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    On November 1, 1954, a newly married Audrey Hepburn returned to the Netherlands with her husband Mel Ferrer. The purpose of her visit was to raise funds for the Dutch Military War Victims. Audrey had spent WWII in Arnhem. As a teenager, she helped the Dutch Resistance by carrying messages to resistance members and performing dances at underground concerts known as zwarte avonden.

    During her three-day trip, Audrey helped the BNMO (formerly Federation of Dutch Military War and Service Victims) by signing headshots, walking in a fashion show, attending an evening gala for the premiere of Sabrina and visiting war victims at the Doorn rehabilitation center. All proceeds earned went to the Bond van Oorlogsslachtoffers.

    Audrey continued to work with the BNMO and in 1968, they created the Audrey Hepburn Trophy which is awarded “to an athlete or organization that makes itself useful in the field of disabled sports.”

    “Audrey Hepburn, who, for the benefit of the Union of Dutch military war victims, had a busy past 3 days. During her busy program, she acted as a saleswoman and also walked in fashion shows at the Gerzon department stores in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague and has collected 7745.77 Gulden (old currency). The sum of money will be entirely given to said union. On the last day of her stay in our country, the film actress and her husband paid a visit to the rehabilitation center in Doorn. None of the 225 young war victims receiving care at the center were ignored (Meaning she spent time with everyone). When saying goodbye, the film couple left behind a large box of chocolate.

    Then they visited the military cemetery in Rhenen and then went to Arnhem to lay wreaths. Shortly after half past twelve the couple laid a wreath at the Airborne monument.

    With the “Prinses Irene” (name of airplane), Audrey Hepburn and her husband returned from Schiphol to Rome on Friday. While she was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd upon her arrival, it was very quiet on departure. The gates on the platform, set up to keep the enthusiastic crowd at bay, was pretty much useless. Audrey’s efforts to raise money have yielded half a ton.” (From “Nieuwe Tilburgsche courant” 11/6/1954 - translated from Dutch to English by @simplymargreet) 

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