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    “Why yes I would like some fresh milk!” Lucy said to the little, green man sitting on the counter. After finding out that she nabbed one of his coins without asking first, that he would be mean and upset. But it turns out he’s into helping out people in need.

    The little, green fellow atop the counter started to giggle as he snapped his fingers. Looked in the fridge to see a glass, gallon, or anything containing milk as promised sitting there and waiting for her lips to go slurping at it, but nothing. At first nothing happened.

    “Umm…Marty you said I’ll be getting some milk?” Lucy questioned that giggling midget. “What are you giggling at anyways?” Lucy asked, wondering if he was faking when he stated that he could grant wishes.


    Lucy gasped a little as she bolted upright, letting the fridge door calmly shut, as her hands went to her chest, or more specifically her small, perky breasts.

    “Oh man…what was that?” Lucy gasped as she fondled with her breasts, forgetting for a moment that there was someone else in there.

    “Umm…sorry” Lucy apologized the little giggling man as he smiled at her. Lucy dropped her arms to the side, looking around for any hint of freshly made milk coming her way as she wished it.

    “Well? Anything?” Lucy asked, getting a little impatient at the wish-promising leprechaun.

    “Oh it’s coming. Fresh milk of the day, and coming your way. Heh…” The little leprechaun started to chuckle as the similar sound of gurgling, and feeling on Lucy’s part, started up again but in full force within her perky breasts.

    “Oh…hmmm…” Lucy gasped and groaned a bit as her hands shot up towards her breasts once more, this time not even caring whether the little man is watching or not.

    *gurgle…GURGLE, GROOOOAAAN* Went Lucy’s boobs as they slowly started to bulge and fill up, warm liquid pressure churning and building up inside them as they quickly neared a couple of cup sizes bigger, pushing out her pink tube top and creating massive cleavage as her boobs were being squished by the constraints of the top, bulging outward and over her favorite pink cloth.

    “Wha…What’s happening?!…hmmm…” Lucy exclaimed out, concerned of the two bulging changes on her chest, but couldn’t help but to feel some shivers running down her belly and in between her upper thighs.

    Lucy came too as her breasts, milking mounds started to create massive over and under boob as her top started to creak and rip open. She gasped and wiggled her hands over them as they slowly threatened to burst her tube top any second.

    “And now for one of my favorite parts!” The little man yelled as her ballooning breasts ripped open the top and wobbled to and fro over her belly like two, soft milky tits, jiggling and sloshing about.

    “OH MY BREASTS! THEY’RE MASSIVE! WHAT DID YOU DO TO…oooooohhhhh…” Lucy started to moan from the surprising but pleasant sensation of her breasts starting to leak warm, fresh milk from her nipples.

    “Lucy the lass, like many I’ve known Stole me gold, and wished for milk, freshly grown So a snap and a change of your form Milk-filled tits, sloshy and warm Coming to find out the milk will be your own!”


    (Art by AlleyMoodyNeko from Deviant Art)