She was another young career woman who got careless, got pregnant, and was neither married or knew who the father was. She was still in college when the new laws were declared. Chief among them, women were strictly forbidden to work while pregnant or afterwards, expected to be full-time mothers. Of course she got pregnant sleeping around as birth control was also banned and none of the potential fathers, of which there were very many, ever pulled out. Accordingly, she was reported for her pregnancy and subsequently relocated to a new home for unwed mothers where she was instructed she would remain until being claimed or assigned a husband due to mandatory home confinement for pregnant women unless escorted by their husband. Over time she's become so massively full and round with her baby as every day starts with waddling to the dining room where she, alongside her housemates, must eat until she has a full belly. This is repeated at lunch and dinner, not counting "craving times," followed by lining up after dinner to get on the scale. Between meals during the day is mandatory housewife training so they are all properly prepared and educated for their new husbands as she and her housemates sit in the classroom obediently, all of them practically rubbing all over their bellies in unison, feeling the big, active bastards kicking in their bellies. Lately all she can think of is how much she wants to be in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant for her husband. At this rate if she isn't assigned and sent to her new husband soon, she'll be on her bed behind her in the communal bedroom spreading her legs to push out a huge, fatherless baby. If she isn't sent to her new husband still pregnant, she'll be sent once her body is ready for being impregnated immediately.

    “God, is this ever going to end or am I going to be pregnant forever? Wipe that smile off your face. I know you’d like me to be like this for the rest of my life because you have been insatiable and haven’t been able to keep your hands off of me ever since I told you the pregnancy test was positive. When we found out you put twins inside me, your sex drive went into overdrive! I do admit that knowing that you’re so turned on by me growing bigger and bigger with your children has turned me on as well, but it’s getting to the point that it’s impossible for me to do anything at all except eat and grow this belly bigger and let you fuck me. Wash dishes? I can’t reach the sink! Pick clothes up off the floor? I can’t bend over any more! Cook a meal for you? Yeah, that’s not going to happen with this enormous belly in the way! I can’t even reach the steering wheel any more! I’m glad you don’t care though and thank you for doing everything for me as I’ve become this gigantically pregnant couch potato.  I mean *you* did this to me, so it’s the least you could do. I’m kidding of course, but I’m not kidding when I say that these last 8 months have convinced me that I’m going to make us a huge family. We’re going to have baby after baby as you knock me up continually over the next 10 years or until you’re tired of seeing me this heavily pregnant, though I suspect that 10 years will pass before you ever get tired of having a wife carrying around a huge belly full with your baby. Am I right there?”