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    Appendix Songs — Group presentation curated by Tom K Kemp at PuntWG, Amsterdam

    w/ #MónicaMays #TomKKemp #JeanFrancoisPeschot #SusanPloetz and text by #RadnaRumping

    Photography by Karin Janssen

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    @puntwg @monicamays_ @tom_kkemp @jfpeschot @ploetzly @radna

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    The ‘upside-down’ jellyfish (Cassiopea sp.) thrives in near-shore marine habitats. It is commonly found on seagrass beds or in mangrove forests, resting its exumbrella against the sediment - exposing its oral arms to the sunlight. Why this fellow is sunbathing all the time? Its oral arms carry symbiotic zooxanthellae, dinoflagellates (marine algae) of the genus Symbiodinium that assimilate carbon and nitrogen for this gelatinous friend. 

    Selections of Wim Crouwel’s graphic design work  From IDEA no. 323 (July 2007) – Claes Oldenburg (1970) – WIP, evolution of Neu Alphabet, tempera on paper (1964-1967) – European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (1966) – Expo ‘70, Osaka, Japan (1970) – Visuele Communicatie Nederland (1969) Wim Crouwel’s graphic design work in the 1960s and 1970s helped inform the futuristic graphic language of Y2K design.