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I love video games and I am slowly making my own video games. Drawings on here will be both fan art and my own art for game idea’s. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram under Adarxmin

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2021-07-16 02:34:05

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to let y’all know I added 5 new items to my Etsy page! Featuring Legend of Zelda and Kingdom Hearts!

    Go check them out and ever repost helps!

    Hey everyone just wanted to let y'all know I made some cool Legend of Zelda coloring pages!

    Check them out, any like and/or reblogs is appreciated!

    A one-shot comic of one of Adarxmin training days.

    Adarxmin had a hard time faking most emotions other than angry since she had memory lost a few years before becoming a nobody and kept to herself till then.

    Man I haven’t done a comic in I think over 10 years? Anyways I just really wanted to draw this scene out, and practice a few different angles and facial expressions. I pretty much love all the faces I did and I love seeing Adarxmin and Xigbar weird mentor, student relationship.

    First drawing of the new year is one of my favorite Disney princesses, princess Ariel!

    Love both the first & second movie growing up, I even wanted to be a mermaid & I just loved the Atlantica world in kingdom hearts especially when I got to sing with her

    Since Xigbar is Adarxmin mentor there is no doubt she wouldn’t pick up a few new habits from him, such as wearing a mask when sick or wearing one if she hanging around someone that is sick.

    Wanted to try something new for the background so jumped into kingdom hearts data greetings and grabbed a few screenshots. My style looks pretty cool with the game engine background might do more later.

    Hey everyone! Go check out my redbubble as “Adarxmin” I designed some cute Halloween illustration that you can either stick or pin to whatever you want! This one is the variety pack that has one of each. I also have a pack where you can just pick one of these 4 styles

    “I wrap myself the funeral way as during war time there is no time to properly prepare the body or know if all the bodies were found. I allow the spirits to pass through me as I performed the sending for their final rest.”

    I’ve been really in to Final Fantasy x lately and I had to make my own summoner. I had inspiration for the outfit use Russian and Japanese style clothes.