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    Oh these were for fuckin’


    i think these would be nice as normal couches but the ad copy is all like “if you aren’t going to exclusively have orgies on this thing we’re gatekeeping it”


    Listen if I wanna sit alone on one of those and drink tea then by God I’m going to.


    Please, never let this meme die.


    This is the best one I’ve seen so far


    What kind of quantum fucking memeing from 2056 are you people beaming to us


    It’s fucking back


    shooting star. i can’t believe i’m hearing shooting star again in the year 2020


    The fates have ordained that this cross my timeline again and you better fucking believe i’m reblogging it.

    This is the only good meme, don’t @ me


    Geralt meets Jaskier and is like *sniff sniff* ‘yeah this guy’s part elf, I’m not going to comment on this because it’s a very personal thing to bring up in mixed company and also none of my business’ & never once questions that Jaskier knows this bcos like, that’s the kind of thing people know about themselves, right? and it’s a touchy sort of subject so it’s understandable that Jaskier doesn’t really talk about it, w/e

    & then years later Yennefer comments on how improbably youthful Jaskier is and Geralt’s like ‘yeah he’s part elf’ (cause like, we’re all ambiguously-human friends here, nbd)

    but Jaskier is like ‘what the fuck? are you talking about?? no I’m not???’ and Geralt is like ‘…..fuck.’


    Geralt: never mind

    Jaskier: no, what are you talking about? what made you think that??

    Geralt: I thought you knew.

    Jaskier: what do you mean, you thought I knew??

    Jaskier: listen, I know the names of all my family going back to my great-great-great-great grandparents, and none of them were elves? 

    Geralt: ….well. one of them’s lying.

    Jaskier: I don’t like what you’re implying

    Geralt: I’m not implying anything

    Jaskier: yes, you are? you’re implying that one of my ancestors committed adultery with an elf? which is patently absurd?

    Geralt: are you on speaking terms with your parents at the moment

    Jaskier: what does that have to do with anything

    Geralt: it’s just I don’t know if you should hear this from me

    Jaskier: well, I AM hearing it from you, aren’t I????

    Geralt: I shouldn’t have brought it up. I thought you knew.

    Jaskier: where are you even getting this from? oh, what can you just, sensethat somebody’s part elf with your magic witcher powers?

    Geralt: …………….

    Jaskier: ………………………… *entire sense of identity crumbling* fuck


    Jasker: do you have ANY IDEA how much money I have spent on skin care products over the years???? FOR NO REASON, APPARENTLY???


    I just love the idea of jaskier later finding out that his grandmother was just as much of a slut and he is and she had a string of lovers and nobody really knew who fathered her children so for convenience sake they were all just ascribed to jaskier’s grandfather and considered legitimate


    Jaskier: so I found out why nobody told me I’m part elf

    Yennefer: oh?

    Jaskier: it turns out my grandmother fucked so many people that the paternity of all of her children is up for debate

    Jaskier: so they just sort of had to guess which of them were the half elves and in my mother’s case, they were wrong.

    Yennefer: that’s hilarious

    Geralt: I’m starting to see where you get it from

    Jaskier: quite

    Jaskier: anyway my mother says please will you come and smell everyone else on her side of the family just in case

    Geralt: …hm


    he’s a mercenary innee

    how much is she offering


    this is GOLD


    toss a coin to your ancestry.com witcher


    “polls show that 34% of americans will vote for–”

    what polls? whomst is being polled? i have never once in my life been polled. what is the sample size? what is the sample demographic? is it really 34% of americans or is it 34% of americans who answer random numbers on their landline??? poll this dick


    As a statistician, these are EXACTLY the questions you should ask when interpreting a poll.

    In fact, you shouldn’t HAVE to ask. A data scientist doing their JOB will provide that information UP FRONT. How the random sample was taken, who was polled, and what demographics were potentially left out of the poll.

    If that information isn’t there, don’t trust it.