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    McCartney can be something of a small-c conservative: Chatting about the state of the world in Studio Two, he delivers a disquisition about government debt that’s hard to imagine coming from any other rock god: “There’s this whole idea of ‘borrow forever,’ whereas my theory, which was instilled in me by my dad, was, ‘Don’t get under an obligation to anyone, ever. If you need anything, wait until you can afford it, then get it.‘”  He’s no right-winger, however: McCartney is baffled and angered by climate-change deniers, and vastly prefers Barack Obama to George W. Bush. He infuriated Fox News pundits when he visited the White House in 2010: After playing “Michelle” for the First Lady, he said, “It’s great to have a president who knows what a library is.” He even removed his turgid post-9/11 anthem “Freedom” from his set lists in the wake of the Iraq War. “When I said, ‘I will fight for the right,’ I meant, ‘We shall overcome.’ But unfortunately, immediately after that, I realized it would get construed as more militaristic. So we don’t play it.”

    “Paul McCartney’s New Album, New Life and How the Beatles Almost Reunited” by Brian Hiatt for Rolling Stone (1 March 2012).
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