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2023-09-23 04:10:04

    @of-abdl Daddy said I was a naughty girl and got punished 🥺 you shouldn't punish a little tiny smol baby wike dis me just a newborn. 🥺🥺


    Such a silly infant that is meant to be wiggling in her playroom all the time instead of doing big girl things does need some times (or all the time) where they feel themselves bein constantly swaddled and taken cared of~ Adult Infants that aren't mittened and bootied to make sure that they feel themselves being restrained to crawling around needs to be properly wrapped up (either in a nice secure jacket or a nice thick blankie~). Little ones that are meant to be carried around need to constantly feel swaddled until all they want is to be wrapped and cared for, being just a simple snuggle bug that makes cute wiggles with their legs as they get head kisses and hair strokes from their caretaker who loves to treasure their little bubblebutt~