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    Court Suit


    England or Scotland

    This ensemble is typical of men’s court dress at the end of the 18th century. Although the most formal style of dress worn, it was not the most fashionable. By 1800, rich fabrics and embroidery were no longer in style for men’s suits. The standing collar, curving coat fronts and waistcoat style are also old fashioned, representing the cut and shape seen in the 1780s.

    However, the requirements of court dress kept alive the textile and embroidery industries of the 18th century. The embroidery for the coat and waistcoat were done first, in the areas where it was required for the finished garment. Although made of different fabrics the coat and waistcoat share the same embroidery design. They would have been sold together by a silk mercer, then taken to the tailor to be made to fit the purchaser.

    Victoria & Albert Museum