A Female Feeder's Fat Farm

Because I love teasing, humiliating, and encouraging fatties. 18+ only. A blog for pigs of all genders :) 

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2020-10-25 01:59:08

    I was gaining for a bit, I think like, 8 pounds in 3 weeks (183 pounds now)? But I stopped cause I got kinda embarrassed of people judging me. But I miss gorging myself on food. Shoving 1000's of calories in my stuffed belly. Being a pig, super gassy, not showering for a week at a time. I swear I barely broke free. Should I just say screw it and go all in?

    Do what you’re comfortable with- but I say go all in. Life’s to short to share about what people think. And think- if you don’t shower, you have more time to eat. Gorge yourself on food. It doesn’t matter what people say about your added pounds- there just jealous they’re not constantly gorging and indulging themselves with hundreds of thousands calories


    I’m getting so fat that my neck is disappearing.

    The best sign of a growing pig- you can try to look slimmer and wear slimming clothes- but nothing hides that flabby second chin that gets thicker and starts to just completely hide your neck in a tire of fat... 🐷🐳


    I always promised myself I’d stop at 250. I just hit 250 a few minutes ago and I’m feeling like it’s not enough. Another 50 pounds should do it...

    Sure. Another 50. 300 pounds will be fat enough. The new stretchmarks, the back fat, the wide love handles, the wobbling belly, the double chin, the sagging arms, the rounded ass...just think about all the places that 50 pounds will go. But what about another 50? 350 isn't that much bigger, but imagine how much fatter you'll feel...all that extra fat to grab and jiggle...


    I want to go to a fattening boarding school so bad! I want to learn to be a fat submissive hog. I want their to be rewards for fattening activities. I’d graduate and be hot as fuck.

    Right?! I”ve 100% thought about the Hogwarts kitchens and the house-elves in the kitchen always providing food - imagine having that every day you’re in school. That would be a fun alternative to the fat farm....a type of college where you only have feeder or feedee related classes - and an unlimited meal pass of course. 


    Gahh, I've been struggling lately. I really want to gain. I've always wanted to gain. Nothing excites me more than being 'forced' to grow past 400lbs. During quarantine I gained a little pudge and I am IN LOVE! I'm just not sure how to push myself to really pack on the weight.

    How do you want to be forced fatter?  🐷 A feeder who sneaks extra calories into all your meals, pushes on some fattening shakes and guilts you into taste testing a few extra desserts? the dark feeder who ties you down and keeps you hooked up to a tube of fattening slop until you’re finally fat enough? Or the relentless feeder who pushes you to eat more with every meal, ending every day with a few huge glasses of weight gain shake?


    I'm feeling a lot of pressure of my family to lose weight, specially because I gained 20lbs due to social distance. I think I'm going to escape to your farm and free my inner piggy to because a huge prize hog🐷

    Good plan ;) Come to the farm for a month...or 2 or 3 or the entire year...Experience the opposite- a push to keep gaining and giving into your inner pig....and then you waddle back to see what your family thinks of your change.  🐷

    Not remotely a feedist related thing: But I know a LOT of places are getting the second wave of COVID and starting to partially shut down again,  winter is coming and some places are going to be snowed in on top of quarantines….2020 sucks and the start of 2021 isn’t getting any better. So if anyone is feeling the self-isolation a bit or not in a feedism mood -  feel free to send asks or messages that are non feedism related ;) or both. Stay safe and stay sane  😃

    My recent random thing: https://flavourblaster.com/ 

    Worth the $400 for the starter kit to make cool cocktails?!? 


    Honestly I'm addicted to your posts. They've destroyed any inhibitions I had about gaining and I desperately wanna be the biggest pig I can be

    Happy to hear it! I hope your inhibitions keep getting lower as your weight keeps getting higher!  🐷


    i want you to turn me into something grotesque, make me go from a normal person to and pig lost to extreme obesity. make me lose all want for manners or hygiene. i want to become a hog people look at in disgust, not having showered in weeks with clothing covered in stains and sweat. make me your prized sow whose belly hangs to his knees with thighs as big as my once thin waist. i need it. humiliate me🐷

    😍 I can’t resist that...I’ll make you a 600+-lb Life spectacle - the enormously whale that everyone is disgusted by, whispers and teasing following your ever heavy, lumbering step, but people just can’t stop staring. 🐋 Prize pigs have two jobs: eat and don’t think. I’ll make sure you start losing your humanity to your inner pig. I want you to use both hands to cram food into your greedy maw, desperate to eat as much as you can. Ignore the furniture creaking under your mass or your clothes starting to tear and stretch. I want to hear the frantic sounds of chewing, combined with grunts and belches and farts and oinks of a fattened sow. Forget the food stains - don’t bother to clean up, you’re next meal is in an hour. First you’ll be too lazy to shower, then too full to get to your feet, and then the shower simply isn’t built to hose down a morbidly obese pig. I want to watch everything slip away from you - your figure, your manners, your hygiene, your self-control, your fitness, your mobility, your ability to behave and fit in like a normal sized-person..., any chance you had at being a healthy, trim person will be absolutely gone under hundreds and hundreds of pounds of lard.  I’d be so proud to show off such a disgusting pig like you. Not many people have seen such a huge pig in person! No mobility scooter yet- let everyone hear how winded you get walking through a store. Let them hear you wheezing and panting as you waddle, one step at a time, belly slapping against your thighs, underarms and fat rolls dripping with sweat from the exhaustion. Show off all those food stains smeared down your chubby cheeks and tire sized chin, dripping down to those sagging breasts and elephant-worthy gut. It just draws more attention to the one shirt you’ve been wearing for weeks, because it’s all you have left that stretches enough to fit (Even if it barely covers your belly button). I”ll make sure my prize sow is the center of attention as you fill up our carts, only the most unhealthy and fattening foods - your diet essentials. Let them wonder how much you eat every day. Why anyone needs so many cartons of cream and pounds of butter and cakes and pasta and cheese and 2L sodas.  How long that cart will last... (when we both know it won’t last the week with how much I demand you eat.) I’ll brag to all of them about your diet and pig-life lifestyle if they ask- just to humiliate you more. 


