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    <><>Tammy and the T-Rex (1994) dir. Stewart Raffill

    <>An evil scientist implants the brain of Michael (Paul Walker), a murdered high school student, into a Tyrannosaurus. He escapes, wreaks vengeance on his high school tormentors, and is reunited with his sweetheart Tammy (Denise Richards).

    …..I’m sorry what?

    scaly pride

    You left out the best part of the whole movie! They can’t get his body back, so for some reason the solution is to have his brain live in a jar in Tammy’s room. The film closes with Tammy performing a striptease for her jar-brain boyfriend

    And the unreleased original cut is ultra-gory! Unreleased UNTIL NOW, I mean… they have it on SHUDDER!

    Are you kidding me?

    What the fuck ive NEVER heard of this!!!

    Maya, a trans Yemeni woman, was able to raise enough funds to secure a flat and some basic necessities for the time being, but she needs help getting out of the country. Please consider donating if you are able! Share!

    Note: GoFundMe image shows (non graphically - wounds have been patched up) bruises and facial wounds caused by transphobic violence and the description contains (non graphic) mentions of torture and abuse.

    For donation receipts and more updates and details on Maya’s situation refer to: QueerAMEASA and thetranshijabi on Twitter.

    Let’s help Maya!

    I know people who want to help those in Yemen and trans women the world over are often stressed about knowing what and where to give. Direct donations to a person in need are a concrete and incredible way to send your compassion and love.

    I was able to give £10!

    Please match or beat my donation!

    So I know I’m on a soft hiatus but Something sorta weird just happened to me? I’m at one of those fancy ass service plazas in Connecticut with the gas and the restaurants and the only restaurant where they were properly wearing their masks over their noses was Sbarros so I walked up and there were two employees standing behind the counter looking straight ahead and I was standing directly in front of them waiting for them to ask for my order but when they didn’t even look at me I said hello and neither of them even turned their heads and I was like ???

    But I thought fair enough who among us HASNT spent a food shift absolutely dissociating said I said hello again but still no response.

    And suddenly this woman started approaching the counter to make an order and she started walking directly toward me not slowing down and I said ma’am excuse me but she didn’t even look at me and I said “MAAM” just as she was about to literally just bowl over me but none of them seemed to hear or see me and I had to fall backward to dodge her because she almost bowled me over and the employees noticed her straight away and started taking her order and I said hello??? Excuse me??? Hello??? And none of them looked at me or seemed to hear me so I just...left.....

    I’m gonna google this service plaza tomorrow and find out it like burned down ten years ago or something I stg

    It’s literally impossible for you to make yourself known to everyone you meet. Some people will just get the wrong impression about you and you have to let it go.

    I was walking down the street with my brother on a hot day on our way into a bookstore and I said “I hate the sun. It’s too hot. Name ONE reason we need the sun. Literally I can’t think of a single reason why we can’t just figure out a way to block it”

    And a guy turned and looked at me with the most dumbfounded and horrified expression Id seen since the last time someone looked at me like that (about a week before) and then turned to the girl with him and they both looked mistified in the worst way.

    They really thought I don’t know what the sun’s for.

    I could’ve told them I work in environmental science but I was having a conversation with my brother.

    Those two people think that’s the day they overheard probably the stupidest thing any human being has ever loudly said in a bookstore.

    That’s fine.

    I know I know what the sun’s for.