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    iv have a dirty thought and hope you would like this too. imagen some burgled in your house but the husband is only home so we tie him down and then the wife come home and we start to take of her pants and all that in front of husband and then let her give blowjobs at the burglar and then let them have there way with here and all she can do is enjoy and give husband a stroke and short blowjob then nothing more😈😈😈 and all the men is well big down there bigger than husband something of your fantasy🤤🍑🍆💦💦💦



    The party was out of control. At a house, a friend of friend. Open french doors leading out to a pool and a slate covered back yard. white walls and beige carpet. A throng of people everywhere, drunk and handsy. People were pressed against the walls, making out, grinding together to the music. The sounds of laughter and splashing could be heard over the music.

    You were sitting on the leather couch, legs crossed, your tight black dress riding up your ample thighs. The neckline was low, plunging, showing off your deep cleavage. Smooth soft skin, red lipstick and mascara. Lifting a bottle of champagne to your lips and drinking deep. Warmth spreading all through you.

    There was a man sitting next to you, talking to you, putting his hand on your thigh. His finger gently massaging your flesh through the material, the tips of his fingers just over the hem of your dress, touching your bare legs. Your pussy twitched at his touch, the alcohol already making you tingle. You looked over and saw a couple making out against nearby wall. His hands all over her body.

    You bit your lower lip as you watched. The man’s fingers closed around your chin and brought your mouth to his, his lips on your strawberry mouth. He bit your lower lip as his hand gripped your thigh. As he kissed your neck your head swam with alcohol and lust. His strong hands pulled your thighs apart, your skirt riding up, his hand finding the front of your panties and pressing down on your clit. You moaned out loud and he bit your collar bone, his other hand in your hair, gripping it tight.

    His fingers pulled your panties to one side and slid into your slick pussy. His fingers pushed in and out of you, his mouth on your cleavage. He roughly pulled the front of your dress down, off your tits. He pulled a strap of your bra down and freed your breast, taking it in his mouth, sucking your hard nipple as his fingers sped up inside you. You were getting close, your body bucking against his digits, the shivers running along your spine.

    Before you could cum you opened your eyes and remembered where you were. The party was still raging, but a few people were gathered around you, watching you being fingered. Mostly guys, but also a few women. All of the guys were sporting large bulges in their jeans, and slow smiles on their faces. One of the guys was rubbing himself through his pants. Their eyes on you pushed the pleasure to the next level and you started to shake.

    “That’s it. Cum, you little slut,” said one of the men.

    You fell over the edge and started to orgasm, your eyes open, watching them watching you. The man pulled his fingers out of your dripping pussy and pushed you onto your knees. He stood over you and took out his thick hard cock. You knelt there in a daze until he slapped you across the face.

    “Suck it, whore,” he ordered.

    You took his cock in your mouth and he pulled your hair, forcing his cock into your throat, fucking your full lipped mouth. One of the men watching unzipped the back of your dress as you fought to take all the man’s cock down your throat, tugged your dress down to your ample hips and then ripped your bra from your body, freeing your breasts.

    Your pussy was clenching as the man pulled you off his cock and onto your feet by your hair, slapping your face a few times to bring you back to reality. The group of men around you now had their cocks out, openly stroking them over you, leering at your breasts. Most of the party had stopped at this point, standing around watching you being used. Cheering and jeering at you.

    “Fuck that slut!”

    “Get her naked.”

    “Fucking whore!”

    The man pulled down your skirt and your panties, revealing your round ass and perfect pussy to everyone there. Then he put you on the coffee table, on your hands and knees and got behind you. You felt the throbbing head of his cock entering your tight little pussy, pushing deep into you. Filling you up as the men gathered around you, stroking their cocks. Your tits bounced as the man hammered into you, pushing deep into your pussy. Then men started to feel you, to touch your body. So many hands were on you, pulling your nipples caressing your flesh.

    One of the other cocks slid along your cheek and you opened your mouth to accept it. You sucked on that stranger’s cock as the man fucked you harder, slapping your ass. The crowd jeered as he spanked you, raining insults down on you. Your pussy dribbled down your thighs. The cock in your mouth was withdrawn and another replaced it. Hands held onto your torso and breasts so you could use your hands to stroke more cocks. Your mouth was used by so many men, you lost count of all the cocks that dipped into your mouth. Maybe it was eight? Nine?

    The man inside you grunted and gripped your ass, his cock swelled up inside you. He pulled out and shot a thick load of cum all over your ass. The crowd clapped. A random member of the crowd poured beer over you to wash away his load. A few of the men in front of you peeled off and went behind you. Their hands gripped your thighs and pulled you down onto the table, laying there on your side. One cock slid easily into your juicy pussy, filling you up. The other cock nudged against your tight little anus. You gasped and someone shoved a cock into your perfect warm wet mouth.

    You moaned low and hard as that thick cock speared your tight ass. The other cock fucking you fast and hard in your twitching cunny. As soon as the cock was all the way inside your ass, up to the hilt, you came. Your scream muffled by the mouthful of cum that emptied into your mouth, it’s owner gripping your hair. You panicked a little but managed to swallow it all. You only had time for one heaving breath before the next cock was in your mouth.

    They fucked you like that for what felt like hours. The cock in your ass swelled up so large before it came, you felt like it was going to rip you in two. Your mind drifted away on wave after wave of pleasure, as cock after cock used your holes. Your belly filling up with their cum. Your pussy and ass fucked raw and ragged as people laughed and clapped along.

    When you couldn’t take anymore, and you fell exhausted onto the coffee table, they flipped you onto your back and tied you down to it. They dropped some magic markers on your stomach and went back to partying. Every now and then someone would walk over and pick up a pen, write something on your naked body about what a filthy slut you were. Play with your raw pussy or tweak your nipple, feed you some more booze.

    You woke up the next morning like that, tied to the table, covered in writing and warm cum. All insults about what a whore you were, about how much you love cum and cock. Your body radiating with a delicious, raw pain. A man was standing over you, jerking his cock. You tried to speak but couldn’t find your voice. He got down low over your face and groaned as he shot a thick load over your face, covering you in his cum. Then he undid your restraints and you went to the bathroom to clean up.

    Before you got in the shower you noticed across your forehead, in bold capital letters someone had written:



    Oh to be used like a party doll