    I used to be a very active and athletic girl before corona. I would always be going to the gym for intense sessions but then we all had to stay home. I became less and less active from being stuck inside but I tried doing exercises at home but it was different. It felt like a chore instead of something I would usually enjoy. I began snacking a lot more often and ordering takeaways because I didn't want to prepare my own food and so I started ordering takeaway every two days. I became more and more lethargic and lazy. My thought process began changing over the weeks as I put greasy takeaway food before my exercise and eventually stopped exercising completely a few weeks ago. My body and mind feels so much better being able to relax

    🐖 It’s hard to exercise without going to the gym. It’s even harder to exercise when you’ve just gorged yourself on takeout. I’m sure you told yourself you would get your workout in tomorrow. Or after lunch. Or dinner. Or your next snack. It’s so much better to give up. You won’t be active or athletic after this. What do you think all this relaxing will do to your body? 20 extra pounds? 50? People say it only takes 21 days to form a habit - the longer you spend stuck inside, the lazier and hungrier you’ll get. 


    i don't know what you did to me, i used to take pride in being a lean fit alpha male. now all i can think about is being a slave to my horny desires and eating my way to becoming a huge pathetic beta hog. where my only thoughts are eating myself into extreme obesity and jerking off. all i wanna be is a pathetic slobby ball of blubber who can barely waddle to the fridge. what would you do to me if you were my feeder?

    If I was your feeder- I’m the Alpha. You’re going to be eating and jerking off- nothing else. I control your diet. I control what little exercise and movement you get. You’ll be going from a beta to a useless omega hog - too addicted to food to be good for anything else. If you want to be a barely mobile, lard filled blimp with no self control, I’ll make sure you get there. I’ll keep you pumped full of butter and cream, stuck in a cycle of jerking off and stuffing your aching belly with family sized portions. I’ll constantly tease you for turning your fit, trim self into a wheezing, slobby pile of lard. But the only thing you can focus on is pleasure and food...not how you’re destroying your fitness and figure. 🐽


    Would there be ways for your pigs to grow into certain body types? Like if one wanted to be more bottom heavy or have more cellulite. Maybe a research branch could find what causes specific attributes and helps the hogs gain them

    In fantasy? Absolutely!! You want to be a top heavy pig? Bottom heavy? Huge belly? Pick how you want to gain! Realistically, I know working on muscles can help sort of bulk up certain areas (like doing squats to have a more toned ass) and hormones can affect distribution of fat as well...but sadly we can’t change genetics ;( 


    Let's all acknowledge the "Global Obesity Epidemic" for what it truly is: The next step in our evolution! Our species' natural ceaseless drive to grow increase & consume! Oh there's some who won’t adapt to the new calorific intake or long endure their excess girth. But those most resilient to the new age of obesity will thrive & multiply! Their paunchy progeny will predominate more as each generation grows lardier than the last! …Until our whole human gene-pool is saturated with Pure Raw FAT! 🐷

    Yes! The Obesity Epidemic is not an accident - it’s 100% a conspiracy to push people to fatten up, get lazy, get slobby, and get out of shape. There’s fast food around every corner. Multiple ways to get food delivered to your door. Easy ways to get huge, fattening portions for cheap. Groceries delivered. Clothes and games and anything you could want right at your doorstep. Games, tv shows movies, all at your finger tips - don’t leave the house and waste all that energy - stay in, eat and be lazy!


    How would belly aches be handled on the farm? Growing piggies would get them the most i think tbh, it might be way too easy to get a tummy ache from consuming mass amounts of food in an effort to increase their stomach capacity, but that comes at a cost. Imagine their feeder rubbing their huge belly and being able to feel it churning under their hand. They would probably try to burp them, but not too much. They more they rubbed, the closer to puking their pig would become and NO ONE wants that😂

    Good feeders know and listen to their pigs’ limit: They know when they’re really full and when they can handle a few bites more. A little bit more, time and time again, until their pig has worked their way up to eating twice, three times, four times what they’re used to. Growing pigs need LOTS of gentle belly rubs, time to rest and burp and digest during meals before they’re eating again. And then a few more forceful shakes and pinches and slaps to their massive bellies once they’re no longer stretched to their limit. ;)


    Have you ever considered making a group chat for all your piggies and hogs to join? Somewhere we can all chat and show off, share tips on gaining or even general chat? Discord is a pretty good one to set up such groups.

    I have considered making a discord for both this blog and my other one, if that is something people would be interested in? There seem to be so many discords out there already, I’ve joined a few but it seemed overwhelming with how many people had joined and how many convos there were - I think a smaller one would be nice! What do you all thing? A good idea or no? :D