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    I love how tumblr wasn't even able to, or didn't even try to get Paypal or google play or something on board to handle the Post+ payments.

    No, they straight up went: "just give us your credit card info, don't worry, it's save with us, we promise."

    Knowing tumblr, they probably store all that info in plain text, in a file called "pls don't steal this or our lawyers will have a freaking aneurysm"

    You know... the same way they tried to stop people from downloading MP3s...

    u know that feeling when u discover a new song and in just a day or 2 it would be unimaginable to you that it was once absent from your life. u listen to it until u know every word and every note. and tomorrow, you might get crazy about another new song.

    that's what life's like. constantly. ur always gonna have new experiences u never saw coming. new loves, friendships, jobs, opportunities, travel, gifts, smiles, sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day. things that be inseparable from u and yet u don't even know them yet.

    please stay around for tomorrow's blessings



    unnamed tiktok user: What’s the most, like, chronically online take you’ve ever seen on the internet?

    tiktok user @ lunar.calyps: -groans- I have received a comment telling me it was transphobic to be comfortable in my masculine body as a nonbinary person. Like- -shuffling/guttural noise as they shake the camera-. There is so much to unpack with that take, but I'm going to focus on tiktok and tumblr's perception of nonbinary people and how damaging it is to the community. This idea that all nonbinary people, most, like, you know, fuckin' mullet, big eyeliner, fuckin' skinny, white, AFAB. "Do you like frogs? Do you like mushrooms?" Shut the fuck up.

    I sometimes feel as if my pronouns are rarely respected, because it's like, if you don't look in my bio, you hear my voice, it's like, "Oh..." It makes me so angry. Tiktok and tumblr basically set themselves up for failure when they created this perfect perception of what a nonbinary person looks like, and god forbid you don't fit into the box. Guess you're not valid!

    Me being AMAB does not make me any less nonbinary, and you would think that that's a given, but for some people it's just... you know. "Do you like frogs or mushrooms?" I'll kill you. What the fuck.]


    Hey, truckhole (the person who made the fish feds post that you reblogged) is 26, so just be careful and try not to reblog from them in the future. Stay safe!

    being over the age of 25 is problematic


    Kind of unbelievable that this post is going around again but I just saw someone tag this as #ageism and I just. Need you guys to know that kids being uncomfortable with strange adults being around them, even if they’re being overly cautious about it to the point of overt paranoia, is not an example of ageism


    omfg thank u this is the take i was waiting to hear

    there are some adults on any social media, not just tumblr, that Will do everything in their power to hurt someone, including using their position of power as an adult to intimidate kids. i’ve heard horror stories of people finding and calling someone’s parents and outing them as lgbtq+, and when i was younger i had someone’s mom threaten me with sending the cops to my door because i talked about her daughter scamming me out of an art commission.

    i know the original post is just a funny haha joke that anyone over 25 is hashtag problematic, but kids being wary of strange adults online is SO much better than the alternative. it may seem silly or overly paranoid, but it means that they’re learning better internet safety than some of us did when we were younger.


    I need you to understand that reblogging from someone does not mean friends with. In fact the ask itself says that it’s the *op* of a post….not who they reblogged directly from. Someone making a post and someone reblogging that when they don’t even follow them is NOT dangerous. It’s not children being weary of adults, because they’re literally not interacting with that adult directly.

    Internet safety is important, but that’s not safety. At its best it’s paranoia, and at its worst it’s fear mongering and trying to start shit. It’s useless, it’s pointless, and it’s annoying. It’s not progressive to go “you seem to know a guy who knows a guy who knows this other guy who’s an adult, watch out”


    Children can have healthy relationships with adults. Please stop telling children that all adults are to be feared and avoided.

    At around the age of 7, I knew a woman on my street who was very kind and had a dog. We’d go over and hang out with her and her dog and she’d give us Vernors to drink and she was always very kind and sweet; she gave us pictures of her dog in silly costumes and every Halloween she created her own Halloween decorations, they were always amazing. She was not creepy or weird or gross in any capacity.

