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    Wearing an antique bridal gown, the beautiful queen of the vampires sits all alone in her dark, high house under the eyes of the portraits of her demented and atrocious ancestors, each one of whom, through her, projects a baleful posthumous existence; she counts out the Tarot cards, ceaselessly construing a constellation of possibilities as if the random fall of the cards on the red plush tablecloth before her could precipitate her from her chill, shuttered room into a country of perpetual summer and obliterate the perennial sadness of a girl who is both death and the maiden.

    Angela Carter, “The Lady of the House of Love”

    Slow is often overlooked in rushed culture. Its’ oracle is not acknowledged, properly understood, or respected. The slow breath. A slow first kiss. Slowly disrobing in front of a lover. Slow lovemaking. Slow to get up out of a warm bed. Slow stretching. Slow yoga. Slow bathing. Slow and steady. Slowly walking through an airport to catch a flight. Slow decision-making. Slow crockpot cooking. Slow eating. Slow creativity. The pause before we speak. When we give ourselves (our cells) permission to slow down, our whole system is met in a magical place where regeneration and rejuvenation naturally begin to occur without any effort from us.

    India Ame’ye, Author, Energy of Gods 

    —the world is much stranger than we know or can say. And I know how you think, or how you like to think, but maybe this is one instance where you can’t boil down to pure ‘good’ or pure 'bad’ like you always want to do—? Like, your two different piles? Bad over here, good over here? Maybe not quite so simple.

    Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch