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    Hello, a fan from Lithuania here :). First of all, I really admire and and appreciate the way you interact with fans, it's truly unique and precious :). And I also love how you deal with the haters, your classy yet completely devastating sass is something to behold :D.

    Now the question: I was watching a Sandman cast interview today, and I was surprised you all pronounce the surname "Constantine" as "Constant-EYE-n". I've watched the DC series "Constantine", "Legends of Tomorrow" and that movie with Keanu Reeves and they all pronouced John Constantine's name as "Constan-TEEN". Considering Joanna is supposed to be his relative in the same/related universe, I assumed her last name would be pronounced the same? Did people never bothered to decide how to pronounce John Constantine's (and his relatives') name, so it's open to anyone's guesses?

    Alan Moore named and co-created the character, and that's how he pronounced it.

    And that's how it was pronounced in the comic he first showed up in.