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    You could clearly see that I was flirting with Butch, little mister. It makes no difference that you don’t like him or that you don’t want me involved with our next door neighbor. When Mommy is flirting with a real man you DO NOT INTERRUPT! The next time you get home and see me talking to him, you just give him a friendly wave and get your little butt inside and get to your chores. Is that clear, boy, or shall I see if Butch would like to come over and continue your spanking?


    You better believe I mean it, little man. Ashley is a good friend of mine and I’m very upset that you would lie to her when she asked you if it was true that I spank you, and I don’t care if it was in front of a group of women. So, yes, when she gets here you’re going to apologize to her for lying and then you are going over my lap for a spanking right in front of her.


    In the past I did think I deserved more.  She thought it was funny, but she humored.  She let me fuck her like a real man, except unlike a real man, I started to cum as I entered her and barely got a thrust and a half inside her before I was finished.  The humiliation was extreme.  Technically I had sex, but I would’ve been more comfortable just masturbating in front of her.

    “All this time you thought I was working out at the gym just to look hotter. Well, that was a side-effect, but the real reason I was going to the gym was to get stronger. While you’ve been taking estrogen getting slimmer and more feminant, I’ve been completed the relationship role reversal. I now have all the power. Now, go put on your chastity cage and come bury your face in my ass… Or would you rather show you how strong I am and make you do it?”

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