    I had a great relationship with my middle school art teacher, Ms. Quinn; I ate lunch with her and my other friends because we were all neurodivergent and didn’t know it and we were outcasts who got along better with our art teacher than anyone else our age. We’d go to her classroom during lunch hours and eat, make jokes all together. She supported my writing when I couldn’t get support from others. She gave so much support and care to hundreds of other students. She was not creepy or gross or weird in any capacity.

    I’ve met adults online who were also not creepy or weird or gross. Stop telling children that they must fear every adult or they will never know the difference between creepy adult-child relationships and healthy ones.


    Blizzard employees are organizing a walkout this Wednesday (July 28, 2021) to protest the company’s absolute shit response to the sexual harassment lawsuit. If you’re still playing Activision/Blizzard games, tomorrow would be a good day to show solidarity with Blizzard workers by not playing those games. Don’t cross the digital picket line!! No WoW. No Call of Duty. No Overwatch. Bring Blizzard and Activision’s online engagement down and boost the hashtag #actiblizzwalkout


    Updates: (July 29, 2021)

    The attendance for the walkout was MASSIVE!

    However in response to this quick organizing of its employees, Blizzard has hired the union-busting firm WilmerHale, which is the same firm that Amazon uses to keep its workers from unionizing. 

    The fight is no longer simply a PR crisis with the horrifically misogynistic working environment coming to light, but is now Blizzard coming down hard on any attempts of its employees to organize and improve their working conditions.

    Y’all ain’t gonna like me when I ask this, but I’m curious, what do you think it would take for Jesse to become a villain?

    I’m thinking perhaps after the wither storm a selfishness settles in after the loss of Reuben and their priority list becomes very short: Them and their friends. Everyone else is dead last. Maybe they experience a rush from the attention? Maybe they start to understand Lukas (and Aiden’s) arrogance. Maybe they get a little greedy? Maybe that leads to wanting to get the eversource by any means necessary? Maybe that leads to a fight… maybe it leads to a team up between Jesse and The Blaze Rods? Maybe the others expect Jesse to be a hero once more? Maybe that leads to a betrayal?

    It’s an interesting little scenario. Jesse, the beloved hero, becoming the villain.


    Observing that someone is upset or is not in a good mood and immediately relating it to yourself, inferring that you are the cause of their bad mood is self-centered thinking. It’s easy to do this, especially in romantic relationships but you should really remind yourself that people have feelings and emotions outside of you. Anger, frustration, sadness etc. can be expressed while having absolutely nothing to do with you. That is okay.


    hope this isn’t derailing, just wanted to add a thought: you may be especially prone to this if you were previously in an intimate relationship with someone who did consistently get upset with you for innocuous shit you did that had nothing to do with them. you might have ended up hyper vigilant to others’ moods down to even very small cues, like slight changes in facial expression or someone not laughing at a joke you make or even the absence of emojis from a text message, because in your past these were warning signs that meant “your actions have displeased me” that could show up at literally any time in response to anything, that you couldn’t afford to miss. one of the most important things i and i think others like me have had to learn is that a) healthy people aren’t looking for reasons to blow up at you for every arbitrary thing you say and do, and b) healthy people do not broadcast their displeasure through fucked up little coded messages which you’re expected to be tuned into and interpreting 24-sev. they will just straight up tell you if the issue is with you, lol. that paranoia and vigilance exists inside of you because there was a time in your life when it helped you protect yourself from harm, but it will shoot your healthy relationships in the foot if you continue to live in a headspace where everyone is always secretly mad at you


    remembering what i was like in the past


    using those memories to shape yourself into a better person


    Good and relatable content


    remember- if you are embarrassed about your past its because you are growing as a person and are now a better you. assholes dont introspect on how they used to be worse so youve already surpassed them