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    i think gen z ppl need to stop trying to moderate social media– which is impossible to moderate– and just go on forums already. “this is for mlm, wlw dni” bruh i’m telling you, if you discover mlm forums you’ll go bananas. everyone there will be mlm, i promise. this is genuinely friendly advice. stop wasting your time trying to control your twitter and tik tok, it won’t work because it’s designed to not be controlled.


    I’ve said it before but the loss of forums in place of homogenized mass social media is a huge blow to the development of communities, and trying to implement forum rules, logic & expectations on social media is doomed to failure and just results in unnecessary hostility and argument.


    I wish everyone who was ever into knock down drag out fandom fights would direct all that energy towards their city council, I feel like that would transform society overnight.


    like. You know how if you keep tabs on council meetings and your councilor says something dumb as hell and you not only get to call them on it, but grab all your friends to dogpile them??? and if you do it enough you can actually find a replacement for them who won’t say as much dumb shit and will actually allocate funds for the unhoused and pressure the police chief to stop lying? wayyyyyy more fun than going uncorked at some teenage rando with an untagged incest ship.


    newsflash: if a character keeps on repeatedly doing things in canon that you think are ooc, you probably have the wrong idea about how the character is




    Unless it’s comics


    Anyone who makes sixteen billion universes with wildly different characterisations of the same cast in them and randomly hands them off to different writers with no collaboration or coherent bible every few years deserves whatever characterisation complaints they get.


    How come we can't just have villains anymore


    What if the evil fashion designer wanted to skin puppies because she was evil? What if the guy that stabbed a bunch of teenagers did that because he wanted to stab a bunch of teenagers? What if the evil witch wanted to cook and eat children because she was--you guessed it!--evil? Why's everybody gotta have some tragic backstory for sympathy points? Boo! I want to see some unrepentant bastard do bastardly things and, perhaps, a woman covered in blood, also.