The main sources for MP3 download

In this music streaming age, music is rarely available as an MP3 download. On the following platforms you can download music, in the best sound quality and legally. On some platforms even for free.

The main sources for MP3 download

Amazon MP3: Amazon offers one of the largest shops for MP3 download. Current albums cost from 8.99 euros, some songs around 1.29 euros.

iTunes Music Store: Apple has just announced iTunes to split and split into different apps. The download shop will remain. The pricing is similar to the large counterparty Amazon comparatively expensive, but the music belongs to a different than the streaming forever. Apple uses like most shops now no longer MP3, but AAC, but also with any player can be played.

Beatport: For DJs, the first start-up station for tracks in uncompressed formats as a WAV file. The richer the system, the sooner you hear the difference between MP3 download and music files with high resolution in CD quality. Especially DJs, first-class audio quality should be a bit more valuable.

Jamedo: Free music under Creative Commons license can be found at Jamdeo. Although there are no known names underneath, you may re-distribute the music downloads yourself, as long as it stays private. In principle, one should not use creative works without express permission in Germany.

Soundcloud: On Soundcloud, there are not only millions of streams, but you can also download music for free as MP3. But finding them there is not always easy, so our editors will take the work off and provide the best free downloads here.

Bandcamp: Many artists publish their music on offers like Bandcamp, including music as MP3 download for free or against a voluntary donation.

Studioloaded: This is another Popular MP3 blog that presents daily songs, EPs and even complete albums, which are available as a free MP3 download on the net, as a gift for the fans. The best of these we continue to collect regularly on this page. Music and labels can send us their music easily .