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    QR codes are so fun and so easy


    ah! good question! reblog, check your blog on desktop, scan, and message yourself the link on desktop! (or check the notes for the link)


    see!!!!! easy and fun!!!! (i havent checked all of these but comments had no issues. just run an anti virus program or open these links up in a virtual machine if youre concerned)


    text of Tweet:

    BREAKING: Somebody vandalized and allegedly threw Molotov cocktails into Wisconsin Family Action’s — an anti-abortion rights group — Madison office, writing w/ graffiti, “If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either.”

    Story TK

    [2 attached photos of vandalized office, 1 exterior showing spraypainted message and 1 interior showing broken window and fire damage near broken window]

    Alexander Shur, May 8, 2022


    people in fanfiction are so good at identifying v specific smells. I literally struggle to identify vanilla when I’m sniffing a candle labelled “VANILLA” how are these kids getting woodsmoke, rain, mint, and a whiff of byronic despair from a fuckin tshirt


    Once I read a fic where they were like “he tasted like” and I’m expecting the typical formula (1 cooking ingredient + 1 natural phenomenon + “something uniquely [character name]”) but instead they said “he tasted like mouth” and it was one of the greatest fic moments of my life