the tie-in MCU comics.

    But in both universes, Tony was raised by Edwin Jarvis. In 616, he has a father — Howard — who is constantly aggravated with his son, both as a result of his own drinking and because of what he feels Tony should be.

    While Jarvis might be sensitive, thoughtful, intelligent and occupy roles that aren’t traditionally occupied considered “masculine” (which is bullshit in itself) if Tony ever displays anything remotely indicative of  a “softer side” he is ridiculed, called a sissy, told that Stark men are “made of Iron” and abused by his father: 


    In the MCU, things aren’t depicted of being much better: 


    And in the MCU Jarvis, often, tried to soften the blow of Howard’s words an actions. But don’t think for a second that Tony didn’t internalise all of that. That he didn’t think that Howard Stark was the man he was supposed to be, and the man he wanted to be most like. 

    Of course, generally speaking — when Tony is the most like Howard — like at the Stark Expo, or during the senate hearings — it’s almost 100% preformative. That’s not who he is, or who he ever was, it’s who he thinks people want him to be, because it’s who his father wanted him to be.


    I would go so far as to say that a lot of Tony’s womanizing ways, his alcoholism, his struggles with self-identity and importance all stem from the fact that he is often torn between being the man that he assumed his father wanted to be, and who he actually is.  

    If you look at Tony when he’s alone, or when he’s with the people he cares about the most, what you see is the caring, compassionate person who Jarvis raised, and that he is a lot more capable and a lot more loving than his father ever was. And it took him a long time to be okay with that, and with showing other people that that was who he really was

    So yes… Just a reminder, Jarvis helped raised this man:


      Don’t confuse the armour….


    with the man who wears it.




    always reblog the best takedown ever.


    It’s back!


    everyone thinks latin is a hard language to learn because it’s dead or because the grammar’s difficult or something like that but latin is actually hard because you keep accidentally summoning demons while you study and it can get kind of hard to do your homework when they’re all fighting over the soul you apparently just sold to five of them by mistake


    #the paperwork to get your soul back is a bitch #satan doesnt take too kindly to having to deal with the desk work either


    I thought that was going to go one way but it went another and I like this way a lot better.


    I’m usually pretty particular about the sorts of traits that get assigned as humanity’s “special thing” in sci-fi settings, but I have to admit that I have a weakness for settings where the thing humanity is known for is something tiny and seemingly inconsequential that it wouldn’t normally occur to you to think of as a distinctive trait.

    Like, maybe we have a reputation as a bunch of freaky nihilists because we’re the only species that naturally has the capacity to be amused by our own misfortune.

    Alien: Why are you happy? You’ve been seriously injured!

    Human: *struggling to control laughter* Yeah, but I can imagine what that must have looked like from the outside, and it’s pretty hilarious.



    Captain XXlr’y: First Officer Jane The Human, your olifactory protuberance is severely damaged! Why is this a matter for mirthful celebration???


    Captain XXlr’y: Yes I just observed this sequence of events! It was terrible!

     First Officer Jane The Human: OKAY WHO GOT THAT ON CAMERA, I WANNA SEE. 

    Captain XXlr’y: So you more fully understand that this is a situation you should never get into again?

    First Officer Jane The Human: SO I CAN SEND THE VIDEO TO MY MOM!

    Captain XXlr’y: For… for the solicitation of maternal concern…?

    First Officer Jane The Human: NO, BECAUSE SHE’LL THINK IT’S HILARIOUS TOO. 


    my favourite thing is probably the scientific name of the Grizzly bear. 

    It’s Ursus arctos horribilis. “ursus” meaning bear in Latin and “arctos”, bear in Greek.

    so essentially a grizzly is a “horrible bear bear.” 


    Also! The Arctic Circle is named for the bears, not the other way ‘round. It’s the Circle With Bears In, and the Antarctic is the Circle (and continent) Away From Bears.


    Are you telling us that the poles of our world are Bear Continent and Anti-Bear Continent




    i had no idea our world was defined by a bear binary


    there is no gender there is no nation there is no war

    there is only bear


    I am absolutely going to use this to finally be able to remember where the penguins are. Because they aren’t where the bears are. Ergo, Antartica.

    It is so hot! It feels like walking in a sauna! My friend met me at the park to walk with me. She caught and hatched pokemon while I huffed and puffed and failed to keep up my end of the conversation. She's awesome! She didn't even mock me when I abandoned her for my car and its wonderful a/c. Still finished the 1.1 miles in under 25 minutes! Which I'm proud of in this heat.


    Why am I getting followed by like 6 porn blogs a day? Even when I don't post anything my updates are filled with porn blogs following me. Is there an "I don't want to see 12 upclose vagina picture icons everytime I log in! Stop following me!" option somewhere?