ADHD Sure Is A Mood

So this blog is all about ADHD. Relatable or funny stuff but also a lot of "mood". So if you're scrolling through this and keep going "mood", "same", "me" boy do I have news for you.

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2022-09-02 23:44:08

    I hate that no one talks about just how distressing memory loss from adhd actually is. I always see memes that are like “haha I forgot my phone, I don’t remember where my laptop is, etc”, but no one seems to talk about how it can really fuck you up long term to just, not remember things that are completely mundane to non-adhd’ers. The memory loss is, however, so frustrating to us. I cannot physically count how many meltdowns I have had over the sheer mental frustration and torture of not being able to remember seemingly simple things

    You know what?

    I am annoying sometimes.

    And that’s okay. It’s not the death sentence I was led to believe. People will love me even if I can’t read their signals sometimes. Not understanding is forgivable. I don’t have to hold myself back so I don’t annoy anyone ever.

    The people who love me know I get excited. And I am still loved.


    If your ADHD is causing you to fuck up more, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the ADHD is getting worse.. you could just be doing more things which gives you more opportunity to fuck up.

    This is one of the reasons, ADHD can get ‘worse’ as an adult. A child has very few responsibilities. An adult on the other hand, has all kinds of opportunities to fuck up on. 


    Goes for other disabilities too. Sometimes it seems like it’s “getting worse” when what’s really happening is that circumstances have changed in a way that makes the symptoms more obvious and detrimental. 


    VERY important advice. Don’t beat yourself up. Adulting is HARD.