Do you yourself have any favorite wg tropes?

    PSA: Everyone follow this anon’s lead and ask me questions like this ugh. 

    Favorite tropes include but are not limited to:

  • Obliviousness, i.e. someone getting rounder and rounder but being too distracted to notice (bonus for literally everyone else noticing)
  • Denial, i.e. someone refusing to buy the next size up even though they’ve been ten pounds too thick to fit in their clothes for like, a year now
  • Resigned acceptance, i.e. someone knowing they’re gaining too much weight but also knowing they’ll never muster the willpower to stop (bonus if they’re in love and are worried their increasingly fat appearance will hurt their chances of being loved back)  
  • Thrill of the taboo, i.e. someone being aroused by the idea of fattening up merely because of how wrong and off-limits weight gain has always felt for them (bonus if they get too aroused and proceed to eat their weight in junk food)
  • Humiliation, i.e. someone wanting to be shamed for how much of a pig they’ve become or someone making fun of their lover for getting so heavy because 1) their lover is subtly or not-so-subtly into it, or 2) it leads to sex basically every time
  • Embarrassment, i.e. someone blushing because they know how fat they look in what their wearing, or because a friend/family member/ex they haven’t encountered in a while are dumbfounded by how fat they’ve gotten, or because they just had a clothing malfunction in front of their crush, or because they’ve realized a piece of clothing they bought two weeks ago is already getting way too tight
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    These are fun! …If perhaps slanted a smidge towards the more uniformly “positive” side than I tend to prefer myself. > ; )