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    The Seven Feeders of Finn

    Finn couldn’t believe that he was getting married. The day had been creeping up for weeks now and still he felt as if he was in a dream. Most guys weren’t this lucky. How many people experienced the joy of reconnecting with an ex, falling in love with them again, and then planning a whole life together? There were now one hundred and fifty guests now waiting for them in that venue. How insane was that?

    Finn’s long list of ex-boyfriends had been the subject of many jokes during his stag party last week. He’d laughed along, in the spirit of things. But really, now he’d thought about it; there were only seven noteworthy men in his life. Seven men who had, in some way or another, intentionally or not, shaped him into the man he was today.

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    Jiggle the jock

    “Look!” Meg shouted, staring out of the window. “Kyle’s got his shirt off!”

    Ben chuckled from his office chair. “You mean the hot Aussie?” he asked, rolling his eyes.

    The other ladies rushed to the window and cooed appropriately. “Oh wow! He’s even hotter than I pictured!” Jenny noted, staring at the sexy man down below. “Just look at those abs!”

    Ben had been the only guy in this office for the last three years; a ratio that was rather unusual for an accountancy department. But as funny as it was working in this office full of girls, Ben did wish that the other women shared his taste in men. They’d been going on about the ‘Hot Aussie’ who had just started in the production warehouse for the last week. However, Ben already knew that this guy wouldn’t be his type. Six packs and abs were not his thing. Still, he stood up anyway to get a good look.

    The accountancy office on the second floor was nicely positioned to catch the guys and girls working in manufacturing, sunning themselves whilst on a break. They would often come out to get fresh air or kick a ball around, and that was when things would get a lot more steamy up in here in this office.

    Kyle was just as Ben had imagined. A tall, buff, toned and six-packed stud; just the generic kind these women always went for.

    “How can you not find him hot?” Jenny asked in disbelief, seeing Ben’s apathy.

    “Ben only likes the fat guys remember,” Meg explained bluntly, making the other girls chuckle. “Three hundred pounds at least, right?”

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