Twist and Shout – Destiel AU

    “So why is it your favorite song?”

    Cas’ hand padded over his chin. Dean never lost track of his eyes, even when Cas looked at his own hand, shy. He nudged at Dean’s mouth with his index finger, moving so his palm was cupping his jaw. Dean grinned against Cas’ skin, unable to keep his smile contained. The blue eyed boy across from him was so beautiful, and he didn’t know it. He practically shone; his soul glittered with something blue and white and Dean wanted to wrap himself in it. Something like God’s grace, something like the blue and green smudginess of sea shells or glass bottles.

    “I just - I like songs about love,” he breathed a laugh, and Dean wrapped that laugh around his finger like a lace ribbon. Songs about love he hadn’t cared about before, but now, he wouldn’t have said anything but that. He wanted another smile, he wanted another dreamy look in Cas’ eyes, so he’d sang along. He had wanted him to fall more in love, because nothing was going to hurt anymore if that happened. He had convinced himself, young, and stupid. This boy was going to make this world turn and s
    tars would fall like rain.


    date of origin: 12th of april, 2013.