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2016-06-18 01:09:18

    People of Tumblr, behold: The GIF post!

    It’s yellow. The most exciting color to be.

    Tap it to see your GIF-ables—videos, bursts, Live Photos—or shoot a new GIF on the spot. Isn’t it incredible what science can do?


    And now: Write on your GIFs

    Like, right on your GIFs. In three different fonts, infinite font sizes, and in every color you could reasonably expect. Try these fun tricks:

  • Cover a beautiful face with a more-beautiful emoji face. 
  • Spin your text upside-down. People love that. 
  • Shrink your text into unreadable dots. Now you have freckles! 
  • Tap Aa while editing text to change fonts. But you’d have figured that out on your own.
  • Tap Aa while not editing text to start a fresh block of text. Do it again. Do it again forever. 
  • Skim the rainbow to change the color, obviously. Drag your finger way off to the side and some weirder stuff happens. 
  • Don’t forget rare Unicode characters. This mushroom ⍾ for example. Or this pensive snowman ☃. Or a triple integral symbol ∭. Or this expressionless square █.
  • The block is cancelled yeyy

    thank god the government has decided to cancel the block. I also want to say thanks to everyone, especially the one who made the petition. In addition, I would like to thank the government for their understanding. I hope the government would pay more attention to their citizens' needs, so that the best policy could be made. As for the citizens, don't worry. Keep rising your voice, so the government would hear you.

    Abt the block

    Alrite so tumblr’s gonna be blocked in my country just bc the amount of pornographic/lgbt blogs it has. I’m not saying I’ve never post any suggestive thing, but at least I have never posted anything EXPLICIT, as I remember. Abt lgbt; I admit being a fujoshi, but I did not support lgbt in real life, nor did I go against it. However, I respect all lgbt people, and I always give my best support for those who are fighting for their human rights.

    I did not know what the gov is thinking. It’s ok if they only block accounts which post suggestive materials, but many innocent users are out there. They do not deserve to be blocked just bc of people like me who post sins. Besides, we can always use filters when browsing on tumblr. Goddamn gov these days.

    I’ve reblogged the link for the petition thing, I hope people who are reading this could help us by signing it. We Indonesians could only pray for the best outcome.

    For all Indonesians, or for anyone living in Indonesia, I’ve just received news from my friend who reports on the Communication and Information Ministry and he said that Tumblr will be blocked very soon because they refused to filter pornography from the site. Honestly, I have a feeling that this is connected to the sudden outrage against the LGBT+ community, as a lot of the ministers and even child protection commissions have said that LGBT+ members are “dangerous”, “immoral” and “pedophiles”.

    I literally have no more words for this. What is going on???

    As you can see, i’ve almost never post these kinds of thing on my blog, and although 90% of you won’t really care but this is a big deal to us. The Indonesian government is trying to block Tumblr because they think the only things we post here is porn. Now this isn’t the first time they’ve done this, we’ve had Vimeo blocked since a while back, Netflix this month and now they’re trying to take away Tumblr from us.

    Please, please, please reblog this and get the word out. I really hope the Tumblr staffs would read this too. No you won’t get 600000 followers from reblogging this, neither will a killer from the 1800s jump out of your closet if you don’t reblog. It’s just a plea for help from a tumblr to another.

    We are a part of this big community, we are fandoms bloggers, aesthetic bloggers, random bloggers, social justice bloggers, personal bloggers, literary bloggers just like you.

    We need YOUR help to get the words heard of what our government is trying to do.

    P.S. Sorry for the bad English.