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    “My whole life I was told I was nothing. My whole life I was told, because I was a mutt, that I would have to fight for everything. And then I get into the wrestling business and I’m told that I have a bad attitude, I’m told I’m too fat, I’m told I don’t play the game. (…) But it was all worth it, because in Queens, we’re gonna beat the shit outta Lance. We’re gonna beat the shit outta Suzuki. And they’re gonna beat the shit outta us…”

    All Me

    Pairing:  Eddie Kingston x Fem Reader

    Summary: Eddie’s girlfriend, the reader, is now a commentator on AEW Elevation due to old injuries that put her out of action. Now, with Eddie joining commentary on Elevation, they enjoy more time together, but when Eddie gets a little handys during the show, they are bound to clash when given the chance…

    Warnings:  SMUT! (18+ ONLY!) (Swearing, choking)

    Requested by:  No one (But I hope you all enjoy!)

    Word Count:  2170

    Tag List: @demonqueen29 @jessiebean00​ @new-zealand-chic​ @crowleysqueenofhell​ @justamess44​ @thatpanpal​ @hungmanhorsecarriage​ @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch  @linziland13​ @xxx-jazz-xxx​ @writtingrose​ @lilaviolet @drewmcintyrekoccsrocbwdgfan

    AUTHORS NOTE: Was talking to @jessiebean00​ when I thought of this so thanks for the inspiration!